Moons of Madness reminds us to never, ever go to Mars

As you can guess from its title, Moons of Madness fits right in with everything else that's ever happened on Mars, presenting a Red Planet where things are scary and bad. I'm only about two hours into Moons of Madness, but I was perfectly happy with the Mars chores part of it. As for the actual horror in Moons of Madness, it's mostly been routine. Moons of Madness doesn't do that most of the time, but when it does it all gets a bit comical. Standard horror tropes and an occasionally too-talkativ

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Retro roundup: Singularity, Blur, Mystery Legends: Phantom of the Opera

Jon's score: 81Explosive arcade racing game Blur bears repeating(Image credit: Activision)Oh, hello! Bizarre Creations only survived the commercial beating of Blur to make a dizzy, disorientated Bond game before exploding into independents. Jon's score: 84Mystery Legends: Phantom of the Opera(Image credit: Big Fish Games)You know what I like? Emotions melt away, pain and hope lost as I hunt for a canoe paddle in the rafters of an opera house. But the basic process of ‘going forwards’ is such a t

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Why you’ll love the Google Pixel 4 – and why it may not be for you

The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are camera-focused smartphones that go beyond 'mad science' photography, but you may still be deciding whether or not to upgrade. Let’s start with the things we love about the Google Pixel 4. Obviously, the Google Pixel 4 cameraNo surprise, the Google Pixel 4 camera is a highlight – we knew that from the leaks. But we're hoping this is just the start and that Google can do away with the phone's forehead bezel by the time the Google Pixel 5 comes out next year. G

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Satisfactory dev says Epic Games Store hate comes from ‘a loud minority’

For Coffee Stain Studios, the developer behind Goat Simulator and Satisfactory, the opportunity to trade exclusivity on Epic's storefront for financial security during development was well worth it. Of course, we had some backlash, but I think it's a loud minority." "Epic is trying to do something for game developers to make it better for them, so we can deliver better quality of products, basically," she said. Satisfactory, which is still in early access, has been Coffee Stain's "best launch ev

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Buy a Windows 10 Pro license for half off today only

Woot (a store owned by Amazon) is now selling Windows 10 Pro discs for $99.99, a savings of $100 from the regular price. Even if you already have Windows 10 Home (the version that ships with most pre-built systems), it might be worth making the jump to Windows 10 Pro. There are a few features exclusive to the Pro version, including Remote Desktop, BitLocker full-disk encryption, and Hyper-V virtualization. Here's a full breakdown of the difference between Windows 10 Pro and Home. You can buy a c

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Skyrim: 5 Reasons The Stormcloaks Shouldn’t Rule Skyrim (& 5 Reasons The Imperials Shouldn’t)

9 IMPERIALS SHOULDN'T: They're In The Thalmor's PocketThis one's abundantly obvious, considering that it's a direct contributor to the reasoning behind the Stormcloak rebellion. The Imperials don't really seem to be at the wheel when it comes to steering the Empire these days. advertising3 IMPERIALS SHOULDN'T: They Don't Understand Nord CultureThis is somewhat peculiar, given the commonalities between Nords and Imperials. advertising2 STORMCLOAKS SHOULDN'T: Skyrim Has Always Stood With The Empir

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Do you bother with evil playthroughs?

The goal was to be good, but that meant the option to do evil had to be there as well. Do you bother with evil playthroughs? But while I usually play as a good or at least not evil character, I love reading stories on how games react to your bad behaviors. Great characters can turn my bad character good, basically. It's always fun when the character I'm playing is actually getting some of their own character development along the way.

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Fortnite players discover fish that deals massive damage

Fortnite chapter 2 is all about aquatics: the map has a number of new waterways; players can swim; there are boats. Since the start of this season, we’ve known about something called the “Mythic Goldfish” thanks to data miners poking in the Fortnite files. But nobody had actually found this item, which is said to deal a “massive” amount of damage:Mythic Goldfish Info:- Found From FishingItem Context: Throw Mythic Goldfish at enemies to deal massive amounts of damage! —

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Sure, AMD is doing amazing right now – but don’t count out Intel just yet

Now, this could be framed as Intel getting spooked by AMD, and cutting its prices in response. Considering the new threat AMD now poses, that’s a theory that’s not without merit – but of course it doesn’t tell the whole story. I’m not just talking about the impact to profits either – cutting prices on products can alter the perception customers have of them. Releasing more wallet-friendly devices could also be a nice PR win for Intel – though at the moment AMD seems to be stealing all the limeli

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Prison Architect’s console-exclusive DLC is coming to PC

Prison Architect's Psych Ward DLC is leaving the confines of consoles and finally coming to PC, letting wardens run their own highly questionable prison for the "criminally insane" in November. Other inmates can also loose their cool and join the ranks of the criminally insane if you treat them poorly. Its representation of mental illness, however, leaves a great deal to be desired. The PC version comes with some exclusive additions, like padded solitary cells, a new warden, psychiatrist office

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