Elite Dangerous will be more player-friendly after the April Update

Elite Dangerous' next update, due to land on April 23, will add a whole host of improvements as well as making the space sim more welcoming for new and returning players alike. A new Beginner's Zone is being added, which will give newcomers a number of systems to explore while they get to grips with the game. The Pilot's Handbook is another addition aimed at making Elite Dangerous much more player-friendly. New modules are also being added; an Advanced Docking Computer will let you automatically

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Resident Evil 2 add-on will let you skip the challenges, get right to the Tofu

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake offers plenty beyond the core campaigns for Claire and Leon. The All In-game Rewards Unlock item costs $4.99 and grants immediate access to “The 4th Survivor” and “The Tofu Survivor” scenarios, as well as costumes, the infinite bonus weapon, and in-game models and concept art. These extras can be unlocked through gameplay by meeting certain requirements, but if you don’t feel like tackling some of Resident Evil 2’s more difficult challenges, and still want all the

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Updated PlayStation Store policy won’t let you refund games you’ve downloaded

Additionally, refunds will be credited to your PlayStation Store wallet, not whatever card or account you used to make the original payment. You may only request a refund within 14 days of purchase, and again, only if you haven't downloaded the game yet. If you pre-order more than 14 days before a game's release date, you can refund anytime before the release of that product. If you pre-order within 14 days of release, you'll only have 14 days to claim a refund. Steam and the Epic Games Store bo

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Airport security may soon let you leave your laptop in your bag

You may not have to take your laptop out of your luggage anymore when you're going through security at the airport. A new CT scanner is going to roll out to TSA security lines in the US this summer, reports Bloomberg Government. The days of needing specialized travel bags with fold-out laptop sections to get through security may be coming to a close. The CT scanners can provide TSA agents with a three-dimensional view of luggage contents, and will detect some items automatically in the future. T

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Large-scale World War 2 shooter Hell Let Loose releases in June

Hell Let Loose, the WW2-based multiplayer shooter that pulled in more than double its $100,000 Kickstarter goal in 2017, will launch on Steam Early Access on June 6. Where Battlefield 5 is mixes fast gunplay with vehicle stunts, Hell Let Loose is said to be all about realism. "Hell Let Loose is not all about kill/death ratios and unlocks—teamwork is central to gameplay. Hell Let Loose is a game that demands teamwork and communication not only to win, but to survive." The Early Access release of

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Outward should actually let you play with friends now

My time in Outward, Nine Dot Studios' sandbox RPG, has been full of entertaining disasters. Outward has local split-screen and online co-op, but for a lot of players, attempts to play online ended in frustration and failure. Last night I spent the entire time troubleshooting our inability to play together, but every attempt to find a game came up empty. The issue was exacerbated by the online co-op system being as barebones as it gets. It took them a few tries, but eventually they were able to p

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Great moments in PC gaming: Feeding in Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines

Great moments in PC gaming are short, bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories. Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines Developer: Troika GamesYear: 2004There are a lot of things you can change about vampires and still have them recognizably be vampires. There's a blood meter across from your health, and it goes down whenever you use your cool vampire powers. The viewpoint spins, the blood meter fills as their health falls, and steadily you unk unk unk away at someone's life. B

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Xbox Live Gold Deals Let You Get Extra 3 Months Free, 1 Year for $42

Gamers looking to get the most of their Xbox One will definitely want to be signed up for Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Live Gold offers free games every month and exclusive discounts, not to mention it’s required to play most Xbox One games online. If consumers buy two 3 month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions through this deal, they will get a whopping six additional months free, meaning they can get a full year of Xbox Live for just $42. As long as Xbox Live Gold subscribers download and play the free game

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Your next Volvo won’t let you drive drunk or distracted

Volvo is introducing a new in-car system that will watch you for signs of intoxication or distraction, and take action if it can't get your attention back on the road ahead. If you aren't driving responsibly, the car could start by slowing down and trying to alert your attention. If that doesn't help, it could then put you through to Volvo on-call assistance, who will speak to you and find out what's going on. “When it comes to safety, our aim is to avoid accidents altogether rather than limit t

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Looks like a new Bulletstorm or Duke Nukem game will be announced at PAX – Which do you want to see?

Gearbox certainly has been active lately. As well as teasing a Borderlands 3 reveal and a brand-new game about robots , its latest tweet is implying that it’s either announcing a new Bulletstorm or Duke Nukem game. Honestly, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised Gearbox announces both games because it’s clearly leaning into a chaotic good alignment which I am very much into. I know which one I’d rather play given the choice, but what do you think, dear reader? Vote below and let us know whether

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