Hear me now: the future of voice and how it’s the new OS

It’s jaw-dropping how quickly voice assistant technology has been adopted by both gadgets, and by gadget-lovers in the home. Siri was the first to catapult voice technology into the mainstream, when it launched with the iPhone 4S back in 2011. At the time, having a voice assistant felt frankly futuristic – because of this it came riding an uneasy wave of Terminator / GLaDOS references – but the reality was somewhat different. The result is thousands of hours of speech data that could form the ba

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Mind control: how does it work and what gadgets will we see it in?

Make up your mindOne university, Johns Hopkins, has already made great strides in mind control, creating a prosthetic limb that’s partly controlled by the mind . But, in some ways, it’s here right now, with a number of gadgets using different forms of mind control for power. This is a gadget that helps with meditation by helping you focus on your own brainwaves – not quite mind control, but more controlling your mind, to make meditation a more relaxing experience. NeurableNeurable mixes mind con

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What’s the future of Diablo?

Diablo 3 feels like the Blizzard game that’s the most stuck in time. The bad news is that the story-based campaign of Diablo would possibly either go away completely or, more likely, just be de-emphasized significantly in a Diablo 4. Blizzard must want to have a way for Diablo players to remain Diablo players for more than a week or two every few years. Diablo is never going to turn into a multiplayer game, where players battle each other — at least, not primarily. Paying a bit more often to get

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What to know about Extermination, the end of X-Men’s time-traveling odyssey

Cyclops, Marvel Girl, The Beast, The Angel and Iceman. The five teenage X-Men became stuck in the present, in a world that they didn’t recognize and faced with a future they didn’t understand. The longer the time-displaced X-Men remained in the present, the more they were changed by it, making an eventual return to their own time less and less likely. Most recently, the time-displaced X-Men have been operating out of the red light island nation Madripoor under the tutelage of Magneto, a man who

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TimeSplitters and Second Sight are now owned by Koch Media, ‘future products’ in the works

Old Free Radical series TimeSplitters and Second Sight have been acquired by publisher Koch Media, it was announced today. TimeSplitters was a cartoon-y early '00s FPS series that never came to PC, but Second Sight, a third-person shooter with awful box art where you had psychic abilities, did. It's noteworthy because the announcement mentions that "full details of future Timesplitters and Second Sight products will be revealed in due course". We have many fans of the Timesplitters series among

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Fallout 76 aside, Bethesda isn’t completely ditching Steam

While Bethesda has decided that Fallout 76 won’t be gracing Steam with its presence – instead being delivered directly to gamers via Bethesda.net – the firm has clarified that this doesn’t mean it’s abandoning Valve’s online games store completely. Pete Hines, senior vice president of global marketing at Bethesda, clarified to IGN: “We did not announce ‘all future Bethesda games will not be on Steam.’ That is not what we said. But clearly, Bethesda doesn’t intend to ditch Steam completely; at le

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Bethesda may still release future games on Steam despite Fallout 76 avoiding the platform

Fallout 76 will not launch on Steam—but that doesn't mean all future Bethesda games will avoid releasing on the platform, the publisher has said. “We did not announce ‘all future Bethesda games will not be on Steam'. We said ‘this game will be available exclusively on Bethesda.net,'" Bethesda's Pete Hines told IGN yesterday. Hines said the publisher hasn't decided whether any of its future games, including Doom Eternal, will launch on Steam, and that the Fallout 76 decision was made because of "

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Rage 2 won’t support mods at launch, but may in the future

You know that at id Software we're big into mods, so we know it's important, we just haven't figured out that roadmap yet. Firstly, Rage 2 "will not support modding out of the gate", but that doesn't mean it never will. "You know that at id Software we're big into mods, so we know it's important, we just haven't figured out that roadmap yet," says Willits. Despite the lack of proper multiplayer, Rage 2 will have "social components" designed to "connect" players, Willits told Eurogamer yesterday—

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Doom Eternal mod support is a ‘long-term’ target

Doom Eternal, which Bethesda revealed at QuakeCon yesterday, will not support mods at launch, but might support them "down the road", developer id Software has said. During a Q&A session following the reveal, game director Marty Stratton said there was "no guarantee" that the game would ever support mods, but added that the studio has spent time making the "game code more flexible", and that mod support is a "long-term initiative". We have spent the last several years making technical decisions

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Cloud game streaming could decide the future of Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5

The game industry is about to go through some pretty major changes, all centered around a new technology: game streaming. For starters, streaming games means you don’t have to worry about owning the hardware necessary to process those games. The maker of the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X has already announced that it’s getting into the game streaming game with XCloud, an upcoming service that will reportedly debut alongside the next Xbox – which goes by the name Project Scarlett. Of course

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