Friday the 13th developer “can’t add any content, whatsoever” no matter who wins legal fight

Friday the 13th will not get any future content updates, even if the current legal dispute is cleared up, say Gun Media co-founder and president Wes Keltner. "We can't add any content, whatsoever. Keltner took to the game's forums to clarify the situation after getting questions from fans about the future of the multiplayer horror game. 'Is there a chance of any content being added to the game if a ruling on the dispute occurs in the near future?' We can't add any content, whatsoever.

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Friday the 13th gets permanently axed

Friday the 13th was actually quite a bit of fun when it came out last year—with the right group of players, at least—and showed real potential for future improvements, too. Sadly, publisher Gun Media has now confirmed that potential will never be realized, as new content development has been permanently ended. "I wanted to address a few questions that I’ve had sent to me personally, as well as questions we’ve received through the official F13 channels. '," Gun Media founder and president Wes Kel

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This Cyberpunk 2077 Back to the Future Mash-Up is Too Perfect

Cyberpunk 2077 and Back to the Future; it’s the mash-up no one knew they needed. Cyberpunk 2015 is what would happen if Cyberpunk 2077 was a Back to the Future Part 2 game, set in the futuristic, dystopian Hill Valley from “2015.”The parody trailer features the exact same soundtrack and narration from Cyberpunk 2077‘s E3 2018 cinematic trailer, only with scenes from Back to the Future 2 in place of the visuals. And for those wondering why, 5 years later, they’re getting a Back to the Future mash

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A mysterious Overwatch teaser could hint at Hero 28

A new teaser from the official Overwatch twitter hints at ... well, we’re not sure yet. This could be a hint as to Hammond, who has been speculated as a hero since the release of... Horizon Lunar Colony. While that teaser made its way to Brigitte eventually, at first fans speculated that the new character Emre Sarioglu would be Hero 27. We’re about due for Hero 28, and time will tell whether we’re about to meet them... and whether they’re linked to Horizon Lunar Colony.

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What happens when an automaker recalls 4.8 million cars for faulty cruise control

The upgrade addresses an unlikely sequence of events that would compromise cruise-control functionality.”In layman terms, it means the cruise control could stop working. “The FCA cruise control recall could be deadly, if a driver is traveling on a highway and they are unable to shut off the driver assisted system,” automotive expert Lauren Fix tells TechRadar. She says this latest recall is important because it shows how future tech features in cars could lead to additional recalls. “Many of the

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Destiny 2: Forsaken: 12 game-changing details Bungie told us about at E3, and what they mean for the future

We’ve also had a good old ponder over what all of this stuff really means for the game’s Year Two evolution. When the game comes out you’re going to see how they were involved in this unfortunate act. You’re going to hate them just as much, if not more than, Uldren, and you’ve got to hunt them all down to get to Uldren. At a certain point in the story, you’re going to have a list you’re trying to check off.”Cotton: “You’re working toward the same end goal. We have the Collections, we’re changing

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Forget Ready Player One – the future of VR is a physical experience

They've trekked to Shanghai - sometimes thousands of miles - to see how the latest virtual reality (VR) tech can transport them somewhere else again. "Am I talking about some future like Ready Player One? In some ways Ready Player One - the book is much better than the movie - is prescient. Virtual reality, real demandHTC, the company behind the Vive VR headset, was an official partner for Ready Player One. A two-fold tripRaising awareness is fine, but Ready Player One's 'real world' is a bleak

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Patent suggests future iPhones could be more water-resistant

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 range already have some water resistance – their IP67 rating means they can be submerged up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes - but that’s not as good as rival phones'. One of the key issues is that water resistance can be impaired if the handset has an accessory plugged in. However, an Apple patent suggests the company is looking to solve those problems. The patent, filed with the USPTO, is for ‘sealed accessories for electronic devices’, and it details accessories

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The no-show PC games of E3 2018

This E3 brought plenty of great announcements, both for games that seem so far away our grandchildren will probably enjoy them someday, and those that are more immediately exciting. These include games that seemed like sure bets for the major conferences to projects that are just slightly too far away to feel real. I appreciate that they focused on actual games you'll be able to play in the near future, though (The Quiet Man was also present). By the time this comes out, we'll probably be closer

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Cloud streaming will complement consoles not replace them says Microsoft

Following Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot’s recent posit that the next generation of consoles could be the last before we move to less hardware-centric cloud streaming, we’ve been looking for signs that this might be the case. Was the company behind the most powerful console currently on the market really underplaying hardware? Perhaps they don’t want to invest several hundred dollars in a console but they know that they need to talk to their friends so they have a phone. Reaching those new players i

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