“Wastelanders wasn’t even on our radar”: the Fallout 76 community is the reason we’re getting human NPCs

The news that Fallout 76 is getting human NPCs in its Wastelanders update made me whoop with joy, and I just know that I wasn't alone in that elation. With the absence of human NPCs being the main criticism of Fallout 76 for so many people, this could be the first sign that Fallout 76 is gradually becoming the MMO we thought it would be. But according to Marc Tardif (co-studio director at Bethesda Game Studios), that Wastelanders update and the NPCs in it wasn't on Bethesda's radar until the com

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No Man’s Sky players are crowdfunding a billboard thanking Hello Games and putting it right outside the studio

Like most people who play or write about games, I'm feeling overwhelmed after all the E3 2019 games that were shown this week. "Hello Games has put in a heroic effort to get NMS to where it is today," crowdfunding campaign founder Cam G said on GoFundMe . I've made a very simple design but I'm open to changing it to get something we are all happy with." Funnily enough, in an update to the campaign, Cam G said "someone mentioned that they were Domino's connoisseurs? I'm just going to share the mo

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Plungers, Poltergusts and the paranormal make Luigi’s Mansion 3 a Switch exclusive to treasure

Nintendo is playing fast and loose with the definition of 'mansion' in Luigi's Mansion 3. Unlike the 3DS title Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, the levels play out as more of an exploration to find all the secrets and collectibles you'd expect to find on offer. In a similar way to how you played Dark Moon, Luigi's main asset is his Poltergust, aka a handheld vacuum capable of sucking up spectres. There is a multiplayer mode coming to Luigi's Mansion 3 where up to eight players can explore what's know

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God of War’s combat designer is working on Marvel’s Avengers – here’s how he’s building better superheroes

And now he's lending his expertise to Marvel's Avengers, making Ironman, Black Widow, the Hulk, Thor, and Captain America feel every inch the superhero, no matter which one you play. Finding out what defines each Avenger's personality, whether it's Ironman's intelligence (hence his gadgets) or the Hulk's bestial strength meaning he weaponises his environment, is at the core of how you'll fight in Marvel's Avengers. And when you get to Black Widow, you’re like, 'wow, this is a Black Widow game. A

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What was your favorite E3 2019 moment?

E3 2019 may be over, but we're still happily basking in the afterglow of all the E3 2019 games and announcements from throughout the week. E3 2019 easily had some of the most memorable E3 moments in history, and these stood out as our personal favorites. Benjamin AbbotBernthal, Bam Bam, and BreakpointWe thought we'd get more, and we already know a fair bit about Ghost Recon Breakpoint . However, Jon Bernthal's appearance in the flesh was a terrific moment - and with Bam Bam the dog; what a power

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The Outer Worlds hands-on: The best RPG Bethesda never made

Dan McPhee, The Outer Worlds' Narrative Designer, explains why Obsidian decided to point the spotlight on consumer culture for this particular space western adventure. That scrappy, absurdist aura of comedy bleeds into The Outer Worlds' gameplay, too, especially with regards to its character progression system, made up primarily by Obsidian’s familiar system of perks and flaws. In that sense, The Outer Worlds is shaping up to be a distinctly Obsidian RPG in all the right ways, with all the chara

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel theories – 6 details you might have missed

This has led to many Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel theories surfacing online and we are here for each and every one of them. The Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel seems to take place not long after both Zelda and Link vanquished Calamity Ganon at the end of Breath of the Wild. Of all of the Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel theories so far, this is probably the most likely to be spot on. Spectral hands create excellent Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel theories, who'd have thought it! At least,

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How to stream Chernobyl online: watch it now

It's taken the TV world by storm and near unprecedented levels of critical acclaim, and everybody needs to know how to stream Chernobyl online. Putting it simply, it may not be an 'enjoyable' series, or particularly cheery, but you need to watch Chernobyl online now. It's a gripping series that'll long be regarded in the top echelons of TV, so you need to know how to watch Chernobyl online. These enable you to watch Chernobyl from wherever you are in the world. Streaming Chernobyl in IndiaWould-

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God of War, Spider-Man, Red Dead 2 – Days of Play discounts on PS4 games end Monday

PlayStation’s Days of Play event is back! We've pulled out the best deals for you here. What’s more, there are plenty of console savings (like this exclusive Days of Play 2019 PS4), merchandise offers, and PSVR deals to tempt you. If you want one of the best PS4 headsets for less, you shouldn’t miss it. For more discounts, don’t miss out on our cheap PS4 game deals pageDays of Play's best game dealsThe Division 2 (UK) | £27.59 on AmazonWashington DC has fallen.

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Need more Keanu Reeves in your life? This behind-the-scenes Toy Story 4 feature is the best thing you’ll see all day

That Keanu Reeves Cyberpunk 2077 appearance is proof enough that 2019 is the year of Keanu. There’s faces new and old, from Tom Hanks through to Keegan-Michael Key, but it’s Keanu Reeves that steals the show. If you suddenly can’t get the sound of Keanu Reeves thrusting out of your head, I am so, so sorry. Keanu Reeves, meanwhile, is part of a handful of new characters to join the likes of Woody and Buzz in Toy Story 4. Keanu Reeves will do that to you.

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