Transformers/Ghostbusters toy mashup hits San Diego Comic-Con

The Autobots and Ghostbusters will team up later this summer in a limited series from IDW Comics, with a new Ghostbusting transformer called (of course) Ectotron. Polygon has an exclusive first look at Hasbro’s newest Ghostbusters x Transformers set, which features Optimus Prime himself strapping on a Proton Pack and will only be available at San Diego Comic-Con. The set includes a 9.5-inch-tall Optimus Prime, who of course transforms into his iconic semi truck. Plenty of Star Wars and Marvel ch

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Dr. Mario World hits Android and iOS in July, here’s how it plays

Nintendo is bringing Dr. Mario to mobile devices with Dr. Mario World, a new spin on the puzzle game series. Dr. Mario World will be released for Android and iOS devices on July 10, Nintendo announced on Monday. Dr. Mario World’s basic rules follow the previous games’ classic color-matching mechanics: destroy viruses by lining up similarly colored medicine capsules. In Dr. Mario World, he’ll be joined by characters like Dr. Peach, Dr. Toad, Dr. Yoshi, and Dr. Bowser, each of whom will have their

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Volvo and Uber’s self-driving production car hits the road

Volvo and Uber have whipped the wraps off their first production car capable of full self-driving. The Volvo XC90 SUV base vehicle is kitted out with Uber's self-driving tech, meaning it'll be ready to take to the streets by itself in the future as part of Uber's ride-hailing service. Volvo – creator of the three-point seatbelt – has tightened its focus on safety over fun in recent months. Earlier this year, for example, it announced that all its new cars will be capped at 180kph from 2020 onwar

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Barotrauma, the 16-player submarine sim, hits Early Access

Disaster-prone submarine sim Barotrauma has launched on Steam Early Access, letting crews pilot a floating coffin through a nightmarish alien ocean. Up to 16 players can work together in a submarine, taking on the role of captain or engineer or whatever else needs filling. But that’s easier said than done with up to 16 players per submarine online." This includes the modding tools, so you'll be able to tweak the game with the submarine, character and procedural animation editors. Barotrauma is e

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Modern Warfare reboot “won’t be a greatest hits of things we’ve done in the past,” says Infinity Ward

The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare seems to have caused some confusion with its lack of a number but that’s because it’s a reboot for the series, not a sequel. “We cannot make this a greatest hits of things we’ve done in the past”, explains Minkoff. “Because everyone has done everything Modern Warfare did 10 times over. Years of evolving and, ultimately, escalating set pieces both in Call of Duty and other games, means there’s nowhere left to go. “We want to be as innovative with this game as M

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Transcendent indie darling Journey hits PC shores next week

Publisher Annapurna Interactive has finally announced the release date for the PC port of their highly-acclaimed PlayStation exclusive adventure game Journey. Pre-orders are live now on the Epic game Store with substantial discounts. Explore the ancient, mysterious world of Journey as you soar above ruins and glide across sands to discover its secrets. Journey also made headlines during the launch of the Epic Games Store late last year, as it will be exclusively available through Epic’s storefro

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Windows 10 May 2019 Update hits worrying stumbling block with USB drives

As you’re probably aware, Windows gives every drive attached to a computer a letter, whether that’s an internal hard drive or SSD, optical drives, or indeed external drives such as USB sticks. And when upgrading to the May 2019 Update, it’s possible that these drive letters can be changed, with potentially nasty side-effects. So you can understand why Microsoft has blocked upgrades in the case of computers with such USB devices attached. Presumably, the issue whereby internal drives are reassign

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Intel’s 1TB NVMe solid state drive hits a new low at $101

Figuring out the best SSD for gaming can change by the moment. Today, for example, you can march over to Newegg and grab a 1TB Intel 660p NVMe SSD for only $101.99. That makes it cheaper than one of our favorite SSDs of the same capacity, Crucial's MX500, which is a SATA-based SSD. 1TB Intel 660P Solid State Drive | NVMe | $101.99 (save $93)This drive is rated to deliver reads and writes of up to 1,800MB/s. It's an NVMe drive, which also means there are no power or SATA cables to fuss with.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Player Hits Level 99 Without Leaving First World

Twitch streamer AaroneousGaming has been on a mission to get to max level in the Kingdom Hearts games without leaving the starting the area. He calls the challenge the Early Game Grind, and in the past, he’s managed to reach level 100 on Destiny Islands in the first Kingdom Hearts, and level 99 as Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 2‘s Twilight Town area. Now AaroneousGaming has tackled the most recent game in the Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts 3, reaching the level 99 cap without leaving the first

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