EVO 2019’s best story was the unstoppable rise of Pakistani Tekken player Arslan Ash

Arslan Ash is undoubtedly, in 2019, the best competitive Tekken player in the world. And it's not like EVO and EVO Japan were Arslan's only accomplishments. So Arslan Ash, I'm sure you were ready already, but everyone's going to be gunning for you." In Tekken, at least, Arslan is the first winner of EVO Japan and EVO Vegas in the same year. Last year, Knee—who Arslan has now beat time and again—took EVO Japan and the Tekken World Tour championship.

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Nintendo is releasing a Disney-themed switch complete with Mickey Mouse ears

Nintendo has announced it is releasing a Disney-themed Nintendo Switch console in Japan. The Tsum-Tsum Festival Nintendo Switch bundle launch will coincide with the release of the Tsum Tsum Festival game, which is due for release in Japan on October 10. The Tsum Tsum Festival game is a party game based on the toyline. Check out the Tsum Tsum Festival trailer below:Spreading the magicThis isn't the first time Disney has batted its eyes at the Nintendo Switch console. The Tsum-Tsum Festival Ninten

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Suspected arson kills 33 at anime studio Kyoto Animation

Arson is suspected in a deadly fire at Kyoto Animation Co. (aka KyoAni), which killed at least 33 people and injured dozens more this morning in Japan. The New York Times reported that the Kyoto City Fire Department confirmed 33 deaths and 36 injuries; The Asahi Shimbun said 17 remain hospitalized. The Japan Times said police confirmed it was the highest death toll in an arson in the past 30 years. The New York Times reported harrowing scenes of burned victims and people trying to escape through

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Has Retailer-Exclusive Pre-Order Content

Retailer exclusive content is reportedly coming to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, though, so far, this content is only confirmed for release in Japan. This means that fans will need to pre-order both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield from both of these retailers to get access to all DLC. The DLC being offered with Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield pre-orders is a range of customization options for the player character. It bears repeating that this retailer-exclusive pre-order content for Pokemo

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Monster Hunter: World creators are totally cool with Monster Hunter-like games

Monster Hunter: World saw unprecedented worldwide success for a franchise traditionally only popular in Japan, selling 12 million copies as of last month. It would be unfair to call Dauntless an all-out clone of Monster Hunter; it’s an action-RPG with many similar systems. As Monster Hunter: World gears up for its first major expansion — Iceborne, out in September — how do its creators perceive games like Dauntless, which riff on a formula they have built their brand on? “I mean, we are creators

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Dragon Quest Slime Switch Controller Releasing In Japan

Nintendo Switch users who like Dragon Quest will probably be eager to pick up the controller, especially with more Dragon Quest coming to the system soon. Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition launches on the same day as the controller, September 27th. The biggest news for Dragon Quest fans on the Switch right now of course, is Super Smash Bros. Of course, Dragon Quest fans aren’t limited to the Nintendo Switch. Dragon Quest XI for the Switch and the Slime controller will

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“It would be nice” if Microsoft bought a Japanese studio, says Xbox boss Phil Spencer

As Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in an E3 2019 interview with GamesIndustry , the company isn't necessarily done shopping around, and it's especially interested in adding a Japanese studio to its roster. "I think it would be nice if we found an Asian studio, in particular a Japanese studio, to add [to our roster]," Spencer said. Depending on the studio(s) acquired, it could also help Xbox add some exclusive JRPGs to its library, which Xbox One is sorely lacking. So with Xbox Game Pass , we think a

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Romancing Saga 3 and Saga Scarlet Grace ‘coming soon’ to Steam

Last year Square Enix releaded Saga Scarlet Grace on Steam, but only in Japan. It was an unusual move for the publisher, considering how (relatively) small the PC audience is in Japan. It's been a wait, but we're finally getting that game in the West, too, along with Romancing Saga 3 on PC, first released on the Super Famicom in Japan in 1995. This will be its first English release. You can watch the trailer for the two games above, which promises they're "coming soon" at the end.

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The Sega Genesis Mini is getting its own ridiculous mini tower

Sega is going the extra mile with its Sega Genesis Mini. In an even bolder move, Sega revealed that it’s releasing a handful of accessories for the Genesis Mini: recreations of the Sega CD, Sega 32X, and a Sonic the Hedgehog cartridge. Right now, the tower add-ons are only confirmed for release in Japan, where the Mega Drive Tower Mini will cost 3,980 yen (about $37). According to a livestream from Sega Japan, the Mega Drive Tower Mini will be released on Sept. 19, the same day the Genesis Mini

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Dragon Quest Walk Announced for Mobile in Japan

Only a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft revealed its own take with Minecraft Earth and now Square Enix has thrown its hat into the ring with a Dragon Quest-themed version, titled Dragon Quest Walk. The trailer below shows many locations in Japan being swarmed with the JRPG series’ monsters, including the iconic Slimes. At the moment, Dragon Quest Walk doesn’t have a release date but a limited beta will begin next week in Japan on June 11th. Dragon Quest Builders 2 – a JRPG/Minecraft hybrid of sort

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