Red Dead Redemption 2 Loot Discovered in GTA Online

Rockstar has suggested that GTA Online updates may slow down following Red Dead Redemption 2‘s release. Some Red Dead Redemption 2 fans have been concerned that the game’s multiplayer will be like GTA Online. Red Dead Redemption 2 does include microtransactions but fans are worried that they will as heavy-handed as those in GTA Online. But with that said, are still several months to go until Red Dead Redemption 2 is released. Red Dead Redemption 2 launches in 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for December 12: Nightfall, Heroic Strikes, Flashpoint, and More

Here’s everything Destiny 2 players need to know for the week of December 12, 2017. Weekly Nightfall StrikeThis week’s Nightfall Strike will send players back to Saturn’s moon Titan to take on Savathun’s Song once more. Players need to sprint in order to trigger the regeneration process. Players need to sprint in order to trigger the regeneration process. Heroic Strike MilestoneAfter being absent at launch, Heroic Strikes have once again returned to Destiny 2 alongside season 2.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Honest Game Trailer Roasts EA

Without a doubt, one of the biggest pieces of news to come out of 2017 was when Electronic Arts’ stock dropped in value by $3.1 billion following the loot box controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s launch earlier this year. So, with many considering EA to be such a glaringly easy and deserving target, the folks over at Smosh Games decided to absolutely rake the company over the coals in its Honest Game Trailer for the recently released sci-fi shooter. It should come as no surprise tha

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Resident Evil 7 Trailer Introduces Joe Baker

Both expansions are available to download now, and to commemorate the occasion, Capcom has released a launch trailer that details the story of Joe Baker in the End of Zoe DLC. The new trailer confirms that Joe Baker is in fact part of the Baker family. Check out the new Resident Evil 7 DLC trailer below:The trailer establishes the basic plot for the End of Zoe expansion. Overall, the End of Zoe expansion seems like it is adding substantial and significant story content for Resident Evil 7 fans t

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Rumor: Next Battlefield Game Will Be Bad Company 3

The publisher of the Battlefield series, Electronic Arts, has confirmed that a new Battlefield game will be released in 2018. In a new video, YouTuber AlmightyDaq claims that the next Battlefield game will be Battlefield: Bad Company 3, following Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which released in 2010. Battlefield: Bad Company 3 will also offer Vietnam and Cold War-era guns and “extensive” customization that rivals Battlefield 4. The YouTuber may actually have an inside line on Battlefield game devel

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Star Wars: KOTOR 2 Almost Cast ‘Yoda’ Character as the Villain

It’s no major secret that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 fans are patiently waiting for a third entry in the series, but there’s still no telling when–or if–the trilogy will actually come to pass. This much was revealed by Ohlen during a discussion he had with Eurogamer about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 and the sci-fi franchise as a whole. In order for a company to be successful and control its own destiny, you need to own your own IP, and we didn’t own Dungeons & Dragons

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Detective Pikachu Movie With Ryan Reynolds Gets Release Date

Progress on the hotly anticipated Detective Pikachu movie is ramping up. Universal Pictures, the group distributing the movie outside of Japan, has now confirmed the Detective Pikachu release date. The Detective Pikachu movie has some seriously stiff competition from the superhero flick, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the movie will struggle. Every child wants to be best friends with Pikachu and that could help to make Detective Pikachu a hit. The critical and sales success of the Detect

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Nintendo Switch Surpasses 10 Million Units Sold in Under a Year

Rumors of Nintendo’s demise proved to be greatly exaggerated earlier this year, once the dust had settled on a tumultuous launch period for the Switch console. According to Nintendo of America’s Twitter, sales of the Nintendo Switch have now surpassed 10 million units sold. That figure comes directly from Nintendo and, impressively, three whole months before the Switch even celebrates its first birthday. With support like that, it’s not surprising to find the Nintendo Switch enjoying an impressi

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Call of Duty Tournament Disrupted by Bomb Threats

The Call of Duty eSports scene is huge, which is why all eyes were on the shooting franchise this weekend to watch the latest professional tournament take place. But the Call of Duty event was disrupted by multiple bomb threats. over the weekend, the Call of Duty World League Dallas tournament was put on hold following multiple bomb threats. Tournament organizer also MLG tweeted that it had received the “all-clear” and that the Call of Duty tournament would resume the following day (December 10)

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Destiny 2’s Next Faction Rally Has Been Postponed

Originally planned to go live December 12, the monthly Faction Rally event has been postponed due to the fact that those without Curse of Osiris would have been locked out of the event. Rather than give Destiny 2 players yet another criticism to raise against the sequel, Bungie has chosen to re-evaluate its approach to content access. It’s all part of changes that developer Bungie is making to endgame and seasonal content in Destiny 2, which includes the Faction Rally. In the developer’s origina

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