Devotion has ghosts, time travel, and more emotion than most horror games

At first glance, Devotion looks like yet another first-person horror hallway-sprinter doing a poor P.T. But Devotion uses all those familiar horror game trappings to tell a simple, tragic story about parenting, the culture of success, spiritualism, and mental illness in 1980s Taiwan. Poor little Mei Shin. Home sweet homeAfter school special Detention is Red Candle's last game, and it's another great horror story. Something bad happened to Mei Shin, and her father, the player-character, sees her

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FCC says broadband deployment is going great despite 20 million lacking access

"We’ve been tackling this problem by removing barriers to infrastructure investment, promoting competition, and providing efficient, effective support for rural broadband expansion through our Connect America Fund." In addition, the report points out that most of those who gained access to broadband connections—5.6 million Americans—live in rural areas. The @FCC just shared with me a draft report on the state of broadband. The report also points to an increase of nearly 20 percent to 290.9 milli

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“A lot weirder than I expected” – The first Captain Marvel reactions are in

It’s almost the last stop on the Captain Marvel hype train: That’s right, the world-first Captain Marvel reactions are here for the lucky select few who were able to watch Carol Danvers’ MCU debut a few weeks before general release. Mild spoilers for Captain Marvel follow…What's the overall reaction? It’s got the right stuff February 2019Captain Marvel is an effective Avengers prequel in some ways akin to the 1st Captain America movie. Captain Marvel is a blast! Capt

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Great moments in PC gaming: Jumping back and forth in time in Titanfall 2’s ‘Effect and Cause’

Great moments in PC gaming are short, bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories. Once you gain the ability to control your jumps back and forth, it feels like you're fighting with godlike powers. You've learned to wall run, but now you're doing it in two realities, jumping back and forth to clear obstacles in one time or the other. Every wall running sequence, insane jump, and shootout is energized by the memory of the extremely cool stuff you've already done. It's great in

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The best apps for making a musical masterpiece

We’ve rounded up the best and most affordable music–oriented iOS apps for experts and beginners alike. Whether you want to create complex breakcore tracks, record live DJ mixes, or just collect musical snippets on your iOS device, you should find something of interest here. Music MemosDownload: iOSOptimized for acoustic guitar and piano, Apple’s app is a great way to record musical snippets and ideas for later development. BandlabDownload: iOSBandLab features a 12–track mix editor to record live

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Nintendo Switch eShop is full of great, big surprises this week

Nintendo dumped a bunch of surprise news yesterday during its first Nintendo Direct presentation of the year. Both a totally new Tetris game and a Final Fantasy classic launched on the Nintendo Switch eShop following the streamed event, big-enough headliners to make this a good week for the console. Final Fantasy 9 also launched after the Nintendo Direct, making it the first remastered game in the RPG franchise to hit Switch. Next up are Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy 10-2, followed by Final

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Xbox One Sale Heavily Discounts Major Games

report this adXbox is kicking off February 2019 with several big sales and discounts on Xbox One hardware and games. Specifically, Xbox gamers can now peruse through the Xbox One Wolfenstein Franchise Sale, the Anime Month Sale, and the Indie Sports Spectacular Sale. Discounts on select Xbox One X hardware, as well as several major EA are also available. There are some great sales outside of the themed sales for February as well. Rocket League – $11.99Super Mega Baseball 2 – $14.99Dangerous Golf

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Hit Coop Space-Sandbox Astroneer launches out of EA on PC & Xbox One

After two years of cooking in the program, Astroneer is out now with version 1.0 for PC and Xbox One. Early Access games are always a risky business, at not only for developers. Astroneer was also available on the Xbox One in their Game Preview program and showcases that Early Access has its rightful place beyond the PC. As it stands, those userbases are left in the dust by not being able to play great games for years. As an Xbox Play Anywhere title, if you buy the game on the Microsoft Store, y

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Wargroove uses a little-known Steam feature to great effect

I don't play many turn-based multiplayer games on Steam, which is why it took until Wargroove for me to discover the fantastic feature Steam calls Turn Notifications. Turn notifications are exactly what they sound like: Little pop-ups that tell you when you can make a move in a turn-based game. The pop-ups look just like the ones Steam uses to tell you a friend has just launched a game, or it's finished downloading something. I played a lot of Advance Wars solo, in both Game Boy Advance games an

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The Russos double down on Avengers: Endgame’s three-hour runtime after “great” test screenings

We knew that the Avengers 4: Endgame runtime would be long, but we all probably thought the rumoured three hour length would be eventually chopped down to something a little more manageable… but oh no, it appears that Avengers: Endgame really is going to be three hours long! Directors the Russo Brothers have revealed their intention to make the longest MCU movie ever (by some distance) after a positive response from test audiences to the Marvel movie’s bumper runtime. We’re not done with it,” Ru

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