Pokemon GO: Charmander Community Day Date Revealed?

According to the Japanese Pokemon GO Live Site this may feature Charmander, the generation 1 fire-type starter Pokemon, and will supposedly take place on May 19. The speculation arises as a result of a direct translation from the Japanese version of April’s Mareep Community Day page on the Pokemon GO website. The statement reads as follows:“At ‘Pokemon GO Community Day’, we provide opportunities for trainers to meet new trainers and to feel local community more strongly once a month. This event

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Next Pokemon GO Community Day Features Charmander?

Despite some complaints concerning the Mareep Community Day, the event remains as popular as ever, with several Pokemon GO players anxious for May’s upcoming event. Typically, the next Community Day is announced shortly after the end of the last one, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the latest rumored Pokemon to be confirmed. In an e-mail (depicted below), Niantic Support seemingly reveals that the fire-type starter Charmander will be featured in May’s Community Day. If May’s featured Pok

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Pokemon GO Adds Special Box for Mareep Community Day

Pokemon GO‘s Mareep Community Day will take place today from 11am to 3pm PST. However, fans can prepare themselves for the festivities by purchasing the Community Day Box that is on sale now. The Community Day Box in Pokemon GO went live last night, and is available for 480 coins. The Community Day Box contains three Super Incubators, four Lucky Eggs, four Lure Modules, and a whopping 30 Ultra Balls. Besides the Community Day box, Pokemon GO is also selling special boxes as part of the ongoing K

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Pokemon GO: Ampharos Learns Exclusive Move for Community Day

A couple of weeks ago, Niantic announced that the next Community Day for Pokemon GO would feature Mareep and take place on April 15. We knew that anyone who evolved a Flaaffy into an Ampharos during the Mareep Community Day would unlock an exclusive move, but until now, we didn’t know what that move would be. As announced by Niantic, the exclusive move that Ampharos can learn during the Mareep Community Day in Pokemon GO is Dragon Pulse. Anyone that wants to add an Ampharos with Dragon Puse to t

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Pokemon GO Reveals April Community Day Pokemon

With the Bulbasaur Community Day behind us, Pokemon GO fans have been wondering which Pokemon will be featured next. Niantic has announced that the next Community Day will take place on April 15, with Mareep as the featured Pokemon. Like previous Pokemon GO Community Days, the Mareep Community Day will take place from 1pm central time to 4pm. Pokemon GO fans participating in Mareep Community Day will also have some other bonuses to look forward to. If the Mareep Community Day is anything like pa

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