Getting fired from a Miyazaki movie was ‘a good thing’ for this anime director

The short film Digimon Adventure served to introduce the franchise to audiences, premiering a day prior to the TV anime’s premiere. “When I did the Digimon movie, Ghibli producer [Toshio Suzuki] came to me, saying, ‘We have a feature coming up. Hosoda was asked to direct, a huge get for a director who had previously only directed one feature-length film. “If I had to make Howl’s the way Ghibli wanted me to make it, I think my career would have been over,” he said. Mirai, the latest in his slate

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Halloween director David Gordon Green on references, sequels and that long shot

For David Gordon Green, the concept was a hunch and gamble, but most of his movies have been. Dying to do a horror movie, Halloween became the high-stakes IP puzzle he was more than ready to crack. Strangely, in Halloween II, there’s a woman that he looks at it through a window and she’s cutting a sandwich. Related Halloween director explains his creepy choice for the endingSo you kill a kid in this movie. But anytime you talk to him about movies, you’re just talking to him about comedies, which

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Halloween director explains his creepy choice for the ending

The final moments of Halloween were an inevitable conundrum for director David Gordon Green (Stronger). But how do they put a button on Laurie’s arc while staying true to the semi-supernatural mythology of Michael Myers? note: this post contains major spoilers for the ending of Halloween.] So did Michael Myers die in Halloween? Maybe it’s not.”Halloween is definitely not the last Michael Myers as far as producer Jason Blum is concerned.

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Blumhouse has never produced a theatrically released horror movie directed by a woman — but hopes to

I believe in using directors who aren’t necessarily from horror, like Jordan Peele or [Halloween director] David Gordon Green. I wanted to show that we could make a Halloween movie different than the other ones before.”Scrapping the continuity of the sequels, Halloween picks up with the original mythology in real time. That means for every 22 male directors hired for major releases, one female director earned the same job. “There are not a lot of female directors period, and even less who are in

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A new Control dev diary reveals a surprise addition to the cast

Today the studio released a new dev diary video examining two of the game's central characters: Jesse Faden, the new director of the FBC, and her predecessor, Zachariah Trench. "What if this kind of characters is then pushed up the ladder and ends up as the director in a place like this?" "Because she's seen so much weird in her life, she's at home when she walks into the Oldest House." He didn't say anything about the character himself, though, except to note that he plays a "key role." Control

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Unraveling the musical neo-noir Bad Times at El Royale with director Drew Goddard

My only regret after seeing the stylish, crackling crime thriller Bad Times at the El Royale is that I didn’t soak it up in a dine-in multiplex. That we get to see Bad Times at the El Royale at all seems like a mini miracle, complementary steak dinner be damned. Like last year’s Get Out or Lady Bird, Bad Times at the El Royale is a personal, palpable vision exploding in a genre we all know well. Polygon spoke to Goddard about how he funneled his inspirations, obsessions and quirks into the slow-

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The Venom director opens up about *that* big plot hole – and explains why it was a mistake

While the early reactions were painful, the only main sticking point for many was a strange plot hole in the first act of the movie involving an old lady in Malaysia, a Symbiote, and a time-jump. Yes, it sounds silly and, if you think about it too hard, you’ll probably want to rip your own head off. Still, director Ruben Fleischer has tried (operative word: tried) to explain away the plot hole. The moment in question sees the Riot Symbiote attach itself to an old woman in Malaysia before travell

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Ant-Man and the Wasp director explains that villain gender swap

Ant-Man and the Wasp is coming to Blu-Ray on Oct. 16. The first exclusive clip from the Ant-Man and the Wasp bonus content features director Peyton Reed talking about the film’s enigmatic villain Ghost. In the comics, Ghost was originally a foe to Iron Man — and also a man. Phasing through objects was a change from the first movie’s villain, Yellowjacket, who had similar skills to Ant-Man. “In the comics, Ghost is a man, he’s a computer hacker and sort of an anti-corporate vigilante,” explains R

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Report: Black Panther director Ryan Coogler returning for sequel

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is reportedly returning for the film’s sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Neither Disney or Marvel Studios have officially announced a Black Panther sequel, but Disney CEO Bob Iger and Marvel Studios co-president Kevin Feige have both spoken about it moving forward. Feige told Entertainment Weekly in March that although a Black Panther sequel wasn’t announced, the team was working on a direction and ideas they wanted to see in a followup. “Nothing sp

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PC games that would actually make good movies

Director: Tarsem SinghStarring: Finn Cole (The Kid), Morgan Freeman (Rucks), Saoirse Ronan (Zia), Lee Pace (Zulf)If you can nail “Kid just rages for awhile,” the rest will follow. First, that requires a director who can render Bastion artist Jen Zee’s vibrant, dreamlike landscapes, a world broken but still beautiful. A voice that can carry a film, speaking when the protagonist is silent. Morgan Freeman is the perfect Rucks and the perfect narrator. Just give Cole a hammer and let him wail on dud

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