Diablo 3 headed for the Switch This Year, Includes all DLC and Extras

It's dangerous to go alone, take this Joy-Con with youBlizzard’s popular dungeon-crawling action-RPG Diablo 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Diablo 3 – The Eternal Collection for the Switch will offer all previously released DLC, offline-play, couch and online Co-Op. Just yesterday, leaks of a Diablo 3 port for the Nintendo Switch were swirling across the internet, when Blizzard hit the button and put an official word out. Diablo 3 – The Eternal Collection will be a feature-packed version of

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Battlefield 5 Gamescom Trailer basks in Destruction, Shows Battle Royale Mode

Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for Battlefield 5, just in time for Gamescom. The new trailer shows lots of action-packed gameplay moments with crazy amounts of environmental destruction. We also get a very quick glimpse at Battlefield 5’s Battle Royale mode. The new trailer titled “Devastation of Rotterdam” is featuring the trademark Battlefield gameplay of combined arms combat. The quite open fields are a stark contrast to the tight city map before and promises a refreshing change o

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Gameplay Overview for Strange Brigade shows tons of content

Rebellion’s Co-Op third-person action game Strange Brigade is showing off the many gameplay modes and characters in a new video. Strange Brigade is the latest shooter from cult action game developer Rebellion. Their newest title Strange Brigade is firmly taking advantage of the developer’s expertise in the action genre, with several twists. From gadget-centric masters of explosives to mythical magic wielding tribeswoman and traditional gunslingers, Strange Brigade is offering a nice breadth of p

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New Vault-Tec video shows how to make and lose friends in Fallout 76

Bethesda has released a new video for their multiplayer-survival game Fallout 76. The first in the “You will Emerge!” series of Vault-Tec videos was released during Bethesda’s Q&A session during this year’s QuakeCon. You can learn more details about the redesigned leveling system of Fallout 76 here. And Bethesda is making sure that Fallout 76 really shines when you engage in the social aspect of the game. Fallout 76 is set to release November 14th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Dishonored series is “resting” as Arkane moves on to new games

Arkane Studios has been one of the most acclaimed AAA studios since truly rising to prominence with first-person stealth game Dishonored in 2012. Since then, they’ve released a sequel, a standalone spin-off, and a revival of a sci-fi game from 2006, Prey. With that said, fans would really like to revisit that series after the successful sequel in 2016 but… that’s not in the plans for Arkane. “I can’t say definitively what might happen down the road, anything could happen, but [Dishonored] is res

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GTA V adds DJ The Black Madonna, new hoverbike, drone, and more

Remember when GTA V launched five years ago and was a relatively grounded crime game? Then, Rockstar just put some whiteout over that line and went to warp speed over it. Since 2013, Rockstar has just lost the plot with GTA V (in a good way) and given us flying Deloreans, bikes with rockets attached to the back of them, Hot Wheels-esque race tracks, and so much more. Now, as Rockstar prepares to add the last DJ to the GTA V After Hours update with The Black Madonna, they’ve added a bunch of new

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout battle royale mode gets beta date

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 just concluded its multiplayer beta and while it got a mixed reception, Treyarch is already hard at work at using the feedback they got to improve the game before launch. While they tinker away on the multiplayer, they’ll be putting out a beta for the battle royale mode this September. Known as Blackout, the battle royale mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is still a major mystery but all will be revealed on September 10th when the beta goes live for PS4 with other plat

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Crazy In-Depth Survival Game SCUM is hitting Early Access this Month

SCUM, the highly technically detailed survival-action game is launching on Steam Early Acces on August 29th. The open-world multiplayer game made headlines with its unprecedented detail on survival mechanics. Multiplayer survival battle-royale games are the hot stuff at the moment. SCUM is on its best way to become the defacto alpha male among its multiplayer survival peers, at least in the depth on offer. SCUM will be availbe on Steam as an Early Access title on August 29.

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Yakuza Creator: Microsoft and Nintendo refused his game but “Now They Want It”

As posted on video game forum Resetera, the latest issue of Edge Magazine has a lengthy feature about Japanese game creator Toshihiro Nagoshi. We learn how Sega executives weren’t at all interested in greenlighting the first Yakuza game at all, even after multiple pitches by Nagoshi. Nagoshi blatantly admits that he approached not only Sony but also Microsoft and Nintendo with Yakuza but was rejected by both. This led to Yakuza games becoming Playstation exclusives for the longest time. – Toshih

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