Tropico 6 delayed to January 2019 – and console dictators have an even longer wait

Kalypso Media has announced that Tropico 6 for PC has been delayed until January 2019, with the dictator sim releasing for consoles in summer 2019. According to a statement from the publisher, Tropico was delayed from a 2018 release date to give the development team at Limbic Studios more time to polish the title. Tropico is a city building/dictator sim which sees you playing as the leader of the island state of Tropico (AKA El Presidente). Tropico 6 is the latest addition to the Tropico series

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Fortnite patch v8.2 adds new hamster ball vehicle

The first big patch for Fortnite season 8 is here, complete with a giant rolling hamster ball as a new vehicle. Instead of charging players set amounts of materials, vending machines now dispense their contents to the first player who activates them. This means that vending machines now work free of charge, but disappear after one player has used them. For a full look at all the changes that arrived with patch 8.2 you can view the full patch notes below. Wraps are now previewed on the highest re

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Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter patch brings new game modes, shotgun changes, and major bug fixes

This is the first major content patch since 2018, adding a twist to the popular Gambit mode with Gambit Prime. Gambit Prime and Season of the DrifterThe Season of the Drifter is adding plenty of content for Destiny 2 Annual Pass owners. Players earn these pieces in The Reckoning, a matchmade PvE event where players kill waves of enemies at different difficulty tiers. For players that want to jump in and form tournaments with friends, players can check out Gambit in private matches. Most shotgun

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Halo Infinite Taking Longer Because of Harsh Halo 5 Dev Crunch

After surprising fans by opening E3 2018, Halo Infinite has seemingly flown pretty far under the radar without much in terms of new details or information coming out for Microsoft’s next entry to the long-running shooter franchise. Ross revealed that the development crunch for Halo 4 was much higher than the team anticipated due in large part to the new studio and developers which had just recently come together. While each Halo game typically has three years of development time, the studio as a

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Apex Legends patch makes sure Caustic and Mirage are no longer crashing games

Apex Legends has been out for two weeks, and developer Respawn has released the game’s second patch. This patch deals with the game’s stability and attempts to fix a few crashing issues, especially on console. Every version of the game is getting fixes for the slow walking bug, which caused players to move slowly after a revive. While all of these changes are welcome improvements, they don’t address several of the community’s most requested fixes. As for balance changes, Respawn likely wants to

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Anthem: 3 things to know about the big day-one patch

We’ve compiled a list of the must-know changes for this day-one patch. This can become a problem in a story-focused game like Anthem, where mission dialogue plays regardless of everyone’s load state. The patch notes say BioWare “improved loading times.” While vague, any improvement is better than the state it’s in now. Most of this patch comprises bug fixes, some of which we’ve experienced firsthand in our time with the game. This issue, along with several others, is being fixed with the day-one

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Anthem day-one patch addresses load times, updates Javelin abilites

On Feb. 20 there will be a major patch to the game, releasing between eight and 10 p.m. Lead producers Ben Irving and Mike Gamble revealed in a stream that Anthem’s next patch will release a few weeks after launch. On certain hardware, it can take players multiple minutes to load into missions with the rest of their teammates. This can become a problem in a story-focused game like Anthem, where mission dialogue plays regardless of everyone’s load state. The patch notes say BioWare “improved load

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PlatinumGames no longer developing Granblue Fantasy action-RPG

PlatinumGames is no longer working on Granblue Fantasy: Relink, the action role-playing game it had been co-developing with Cygames since 2016. According to a pair of statements from Platinum and Cygames, development on Granblue Fantasy: Relink is now fully in the hands of Cygames. Granblue Fantasy: Relink is a spinoff of Cygames’ popular role-playing game Granblue Fantasy for mobile devices and web browsers. “We would like to express our thanks to everyone who has shown interest in the project,

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Fortnite’s latest patch sends the bolt-action sniper to the vault

For a full look at every change that’s coming to Fortnite with today’s patch, check out the full patch notes below. This resolves an issue where vehicles could be damaged when using Balloons while on a vehicle. Within this mode, player built structures can now be edited by any player, regardless of team status. Bug FixesParty Invite Notifications will now appear when in the Game Mode select screen. Accepting the invite from the notification will take you to the proper game mode and join the part

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Crytek teases ‘new AAA game’ built with SpatialOS

Crytek, the developers of the Crysis series and Early Access survival shooter Hunt: Showdown, is working on a "new AAA game" built using Improbable's SpatialOS, the multiplayer-focused cloud platform. Crytek said it would reveal more about the game—built using SpatialOS and Crytek's own game engine, CryEngine—"soon", but didn't give any more details. In the same blog post, Crytek announced that it was creating a full SpatialOS game development kit for CryEngine. Improbable's SpatialOS has been i

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