This weekend’s NFL game in London will be streamed for free on Xbox One and PC

Paying for Cable is gradually becoming a thing of the past, and the NFL has yet to come up with an affordable alternative (*cough**cough*). This weekend's game in London between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Baltimore Ravens will be streamed for free online on Yahoo, which can be accessed through both Xbox One and PC. London games have become an annual tradition over the last few seasons, with the Jacksonville Jaguars participating in most of them (testing the market much? ), but they a

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Play Gang Beasts for free this weekend

In the crowded field of local multiplayer games where up to four players can compete to pummel the guts out of each other through their faces, Gang Beasts stands out. Gang Beasts is still in early access but it's already hilarious. On Steam Gang Beasts is free to try for the weekend as a way of stress-testing its new server architecture, networking, and so on. This is a perfect opportunity to sample a game that made our list of the best local multiplayer games and our list of 12 PC games with am

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Lawbreakers gets a new map and mode

Earlier this month we reported that Lawbreakers, the new team-based arena shooter by Cliff Bleszinski, was going to receive a boatload of free, new content in the form of maps, modes, and even a new hero class before the end of 2017. The new patch adds the map titled Namsan, the first map in the game that doesn't take place in the post-shattered United States, as well as the new time-based team deathmatch skirmish mode. Hopefully, these new updates, as well as the forthcoming hero class, can hel

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Outlast and the Whistleblower DLC are free on the Humble Store

The Humble Store End of Summer Sale itself came to an end today, which means it's time for the Humble Store End of Summer Sale Encore! You should know by now how it works, but in case you've missed the previous sale freebie posts, it goes like this: Hit the Outlast Deluxe Edition page on the Humble Store. You'll be links to separate codes for the game and the DLC, which have to be redeemed by October 7. The Humble Store Outlast freebie will be available until 10 am PT on September 23. The End of

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Grab one of gaming’s most beloved titles for free while you can

Today on Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle, players can grab the game at no cost with just the press of a single button. In the game, player's take on the role of Abe, a floor-waxer first class for RuptureFarms who learns that his boss, Molluck the Glukkon, plans to turn him and his fellow Mudokons into Tasty Treats as a means to save Molluck's failing meat-packing empire. You don't see this kind of weird and offbeat humor in games anymore, so it's nice when these types of games get some sort of rec

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Chris Redfield is Back in Action in Resident Evil 7’s New DLC ‘Not A Hero’

Resident Evil 7, the terrifying latest entry to the famous Capcom series, is receiving a free DLC pack called Not A Hero. Resident Evil 7 was a departure from the usual Resident Evil formula, staying an all-new character without much reference to the older entries to the series. This DLC is free for anyone who owns Resident Evil 7. Alongside this, the Gold Edition of the game will also be available the same day, collecting the main entry and all the DLC released thus far. Resident Evil 7 is avai

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Watch the trailer for Resident Evil 7’s free Not A Hero DLC and see what it’s like as an action shooter

This new trailer for Resident Evil 7's free Not A Hero DLC proves that, even in this slightly re-imagined world, veteran BOW killers don't have any patience for that "running and hiding" stuff. Best take shelter in a save room if you haven't played Resident Evil 7 yet and prefer to go in fresh. Normally I'd chalk the differences up to tech and vision changes as Capcom pivots the series in a more grounded direction, but this is Resident Evil we're talking about. You can walk a country mile in his

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Get indie puzzler Back to Bed free on Steam

Back to Bed is a puzzle game about saving a sleepwalker named Bob from falling off ledges. As a creature from his subconscious named Subob, you have to block his progress across rooftops and sky-ledges with oversized green apples to steer him back to bed. Originally released back in 2013, Back to Bed's unusual aesthetic and warped voice-acting, which sounds like it was spoken backwards and then flipped front-to-back again, were pretty memorable. Its creators at Danish studio Bedtime Digital have

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Battlerite will leave Early Access and go free-to-play in November

Battlerite, the indie competitive brawler described by Chris Thursten as "the best teamfight you've ever had", is leaving Early Access on November 8. That milestone will coincide with it transforming to a free-to-play title (which has always been the plan – only the Early Access period has a price tag). But if you're keen to play the game free before its official launch, there will be a free week starting September 25, and ending October 1. If come October you still want to play and can't wait u

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Fortnite Battle Royale, basically PUBG with building, comes to PC and consoles free on Sept. 26

Epic Games announced today that Fortnite Battle Royale, a new mode that proudly cribs notes from PUBG for its early-access builder/shooter game, will be free-to-play when it arrives on September 26 across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Just like PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale sets up to 100 players against each other on a massive map with no respawns and one objective: be the last one standing. Fortnite Battle Royale will be playable solo or in squads as soon as it comes out. Building a huge tower and sni

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