Card game Duelyst adding new Generals and 100+ other cards

Duelyst is a damned good card game. In fact, there's an argument for it being better than Hearthstone, the behemoth that helped inspire it. It's adding 100+ cards, but perhaps more importantly there's a new crop of Generals, cards that are at the core of every deck. The six Generals will be the first to arrive in the game since launch. As for the 100+ new cards, Counterplay isn't giving much away yet.

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Unruly Heroes is a stunning 2D action game from former Ubisoft veterans

Unruly Heroes is irresponsibly beautiful. It's a 2D action game from French developer Magic Design Studios, which is largely staffed by former Ubisoft veterans. Loosely based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West, the same legend which inspired Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Unruly Heroes features four playable heroes. Its vibrant, hand-drawn art is reminiscent of Rayman Legends, but Unruly Heroes' Prince of Persia-esque combat is arguably more distinctive. Unruly Heroes will come to PC in ea

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Life is Feudal: MMO open beta will start next month

Life is Feudal: MMO, the online medieval survival game, is charging out of closed beta next month, letting down the drawbridge for all comers on November 17. It's also launching on Early Access at the same time, having previously only been available via the game's website. In case you've missed it, the MMO is essentially an expanded version of Life is Feudal: Your Own, a 64-player realism-focused sandbox game that Leif thought was too much like hard work. Let's hope the MMO's larger, persistent

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What are you playing this weekend?

I played it a bit when it came out, but not long enough to build up a proper farm. I've accepted that I'm a bad PUBG player, in part because I'm too focused on getting stuff and not enough on not dying, so it's an appropriate break—all I'm doing in Stardew is getting stuff. It's basically the same game: just like in PUBG, I need to find a new backpack as soon as possible. What are you playing this weekend, or whenever you have an evening to play? I've been tempted to play Shadow of War, as well,

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Halo director calls The Master Chief Collection, “one of my lowest ebbs, professionally,” vows updates will make everyone “satisfied”

Halo: The Master Chief Collection's struggles have been well documented. O'Connor was upfront about his feelings on what happened, calling The Master Chief Collection's launch "one of my lowest ebbs, professionally." He described the development team having "the best intentions" with The Master Chief Collection, knowing that they had "a massive and ambitious project that almost read like a Halo fan’s wishlist" on their plate. Also, it's worth reiterating that the incoming fixes for The Master Ch

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New alchemy puzzle game from Infinifactory creator bubbles into Early Access

The creator of the daunting (and excellent) puzzlers SpaceChem and Infinifactory is back with a new game: Opus Magnum, in which you play an alchemist brewing potions and poisons. It hit Early Access this week with a story-driven campaign, a puzzle editor and Steam Workshop support. The premise is that you're an alchemist recently hired by a wealthy household in a dangerous, ancient city. You can easily export gifs of your finished creations at the end of each puzzle, which is a nice touch. And i

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For 20 years, these obscure wrestling sims have been taking players behind the scenes

The Extreme Warfare games felt purpose-made for the more discerning fan, and the fact they were free allowed them to spread far and wide. One series has, over the last 20 years and over half-a-dozen iterations, become the de-facto wrestling management sim: Total Extreme Wrestling. Created by Adam Ryland, it's a wrestling game that places players in control of their own federation. Entirely menu-based, Total Extreme Wrestling involves managing every aspect of a wrestling company, from writing and

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Which old PC game do you revisit regularly?

Every week, we ask our panel of PC Gamer writers a question about PC gaming. This week: which old PC game do you revisit regularly? James Davenport: Portal/Portal 2I can't count the times I've played through Portal and Portal 2. I never played Rogue and only played NetHack for the first time a couple years ago. Shadows of the Empire is obviously a pretty bad third-person shooter that made slightly more sense on the N64, and yet I've played the PC version so many times.

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Super Mario Odyssey’s Peach Amiibo makes Mario wear a wedding dress

YouTube channel FamilyGamerTV managed to get both the Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle and a few accompanying Amiibos to show off in an unboxing video. What's interesting (other than someone who is playing Super Mario Odyssey ahead of the rest of the world) is that when the YouTuber gets to the Peach Amiibo, it turns out that the figuring lets Mario wear a Wedding Dress (as noticed by Nintendo Daily News). Here's a screenshot:As you can also see in the image, the Peach Amiibo provides Mario wit

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2K Games Hiring for New First-Person Shooter Team

2K Games has a long history with the first-person shooter genre, with particular love in recent years for the likes of BioShock and Borderlands. As such, it will come as no surprise to learn that further first-person shooters are on the cards at the publisher, but it turns out that 2K Games is actually putting together a brand new team for one project. That is, according to a number of job listings that have been posted over on 2K Games’ website. So, the project in question is narrative driven w

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