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This simple budget can help you save way more without sacrificing your lifestyle

If you're working hard but are in disbelief about the state of your bank account, you're not alone. A recent national survey revealed that 44 percent of Americans could not afford a $400 emergency expense without borrowing or selling off assets. Luckily, you can put more money in savings while still living comfortably with one surprisingly simple fix: It's time to revisit household budgeting. As a certified financial planner, I recommend breaking down your finances into three categories: spend,

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Cramer Remix: How to play Nvidia in a volatile market

CNBC's Jim Cramer is confident that he's pinpointed the real cause of the market-wide sell-off that has weighed on stocks for much of the week. Very few stocks can withstand hedge-fun-led pain like this, Cramer warned. "Nvidia reported after the close and it was down hard all day today because of this nonsense I'm describing. But this stock managed to rally in the after-market because the quarter was that fantastic," Cramer said. "If we get a huge down opening tomorrow, which is certainly likely

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The 10 colleges that produce the most billionaires

We've all heard about college dropouts who became billionaires. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell all left college without a diploma only to succeed wildly. According to research firm Wealth-X, 70 percent of billionaires have a bachelor's degree. Wealth-X also provided CNBC with the top "billionaire universities" in the world, along with the number of current billionaires who received degrees (bachelor's, master's, MBA, JD, MD or PhD) from each. Read on to see which institutions yield

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Facebook leaks reportedly reveal why it allows some videos of suicide and deaths to stay online

Facebook's internal guidelines on how it deals with a swathe of posted content from violence to revenge porn, has been leaked and published by The Guardian. The documents reveal the often strenuous conditions moderators work under which includes having to make a decision on whether a post should be removed in just 10 seconds, according to the report. The Guardian said it had seen over 100 internal training manuals, spreadsheets and flowcharts, on how Facebook moderators treat issues such as viol

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Amazon Prime Air pilots to protest at shareholders meeting

When Mike Griffith, a career pilot, learned last year that his company Atlas Air signed a big contract to fly for Amazon's Prime Air program, he was ecstatic to take part in what he believed to be the future of logistics. Griffith, 52, is so concerned about his company's ability to hold up its end of the Amazon deal that he's heading to Seattle for its shareholders meeting on Tuesday. Griffith will be picketing along with about 50 other pilots from Atlas and air cargo conglomerate Air Transport

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Kudlow: Don’t Bet against Tax and Health-Care Reform in 2017

And while there's never 100 percent probability in forecasting political risk, it seems the likelihood of health-care reform by the summer and tax reform by year end (or early 2018), is quite high. Paradoxically, special counsel Robert Mueller will provide cover for President Trump, as it will take him many months to complete his investigations. Acting FBI director Andrew McCabe told Congress there's been no interference in the FBI's investigations and no request for additional funding. He think

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White House looking at using ethics rule to weaken special investigation: Sources

The Trump administration is exploring whether it can use an obscure ethics rule to undermine the special counsel investigation into ties between President Donald Trump's campaign team and Russia, two people familiar with White House thinking said on Friday. Legal experts said the ethics rule can be waived by the Justice Department, which appointed Mueller. Even if the Justice Department granted a waiver, the White House would consider using the ethics rule to create doubt about Mueller's ability

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Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia is a ‘huge success’ for its 31-year-old deputy crown prince

What to expect from Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia 2 Hours Ago | 03:47President Donald Trump's decision to stop in Saudi Arabia is a "huge success" for Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, an expert on the Middle East told CNBC on Friday. The comment came as Trump begins a five-stop marathon trip across the Middle East and Europe on Friday. Saudi Arabia is the first stop on the president's overseas tour. The effort marks a stark change from the strained U.S.-Saudi relationship under the Obama

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Inside Russia’s social media war on America

One problem: the fear of Russian influence operations can be more damaging than the operations themselves. What the officer didn't know, senior intelligence officials tell TIME, was that U.S. spies were listening. "We didn't really understand the context of it until much later," says the senior intelligence official. He was promptly hired by those working for Russian intelligence services, senior intelligence officials tell TIME. "The engineer who built them the algorithms is U.S.-trained," says

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A White House official close to Trump is a ‘significant person of interest’ in Russia probe

A current White House official has been identified as a person of interest by law enforcement investigating possible collusion between Russia and Donald Trump's presidential campaign, NBC News confirmed, citing two U.S. officials. The Washington Post first reported the news. The person in question is a senior advisor in the White House and is close to the president, the Post reported, citing people familiar with the matter. White House spokesman Sean Spicer said in a statement, "As the President

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