Kingdom Hearts 3 gets extensive new trailer with gameplay and story

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally just weeks away after over a decade of waiting. Square Enix’s wholesome Disney adventure has a brand-new trailer introducing us to more of the game’s story and gameplay, showcasing trouble across various Disney worlds like Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and more. The trailer also features a new look at Stitch from Lilo and Stitch as a summon and cooking-themed Keyblade attacks for Ratatouille. Game director Tetsuya Nomura issued an official statement over the weekend when t

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Just Cause 4 devs release first big PC Patch promising “It’s just the start”

The team just released a first big patch for Just Cause 4 which aims to improve a myriad of technical issues players have been experiencing since launch. In a blog post on the Community hub of Just Cause 4 on Steam, developer Avalanche acknowledged the poor technical state of their game many users have been complaining about. The new patch aims to alleviate exactly those numerous issues by addressing game crashes and technical bugs. Its sequel, Just Cause 3, also had a rough launch across all pl

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Discord enters the Store Wars after Epic Store with new revenue model

– DiscordIt looks like the management behind chat application Discord has taken some notes of Epics tactics and now announces changes to their own Discord store’s revenue model. From now own, companies who sell their games on the Discord store will keep 90% of the revenue, with Discord getting just 10%. Now, will this mean that the Discord store is going to be the future of PC gaming? Unlikely, at least for now, as Discord has been struggling to make a name for their Discord store which launched

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Grab Subnautica and Full Throttle Remastered for free on PC Now!

Across two digital game stores, players on the PC can now celebrate a wee bit early in form of two great free games. Oceanic survival game Subnautica and cult adventure game Full Throttle Remastered are available for free now, so head on over to each store and claim your copy before the offers end! The extremely highly rated indie survival game has just made its way on the newly opened Epic Store. As for the next free game we have Full Throttle Remastered. Similar to Subnautica, once you claim F

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Massive 500 vs 500 Sci-fi Shooter PlanetSide Arena coming January 29

Developer Daybreak Games has unveiled the newest entry into their online shooter series with PlanetSide Arena. You can pre-order PlanetSide Arena right now on Steam. PlanetSide Arena is going to offer three game modes at launch. PlanetSide Arena will not be a free-to-play title but instead will feature paid Seasons which contain new game modes and content. PlanetSide Arena is not a direct sequel to PlanetSide 2 and thus feels like the developer jumping on the battle royale bandwagon instead of s

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Metro Exodus goes gold and moves release date up by one week

After lying dormant for five years, the post-apocalyptic Russian survival series, Metro, is making a return in early 2019. The third entry in the acclaimed series, Metro Exodus, will see players traveling across a larger world while staying true to its somewhat linear roots to keep the core Metro experience. Yesterday, Metro Exodus went gold meaning the game is “finished”. Given it has gone gold so soon, this has allowed publisher Deep Silver to push the game up one whole week. Metro Exodus will

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Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Silver Linings DLC releases next week

After an acclaimed debut in September and two fairly well-received DLCs, Marvel’s Spider-Man’s tenure is coming to a close next week. The third and final story DLC known as Silver Linings will release on December 21st, 2018 and conclude the ongoing saga between the web-head and Hammerhead’s dispute for control over The City That Never Sleeps. In Silver Linings, players will see the return of Silver Sable as she comes to reclaim the tech Hammerhead stole from her. On top of new story and challeng

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SEGA Classics releases today on Amazon Fire TV with 25 Genesis games

Sonic, Streets of Rage, and more classics all available in one digital bundle. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the SEGA Genesis, the iconic publisher has teamed up with Amazon and compiled 25 of some of the console’s best games for an app on Amazon Fire TV. SEGA has opted to bypass the trend of making a small, plastic replica of their beloved console in favor of a digital bundle. These games can be played with the standard Fire TV remote or with a Bluetooth controller paired via the Fire TV

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Co-Op Zombie Shooter World War Z next in line of Epic Store Exclusives

Developer Saber Interactive released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming multiplayer zombie action game World War Z. We also learn that the game will be exclusively available on the new Epic Store on PC, alongside the PS4 and Xbox One. World War Z, the long-discussed video game adaptation of 2006’s horror novel and 2013 Hollywood movie, is now confirmed to be an Epic Store exclusive on PC, with any mentions of a Steam version being scrapped. This marks yet another PC title to avoid releasing

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