Metro Exodus is bigger than 2033 and Last Light combined

4A Games has said previously that Metro Exodus will be more open than the previous games in the Metro series, but it won't be a completely open world like that of Stalker. For one thing, individual levels in Exodus will be much larger than anything seen in the previous games. The biggest outdoor level in Last Light was roughly "200 meters to 100 meters," Prokhorov said,. That means everything from weapons, attachments, and other loot, to "frozen stories" that reveal more about the game world and

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Hyper Light Drifter and Mutant Year Zero are free on the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is doing its last double freebie this week, at least for now, giving everyone a copy of Hyper Light Drifter, the tricky pixel RPG, and the turn-based tactics game, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. I've only ever admired Hyper Light Drifter from a distance, because it looks like the sort of thing where my lack of dexterity will only ensure a plenitude of deaths and a lot of frustration. Mutant Year Zero is more my speed. It only appeared last December, so getting it for free n

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New extended Dying Light 2 gameplay to be revealed later this month

Dying Light 2, Techland's upcoming open world action game, is about to make a big splash at this year's Gamescom expo in Cologne, Germany, with a fresh, extended look at its unique blend of first-person parkour/zombie-bashing gameplay. Previously shown behind closed doors at E3 2019, the roughly 30 minute demo will be streamed online at 11AM PT/2PM ET/7PM BST on Monday, August 26, and promises to be "the largest piece of Dying Light 2 gameplay released to date." There'll also be a better look at

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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will see reduced player numbers, damage buff changes

Bungie is changing how damage buffs work in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, as well as the numbers players deal. Players can deal very high damage numbers because of the multiplicative buffs in Destiny. Well of Radiance adds a damage buff that stacks with 100 other effects to instantly decimate a boss. Instead they’ll keep the damage bonus of Weapons of Light — because the damage buff is more powerful — and receive the healing from Well of Radiance. However, Smith was clear that players won’t deal reduce

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Destiny 2 Bringing Back Weapons of Light Buff for Titans

Share Tweet Email Copy Link CopiedWhen Destiny 2 first launched, there were many changes to the existing classes from Destiny, for better or for worse. Unfortunately for Titan mains in Destiny, their beloved Ward of Dawn was drastically nerfed compared to the first game. Weapons of Light, a major damage buff given to those who passed through Ward of Dawn, is coming back so Titans can really lean back into the support role they used to have. With Ward of Dawn also giving a damage buff, perhaps ch

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Hyper Light Drifter and Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden are free at the Epic Games Store

Two post-apocalyptic action RPGs, Hyper Light Drifter and Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden are the latest titles offered for free at the Epic Games Store. This is the third time in a month that Epic has offered two free games in one week. Since Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is rated M, users under 17 will be unable to pick it up if their account has parental controls turned on. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a tactical adventure game based on the Mutant Year Zero tabletop RPG. Our review parti

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Dead Island 2 has another new developer, but at least it’s still happening

Dead Island 2 is still happening and yet another studio has taken on the project. “We have entrusted Dambuster studios with the Dead Island franchise, bringing the development of this key franchise to one of our internal studios,” the report states, “they are now leading the development of Dead Island 2.”Development has now changed hands a multitude of times since Dead Island 2 first came to light. Initially led by the original creators of Dead Island, Techland dropped out to work on an entirely

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Universal shelves volatile The Hunt in light of El Paso and Dayton violence

Universal Pictures canceled the release of The Hunt, one day after Donald Trump ripped Hollywood as “racist” in a week of national anger following the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Though Trump did not specifically mention The Hunt, Universal had already put marketing for the Sept. 27 film on hold. In El Paso on Aug. 3, a 21-year-old white nationalist killed 22 people and injured 24 more in an attack on a Walmart store that morning. The El Paso attack was said to be inspired by the Chris

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Gnog is free on the Epic Games Store, and free Alan Wake and For Honor are still available for now

It's a day of transition at the Epic Games Store: The 3D puzzler Gnog is now free for the taking, and last week's freebies—Alan Wake and For Honor—are still up for last-minute grabs. Gnog is about as far from games like For Honor as it's possible to be. It's won multiple indie awards, and is also a standout VR game if you've got a Rift or Vive headset to play with. Mutant Year Zero and Hyper Light Drifter will take their spin on the wheel of freedom on August 15. Gnog will be free until then, an

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The late Bill Paxton’s first movie finally sees the light of day — but not as intended

Sometimes, you end up with Taking Tiger Mountain, the late Bill Paxton’s first-ever film, released this year for the first time on home video. Through Huckabee’s creative problem-solving, Taking Tiger Mountain both scales its greatest heights and sinks to its lowest lows. To flesh out the “conditioned killer” angle, Huckabee shot new material featuring Hampton’s rad-fem handlers discussing the plot through ’70s gender theory. Paxton’s involvement in Taking Tiger Mountain represents a fascinating

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