Xiaomi Launches MacBook Pro killer – the Mi Notebook Pro

Earlier today Chinese tech giants Xiaomi launched its new lineup of laptops, Mi Notebook Pro. On the design side, the Mi Notebook pro has a clean, minimal design and come in a dark gray shade, which looks a lot similar to the latest MacBook Pro. Lei Jun said, " "many of the engineers in my company love MacBook Pro, that's why we looked at MacBook Pro when we designed Mi Notebook Pro." In fact, this special love for MacBook Pro can be seen in the whole presentation as Lei Jun kept comparing every

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Pickle Rick is already everyone’s favorite character from Rick and Morty’s third season

After receiving cryptic instructions to turn over an oddly misplaced Pickle, Morty realizes that his grandfather has transformed into the fruit in question. Although the turnaround on Pickle Rick becoming a sensation is pretty impressive, it’s in no way surprising. Despite the celebratory tone surrounding Pickle Rick, this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen him. Those who tuned into the show at the time would have seen pickle Rick, but Adult Swim took the episode down 24 hours after it aired.

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The International 7’s final lineup of teams has come together

With another blazing hot summer in Seattle comes another iteration of The International, Dota 2’s largest tournament. Now, nearly a month before the LAN kicks off, the 18 teams that will be attending have been determined. Some have been directly invited in the wake of their strength in the season and year. All are battling for a shot at prizes of millions of dollars and, perhaps, the Aegis of Champions. Without further ado, we’re proud to present the 18 teams that will battle live in Seattle.

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Monster Factory: Cid Finalfantasy’s Cat Man Quest

Alright, here’s the deal: Griffin went on vacation and this is sorta his baby. But don’t worry, your baby is being cared for! Anyway, let’s see how he normally does these. In today’s episode, the boys hop into Final Fantasy XIV to create some mayhem, the end result of which is a gentleman known the world over as Cid Finalfantasy. If you like this sort of video content, perhaps you’d enjoy Polygon’s many video series, including Awful Squad, Please Retweet, Touch the Skyrim, SEO Play, Issue at Han

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FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch plays surprisingly well

Sports fans have been debating the merits of the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 ever since publisher Electronic Arts announced it earlier this year. After playing through a friendly game between Real Madrid and Chelsea during a recent meeting with Nintendo, we came away impressed with FIFA 18 on Switch. The Switch version of FIFA 18 will also include a career mode, although EA isn’t explicitly referring to it as “Be a Pro,” which gives us pause. FIFA 18 is at least generous with control opti

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A beloved anime’s now on Netflix, but not quite in the way fans want

But stateside viewers will have to keep waiting to watch the full first season, leaving some disappointed with the Netflix release. Confusion arose around how many episodes would be available just before the anime’s Netflix launch on places like the main anime subreddit. An email from a Netflix affiliate reportedly said that the service would release “all episodes” of season one at once, despite Little Witch Academia’s Netflix page saying otherwise. Not so with anime; fans routinely criticize Ne

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Xbox game sale cuts prices on Prey, Wildlands, Injustice 2 and more

Microsoft is currently running a massive sale on digital versions of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. The Ultimate Game Sale’s best deals go to Xbox Live Gold members, with discounts as high as 70 percent off some titles. Follow the link above for deals on Xbox 360 games as well. With Xbox Live Play Anywhere, that means you get the console and the PC version together in one purchase. Xbox 360 titles include many TellTale titles, Destiny and the Metro series among others.

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At BitSummit, Castlevania creator gets hands-on with some of the games he inspired

Being shown publicly for the first time were two particular titles heavily influenced by the NES era Castlevania games, the 3D Momodora V prototype by Bombservice and Brave Earth: Prologue by Kayinworks. It was on the Saturday of BitSummit that Castlevania mastermind and whip-enthusiast Koji Igarashi found himself amongst the throng of event-goers looking at what was on show. Brave Earth: Prologue is the second game from the developer, the first title being I Wanna Be The Guy, a notoriously diff

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How to get every unlockable in Arms as quickly as possible

Arms gates these upgrades behind its Arms Getter minigame, and in order to play the minigame you have to earn coins. However, losing at Grand Prix is one of the few activities in Arms that awards you zero coins. And polishing your skills will help you be able to earn more coins in Arms’ multiplayer modes. If you win often, and particularly if you continue to win even after the game imposes the handicap on you, you can earn coins very quickly in Party Match. You can play a 25-second “short timer”

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StarCraft: Remastered coming Aug. 14

Blizzard Entertainment will release its remastered version of StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War on Aug. 14, the company announced this week. StarCraft: Remastered will cost $14.99. StarCraft: Remastered is a “full graphical upgrade” of the 1998 original and its expansion. StarCraft: Remastered will also bring new matchmaking and leaderboards, as well as cloud saves for campaign progress, hotkey customization and game replays. Additionally, those who purchase StarCraft: Remastered will receive d

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