The 10 best audio gifts for under $100 / £100

And there’s nothing more practical for audiophiles and music lovers than a great pair of headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. Grado SR60eThe best on-ear headphones for under $100/£100Super comfortableExcellent high definitionNo inline controls or microphoneWe’re kicking this list off with one of our favorite audio buys of the moment. This would make a great gift if you’re buying for someone who’s been looking for an excuse to get into smart home tech. From the fun and edgy design to excellent perf

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This Corsair gaming mouse for $30 makes a great stocking stuffer

If you're looking for a small gift to give the PC gamer in your life, here's something to consider: Corsair's M65 Pro RGB mouse is just $30 right now on Amazon and Newegg. That's a $30 drop from the original MSRP, and $10 lower than the previous Amazon price. The M65 Pro has a 12000 DPI high-accuracy sensor, an "aircraft-grade" aluminum structure, adjustable weights, and Omron switches rated at 12 million clicks. You can set double macros and change the RGB lights using Corsair's CUE software. N

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The best PC VR games for beginners

TechRadar & PC Gamer's VR Month TechRadar and PC Gamer are diving deep into virtual reality this month with a series of guides, how-tos, and features digging into every aspect of VR that we're simply calling VR Month. The best PC VR games for beginners shouldn’t be too chaotic – there’s a good reason headset makers list comfort levels for games. Because there’s a lot to get used to and the potential for discomfort, the usual top picks for VR aren’t going to be the best PC VR games for beginners.

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Get three free games with a Radeon RX 590 graphics card in Newegg’s pre-Christmas blowout

The three games you get free with this bundle are all coming early next year, and they're all pretty major triple-A titles. Even if you got, say, $150 for all three games, you'd effectively be getting an RX 590 for $130, and that's a fantastic deal. You're also getting one of the best 590s available (make sure it's the Sapphire before you click through to purchase). The overclocked Sapphire Nitro+ is both smaller and runs much cooler than the equivalent card from other manufacturers, and it's a

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Great John Lewis and Partners gift ideas for lovers of the latest thing

John Lewis and Partners is on hand to offer all the best gift ideas for lovers of the newest thing in tech, whether that's a games console or the latest smart home sensation. Here are some of the top present picks at John Lewis and Partners this year. The Google Home Hub is a great place to start for those who want to make their home, rather than headphones, smart. If you want tech for making memories rather than wasting time, a GoPro camera is a great place to start. Exclusive to John Lewis and

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Pokemon GO: All December Field Research Quests and Rewards

report this adA new month in Pokemon GO means new Field Research quests and rewards. For those who manage to complete seven of these quests, they will unlock this month’s Research Breakthrough, which sees players rewarded with one of the following: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Suicune, Raikou, or Entei. Of course, there are also smaller rewards, including berries, Pokeballs, and Pokemon encounters. Still, for those Pokemon GO trainers trying to unlock the aforementioned legendaries or those lookin

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Bon app-étit: the best apps for finding great places to eat

Dojo offers some genuinely interesting and worthwhile food suggestions that would never bob to the surface in an app like TripAdvisor. It posts reviews of restaurants too, with write-ups just a couple of paragraphs long to keep things snappy. Should you use Yelp, Zomato or TripAdvisor? YelpDownload: iOS / AndroidThe major alternative to TripAdvisor, Yelp focuses on locals looking for places to go rather than travelers. This isn’t quite the best app to get the nitty-gritty on restaurants, though.

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It’s a great time to play Sea of Thieves, but I still want more fish

They've all been good updates, and if you haven't played Sea of Thieves since launch, there's a ton more to do. For me, the biggest joy in Sea of Thieves is the sailing. Sea of Thieves ought to take a cue from Fortnite: just add stuff. Players said that Sea of Thieves needed 'more content,' and what I'm asking for hardly makes for a riveting bullet point. There are lots of combat events in Sea of Thieves now, and it's a good time to play, but what I hope to see in the future is a livelier, not d

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Cyber Monday 2018: 10 great TV deals still available

The top deals we've spotted include the Sceptre 32-inch TV for $89.99, the Insignia 39-inch Smart TV for $189.99, and the Samsung 58-inch 4K Smart TV for $548. If you want something even bigger, Walmart is offering the Sharp 65-inch Class 4K TV for $519.99 – that's a $180 discount, and an excellent price for a 65-inch 4K HDR TV. Read on for our pick of the deals…Sharp 65-inch Class 4K Ultra HD TV $699.99 $519.99 at WalmartThe Sharp 65-inch 4K TV is currently on sale at Walmart for $519.99. The U

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This 32-inch TV is only $79 – does it matter how good the picture is?

We're talking $79.99 for a 32-inch TV from Polaroid - although we've not tested it, we're almost certain that it's not going to be the highest quality image. Even the picture photoshopped onto the TV itself to show people having fun on it is low res...At a shade under $80, who really cares though? For this cost you can consider this far more throwaway, despite the fact most smartphones have more pixels in these days. Polaroid 32-inch 720p TV: MRSP $159.99 now $79.99A TV thoroughly designed to be

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