New Destiny 2: Forsaken PvP maps and Breakthrough mode arrive next week

Destiny 2 's new PvP mode Breakthrough will launch on Tuesday, September 25 alongside four new Crucible maps, Bungie announced in a blog post today. Breakthrough will be available to all Destiny 2 players, but private matches will only be open to players who own the game's new Forsaken expansion. Three of the four new maps will be available to all players - but Gambler's Ruin is exclusive to PlayStation 4. In its first week, Breakthrough will have its own dedicated Crucible playlist. However, on

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Destiny 2 Update Fixes Offering Bug, Telesto Glitch and More

Of course, what garners the most attention is the offering bug and Telesto glitch, as one was an inconvenience and the other was abused. First up is an issue with heroic adventures that had Barons dropping legendary rewards outside of the heroic adventure. As a result Destiny 2 players will no longer be able to farm Barons for gear. There were several fixes made to Dreaming City activities and items, most especially to the buggy Oracle Offering. The hot fix also removed the Telesto glitch so pla

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The first boss in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s new raid has already been soloed

It took the best Destiny raiders in the world nearly 19 hours to initially clear Last Wish, the new raid in Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion, when it released last Friday. But now that players have learned the raid's fights and boosted their power levels, they're already chasing Last Wish challenge runs using smaller teams. Known challenge raider Slayerage recently killed Kalli, the Corrupted, the first boss in Last Wish, with the smallest team possible—which is to say, just him. Slayerage posted

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Destiny 2 Player Beats Last Wish Raid Boss Solo

Now, one player has managed to beat the first raid boss, Kalli, solo. While this Kalli solo achievement isn’t one with a significant reward, it is one that comes with significant bragging rights. After all, this raid isn’t so simple. As seen below, the first known solo raid of Kalli is completed by noted challenge runner Slayerage. For newcomers to the raid, Slayerage recommended players just stay on top of the mechanics, as those are often life-and-death situations themselves.

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Destiny 2 Makes Ace of Spades Quest Easier With New Update

Chief among them is a tweak to the Cayde’s Will quest that should make it much easier for players to complete. Previously, the Cayde’s Will quest had a handful of steps on the road to acquiring the Ace of Spades exotic hand cannon. Most of them were fairly standard for a Destiny 2 exotic quest but one step involving Gambit was serving as a roadblock to numerous players. Now, Bungie has made it so that there is a general percentage to completing the Cayde’s Will quest step and any hand cannon kil

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Destiny 2 Players Solve Last Wish Raid Plate Mystery

After the launch of Forsaken, Destiny 2 players started noticing mysterious plates scattered throughout the solar system that were not there before. It wasn’t until after the Last Wish raid launched that players thought that the plates were important. These plates all feature a random combination of symbols from the Last Wish raid, and now it seems that these plates are used to grant wishes in the raid itself. To get to this room, players will want to head left before entering Kalli’s chamber, a

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Destiny 2: Forsaken’s new Gambit multiplayer mode is free for all players this weekend

(For those who don't play Destiny 2, that's a good thing.) Gambit is a core part of Forsaken, but beginning at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on September 21, and running until the same time on September 23, it will be open to all Destiny 2 players, including those who haven't purchased the expansion. The free trial includes access to every Gambit map, and Scorn, Fallen, Hive, Red Legion, and Vex will all be swimming in the potential enemy pool. (That's more Tim talk.) It's such a beast that Bungie has alread

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Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Gambit mode is getting another free trial this weekend

Destiny 2 developer Bungie enabled a free trial for its new Gambit mode the weekend before Destiny 2: Forsaken launched earlier this month. For players who missed out the first time, the Gambit free trial is coming back Sept. 21-23. This time, however, all of the enemy races and all four Gambit maps will be available in the trial. Killing that boss ends the round, rewarding a point to whichever team killed the boss first. The Gambit trial is available from 1 p.m. EDT on Friday, Sept. 21, until t

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Destiny 2: How to Complete the Ascendant Challenge for Week 3

It’s a new week in Destiny 2, which means that several activities and challenges have reset. Chief among them is the new Ascendant Challenge for Week 3, which will have players once again entering the Ascendant realm to collect some loot. The Ascendant Challenge for Week 3 starts with finding the blight. This week Destiny 2 players will find the entrance in the Spire of Keres. Once Destiny 2 players reach the final area a Taken Cabal Phalanx will appear, along with some shadow thrall.

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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for Sept 18: Nightfall, Flashpoint, and More

For now, though, the weekly reset has finally arrived and brings with it all sorts of new challenges, strikes, and more. For the complete list of new content for the week of September 18, check out our complete Destiny 2 reset guide below. Raid order for Sept 18:Royal Pools (Bath)Pleasure GardensGauntletCalusTower Objectives and BountiesIt’s a new week which means most of the vendors at the Tower have new weekly bounties to pick up. Don’t forget that Suraya Hawthorne also has clan oriented bount

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