The Halo Infinite trailer is hiding a small secret

Today, Microsoft announced a new tier of Game Pass called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which allows you to bundle all of their subscriptions under a $14.99-a-month price tag. It happens quickly, during a small portion of the latest Halo Infinite trailer. (codes are in the Halo Infinite trailer :P) pic.twitter.com/aav6Lp6crT — Justin // will code for (@xichocolate) June 9, 2019Unfortunately, eagle-eyed viewers have nabbed all the available codes. (CD Projekt Red did something similar at E3 2018, hidi

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There’s a big spoiler hiding in one of these new Game of Thrones season 8 images according to some fans

I know we’re desperate for Game of Thrones season 8 tidbits and gossip, but this might have been taken to a whole ‘nother level when it comes to the batch of new Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 images just released. Sansa looks to be in Winterfell’s crypt here as the battle presumably rages on outside. Elsewhere, there’s Sansa again, this time meeting up with Arya. Finally, Jon plays centre stage in the last two Game of Thrones season 8 images. The stage is set, the war is about to begin and,

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Does this Captain Marvel continuity error prove Nick Fury is hiding something?

Nick Fury can be a hard man to read. But there’s a Captain Marvel continuity error that takes the biscuit – or should that be toast? Spoilers to follow…Remember when Captain Marvel and Nick Fury have a powwow at Pancho’s over how you can tell who is and isn’t a Skrull? After all, who’s combing through every MCU movie frame-by-frame to check the eating habits of Nick Fury? Maybe the real Nick Fury wasn’t one of the people who died in Infinity War and, instead, the real deal is out there, skulking

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What’s HBO hiding? It’s blacked out whatever’s chasing Arya in the Game of Thrones trailer – except for these details

So the sight of her sprinting down a corridor, dragonglass knife in hand, looking absolutely petrified in the Game of Thrones season 8 trailer, has me shaking to be honest. But HBO are clearly reluctant to show us what’s pursuing the Stark assassin, as they’ve expertly blacked out whatever’s giving chase. But using our video wizardry we’ve managed to find a couple of frames that show what could be after her. Here's a better look at what's chasing Arya in the #GameOfThrones trailer. The mask cuts

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“Why I finished Metal Gear Solid 4 for the 13th time – by hiding in a bin for a day”

I’m not talking about how an expertly choreographed Hideo Kojima cutscene floored me; I mean Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (MGS4) is actually responsible for cutting the power to my entire apartment. Series creator Hideo Kojima turns hero Snake into a pensioner, then bids him farewell in an overblown, indulgent finale; fan favorite Meryl marries a man with crippling IBS; giant mech Metal Gear Rex fights Metal Gear Ray; Snake accidentally yanks the penis off a statue. Some loved its fa

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Resident Evil 2 Hiding Playable Chris Redfield Character Model

For example, some thorough digging through the game’s save files has revealed that Capcom put a character model for Chris Redfield in the game. Strangely, the Chris Redfield model is based on his design from Resident Evil 7, which was a contentious re-design, to say the least. Since it took some digging to find the Chris character model, there is no official word on what it might be used for, if at all. At the same time, Resident Evil 2 Remake does run on the RE7 graphics engine, which is where

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Resident Evil 2 guide — Film: “Hiding Place” locations

Resident Evil 2’s Film: “Hiding Place” item leads you on a picture hunt. Where to find the Roll Film: “Hiding Place”In the Sewers, after you get the T-Bar Valve Handle, open the door in the Lower Waterway. The Roll Film: “Hiding Place” item is on a table in front of you when you walk in. Back to the Main HallAs you explore the Sewers, you’ll find the Sewers Key hanging on a wall in the Lower Waterway. Roll Film: “Hiding Place” (Key Item) locationsNow that you’re back in the Police station, there

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Game of Thrones’ season 8 teaser hints at a big mystery hiding in Winterfell’s crypt

Just before the two-episode premiere of True Detective season three, HBO finally let fans know that the final season of Game of Thrones will drop on April 14. The premiere date reveal also came with a teaser for season 8 that’s steeped in mystery and misdirection. As he passes by the tomb of Lyanna Stark, a feather falls from her statue’s hand. As the ancestral burying place of the Stark family, the Winterfell crypt is the final resting place of Jon’s mother, Lyanna Stark (who he doesn’t know wa

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Your Smash Bros. Piranha Plant code may already be hiding in your email

If you buy Super Smash Bros. Wherever you find it, though, note that there is literally no signifier that this specific Smash Bros. message is anything special. The subject is “Thank you for your purchase of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” which sounds like a nice thank you note. Who among us knew to expect a download code so soon, let alone in a seemingly unspecific email? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s five DLC fighter packs will launch through 2020, and the game is out now.

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Stealing toasters, hiding under beds, and smashing toilets in Thief Simulator

Luckily for me, in the first-person burglary game Thief Simulator, the cops don't have much of a clue. And the thief I'm playing might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, either: he logs into his computer as 'Thief321'. Half the fun of Thief Simulator is getting into my car, cruising around the neighborhood, and casing the joints myself. In fact, Thief Simulator is as much about damaging property as stealing it. Despite the terrible AI, I sorta like Thief Simulator.

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