Here’s what you missed if you didn’t catch that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker scene in Fortnite

One of the world's biggest-ever crossover events – Fortnite x Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – is over. JJ ABRAMS IN THE GAME #Fortnite 14, 2019Not everything went entirely to plan, though. Eventually, however, those familiar strings kicked in as TIE Fighters appeared in hot pursuit of the Millennium Falcon. Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker will be available to watch in real-life cinemas from December 19, 2019, in the UK, and December 20 for fans in the US. F

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Just 3 months after it launched in Early Access, PlanetSide Arena is closing down

PlanetSide Arena only released in Early Access on September 19, 2019, but Daybreak Games has already decided it's time to pull the plug on the ambitious sci-fi arena shooter, stating low player numbers "make it impossible to sustain the gameplay experience we envisioned". "After careful consideration, we've made the difficult decision to shut down PlanetSide Arena servers," said executive producer Andy Sites in a statement on Steam (thanks Blue via VG24/7 ). "As a result, PlanetSide Arena will f

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The Outer Worlds is getting story DLC in 2020

The Outer Worlds is getting more story content in its first DLC pack, coming in 2020, Obsidian has announced. We don't currently know details about The Outer Worlds' first DLC pack other than that it'll focus on "expanding the story." Obsidian revealed the news on their official forums in a post thanking The Outer Worlds community for their support and votes during The Game Awards 2019. The reception to The Outer Worlds has been unbelievable to see, and even just being nominated means a lot. The

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The Wolf Among Us 2 is being revived, and the original game is free for a limited time

The Wolf Among Us series returned in full form Thursday night at The Game Awards, and to celebrate the original Telltale adventure is completely free on the Epic Games store . LCG Entertainment, which relaunched Telltale Games this year, revealed a teaser trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2 and detailed the news in a press release. No release date, no plot details, no timeline on its Epic Games exclusivity. With the news of the series' revival, it's as good a time as ever to catch up on the excellen

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THQ Nordic releases Gothic remake playable teaser to decide if it gets made

THQ's remake of the 2001 fantasy RPG Gothic is hinging on whether or not you play its playable teaser, currently available via Steam . The Gothic playable teaser is only available to players who own any one of the Gothic games, or any game by the original developer Piranha Bytes, which isn't involved with the remake. The magic gets out of control and a mutiny turns the mines into a wild territory now controlled by the most violent prisoners." Gothic is a single-player dark fantasy RPG with a loy

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What the’s best Christmas special you’ve ever seen?

Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion(Image credit: BBC)The first Doctor Who Christmas special is also the first episode of David Tennant's beloved tenure as the eponymous Doctor - need I say more? The moment in Peep Show's Christmas Special where Jeremy pulls a 'Christmas Joke' on Mark, by pretending he forgot to get the turkey, is iconic. This introspection is something Community did often (and well), and helps avoid the suffocating sweetness that some Christmas specials serve up. Connor Sherida

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker behind the scenes footage reveals a loving tribute to Carrie Fischer

Some new behind the scenes Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker footage has leaked, and with it is a tribute to Carrie Fischer that will probably make you cry. Spanish-language YouTube channel Noticias Geek TV dropped a seven-minute long video featuring uncut footage from the filming of Rise of Skywalker. Kelly Marie Tran (Rose Tico) and Billie Lourd (Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix) are palling around between scenes set on some type of forest planet. It should, as it's basically Leia's exact outfit in

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Gears Tactics gets new trailer and April release date, won’t have multiplayer or microtransactions

Gears Tactics got a brand new trailer at The Game Awards 2019, revealing an April 28, 2020 release date. Then on Friday, The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson revealed the strategy game won't have multiplayer modes or microtransactions of any kind. We missed Gears Tactics at E3 2019, but The Coalition has more than made up for lost time in the last 24 hours. As a big fan of these kinds of games, I'm going into Gears Tactics optimistically. Gears Tactics releases on the Microsoft Store, Steam,

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How to spawn at your Red Dead Online camp: It’s now much easier to find Cripps and rest at your camp

One of the biggest ongoing gripes players have had with Rockstar's online Western involves accessing and managing their Red Dead Online camp, and there's been good reason for these complaints. Thankfully, it looks like things have finally been fixed, so if you want to know how to spawn at your Red Dead Online camp then we've got the information right here. You're then free to work on the Trader career of the Red Dead Online roles with the Cripps Trading Co, change your wardrobe, or rest up and r

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Resident Evil 3 villain Nemesis sounds terrifying in new Resident Evil 2 Remake Easter egg

The recently announced Resident Evil 3 Remake may not be out until April next year, but you can already listen out for the game's big baddie Nemesis in a new update to the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The free trial for Capcom's award-winning survival horror game, which released earlier this year, now contains a new Easter egg portending Nemesis' arrival to Raccoon City, in which the villain can be heard shouting "STAAAAAARS!" Think of him as a leaner, meaner Mr. X, capa

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