Sure, AMD is doing amazing right now – but don’t count out Intel just yet

Now, this could be framed as Intel getting spooked by AMD, and cutting its prices in response. Considering the new threat AMD now poses, that’s a theory that’s not without merit – but of course it doesn’t tell the whole story. I’m not just talking about the impact to profits either – cutting prices on products can alter the perception customers have of them. Releasing more wallet-friendly devices could also be a nice PR win for Intel – though at the moment AMD seems to be stealing all the limeli

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Microsoft wants to stop your kids from evading parental controls

Microsoft wants to help you get a clearer picture of what your kids are doing online and what they’re playing, and to help you control both things. A new series of online tools is about to be released that may help you do just that, even if your children do their best to thwart your efforts. The power of these updated parental controls comes from their granularity: You can give your children time limits on each internet-connected device, or even on each game. And all of this can work along with

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Destiny 2: How to Get Pinnacle Powerful Rewards Without Doing the Raid

The beginning part of each new expansion is the race to the power cap, something which had a bit more significance following the launch Destiny 2: Shadowkeep thanks to a planned weekend Raid event. Naturally, Raids are the best activities for players to earn the best loot like the One Thousand Voices or Divinity trace rifle. advertisingRELATED: Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: All Vex Offensive RewardsTo get started, players should jump into a public event on the Moon and finish it. A Vex Gate can be inter

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Genndy Tartakovsky: ‘I want to be the best’

Or if you fail, you’re going to fail on your own.”That was their thought, to find the new creators. And I remember how I felt about it and I’m always trying to capture a feeling with what I’m doing. I don’t know if anybody wants to watch it, but if this was a 14-year-old Genndy or 12- or 16- or 18- or now, I would be glued to the show. And I was 25 and I’m sure I was half buffoon, half know what I’m doing, but that’s the reality. Yes, you want people to believe in you, if you want to be a direct

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5 Side Quests You Shouldn’t Skip In Borderlands 3 (& 5 Must-do)

While Borderlands 3's main quest alone offers more content than most other video games, plenty of side quests extend the value even further. Related: 10 Biggest Surprises In Borderlands 3's StoryHowever, some quests are better than others. Related: 5 Characters We Love From Borderlands 3 (And 5 We Can't Stand)Like most quests, it ends with a gunfight after the losing party grows upset. 7 Must-Do: Childhood's EndBorrowing its name from the popular Arthur C. Clarke novel, it also shares a small th

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The Executioner is a relentlessly grim tale of torture, where you’re doing the hurting

This is the kind of gaming experience that I wouldn’t call fun; it’s far too grim and grisly for that. Judge, jury, and executionerThe story opens with the protagonist learning that his father, the kingdom’s executioner, has admitted to treason and will be put to death. I barely manage to retrieve his diary before I am forced to take his role as the kingdom’s executioner. When I’m not on the job, I’m allowed to explore the city. Maiming and moralityWhile The Executioner is chock full of violence

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Stop what you’re doing and watch 15 minutes of Luigi’s Mansion 3 co-op footage

Luigi's Mansion 3 is shaping up to be one of Nintendo's sleeper hits of 2019, again-and-again impressing fans with footage showcasing excellent animation, inventive gameplay, and the scene-stealing Luigi doppelganger, Gooigi. Now we have almost 15 minutes of brand new co-op gameplay footage complete with developer commentary, thanks to a Nintendo Minute stream. The new co-op footage shows the Nintendo Minute co-hosts, Kit and Krista, play through the Castle stage in Luigi's Mansion 3, with creat

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Stop what you’re doing and marvel at this Monster Hunter World cosplay with us

Cosplaying has produced some real marvels over the year, and Japan's annual World Cosplay Summit features some of the prolific community's best work. The winners of the World Cosplay Summit, Australia's KCoz and A. K. Wirru , are currently dropping jaws with their magnificently intricate creations inspired by Monster Hunter World. It's also worth checking out this compilation video of each team's showing from the World Cosplay Summit, which includes captions for each cosplay's source material. T

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The best games to play while doing homework

Like any clicker game, it's easy to get started. Cookie Clicker(Image credit: Julien Thiennot)Free | Clicker | BrowserCookie Clicker is THE classic clicker game. At its heart though, Cookie Clicker is just about making cookies with milk. You recruit sweet grandmas, build cookie farms, cookie mines, and temples of cookie production. You can pull up Cookie Clicker in a browser while you write a paper and check in on it whenever you remember.

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Benro 3XS Lite gimbal is cheaper than the DJI Osmo 2 – and boasts a neat party trick

But with its latest 3XS Lite gimbal, the company has returned to its first love of camera stabilization – this time with mobile videographers as its target audience. Gimbals for phones are nothing new, but the 3XS Lite has a party trick up its sleeve, with a press of a button spinning its clamp round between portrait and landscape orientations. Image 1 of 5 (Image credit: Benro) Image 2 of 5 (Image credit: Benro) Image 3 of 5 (Image credit: Benro) Image 4 of 5 (Image credit: Benro) Image 5 of 5

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