Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s villains set up an interesting future for the series

Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the latest feature film and 20th in the series, is almost all brawl by the second half. And the film’s ending sets up a different expectation for its villains — one that could impact all future Dragon Ball stories from here on out. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super are filled with great villains. But for Dragon Ball fans, the difference between their endings is probably the most exciting aspect of the film. Because of Broly’s villains — not our usual her

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Destiny 2 director Luke Smith affirms Bungie’s long-term commitment to Destiny as the studio leaves Activision

Destiny 2 director Luke Smith discussed the studio's post-Activision path in the latest This Week At Bungie blog post , affirming that Bungie will only put more into Destiny going forward. "Long-term, Bungie is committed to Destiny," Smith said. As previously reported, Bungie is committed to delivering the content on Destiny 2's annual pass DLC roadmap. We want to find the line between new content that many players can play, and aspirational content for players to progress toward. Vicarious Visi

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We’re sending PC Gamer Club members a beta key for roguelike shooter Black Future ’88

As well as a nice Steam key for Sunless Sea, signing up to the Legendary tier of the PC Gamer Club this month will net you a Steam beta key for 2D synth-punk shooter Black Future '88, courtesy of developer SUPERSCARYSNAKES and publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment. The beta runs all the way until March 5th 2019, at which point the keys will expire, so there's plenty of time to get stuck in. They've also got a message for anyone joining the beta through the Club, too. "During the Closed Beta test

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Destiny Director Discusses What’s Next After Activision Split

report this adWhen Bungie announced that it was splitting from current publisher Activision, there were a lot of questions regarding what that would mean for the future of Destiny 2 and the Destiny franchise. Luke Smith, who was the creative director of Destiny 2, addressed fans under his new title of Destiny Franchise Director and gave a preview of the journey ahead for the Destiny franchise in Bungie’s weekly blog. As for the long-term vision, Smith said that Bungie is committed to the Destiny

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Director Luke Smith writes a note about Destiny’s ‘bright’ independent future

Luke Smith, Destiny's franchise director, wrote in with a note about Bungie's split from Activision and its "bright future," while also indicating that Bungie's relationships with partners who have helped out on Destiny seem to be wrapping up. More interesting, though, are his comments pertaining to Bungie's independence from Activision and what that means for Destiny. The vast majority of the team is hard at work envisioning future experiences, enemies, and ways to play the Guardian you've been

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Amazon’s new AI, robotics and space conference promises a glimpse of the future

Amazon is launching a new conference dedicated to AI, robotics and automated technology, with demonstrations, talks and workshops on the future of technology. The conference is a follow-on from the company's MARS (Machine learning, Automation, Robotics and Space) event – an expenses-paid, invite-only affair where industry leaders could share their visions of the future over a glass or two of bubbly. In fact, MARS was so discreet, it was almost completely secret until CEO Jeff Bezos decided to ad

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EA has revealed FIFA’s Ultimate Team Future Stars for 2019

The Future Stars for FIFA 19’s Ultimate Team are here. Future Stars are players that EA has determined are likely to be superstars, and in anticipation of their rise to the top, has given their Ultimate Team cards a bit of a stat boost. All 21 of the stars will be available in a Future Stars pack that will be released for a limited time sometime in the near future. According to EA’s announcement of the lineup, six more will also be joining the ranks of these Future Stars sometime during the seas

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What does Bungie and Activision’s breakup mean for the future of Destiny?

Last week, Bungie announced plans to acquire the rights to Destiny from its longtime publisher Activision, giving it total control over the series. I want Destiny 2 - and Destiny 3, which is rumored to be in development - to get weird and experimental. On top of expanding Destiny, I'm hoping that self-publishing - or more specifically, not having to go through a publisher - will also benefit the way Bungie fixes Destiny. Bungie's separation doesn't necessarily make cross-platform support more li

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Hybrid processors at CES 2019 are the future of computing

While Intel and AMD were outdoing each other at CES 2019 by announcing their respective 10-nanometer (nm) and 7nm processors, both companies also introduced hybrid processors that may change the future of computing forever. Monolithic vs HybridNow, after all that talk, you might be wondering what the difference is between monolithic and hybrid processor designs. For example, Intel Coffee Lake processors used a single 14nm die, Ryzen CPUs featured a 14nm die, Ryzen 2nd Generation a 12nm die, and

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Xbox Boss Looks Forward to ‘Bright Future’ Working With Bungie After Activision Split

report this adIt’s no secret that Head of Xbox Phil Spencer is a big Destiny fan and after the news that Bungie is splitting from its partnership with publisher Activision while retaining the publishing rights to the Destiny franchise, Spencer tweeted at Bungie saying he’s looking forward to working with Bungie in the future. Looking forward to a very bright future working with one of my favorite independent studios on one of my favorite franchises. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) January 10, 2019Spenc

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