Office 365 banned from schools in privacy row

Microsoft's Office 365 software has been banned in part of Germany following fears over data privacy. Office 365 uses telemetry software to gather data on its users, which under GDPR, is not an issue provided the users have given permission for it to do so. "Public institutions in Germany have a special responsibility regarding the admissibility and traceability of the processing of personal data. Also the digital sovereignty of state data processing must be guaranteed." The HBDI described Windo

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How to create a drop down list in Excel

Below are the simplest ways to create a drop down list for both macOS and Windows 10 users. How to create a drop down list in ExcelCreating a drop down list is as easy as pie (though, unfortunately, not as delicious), regardless of your Excel skill level. Using existing dataIn this first method of creating a drop down list in Excel, we’re working under the presumption that you already have a working list of items you want to use in your drop down list, already entered in your spreadsheet. Click

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Nvidia launches a framerate capture tool for easy GPU benchmarking

It's called FrameView, and it is essentially a modified version of PresentMon, with some additional features Nvidia has added. The caveat is that even though FrameView works with both Nvidia and AMD cards, the power tracking feature spits out inaccurate results on AMD hardware. "AMD’s GPU power consumption API reports a value in-between chip power and board power, rather than the true values. Otherwise, FrameView is designed so that you can collect real-time GPU performance and power data in gam

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Spotify Lite now live for older Android devices

Spotify Lite for Android is now official, launching today across 36 countries. The lightweight version of Spotify's main app weighs in at only 10MB, and is designed primarily for users with smartphones running Android 4.3 and higher. The app has been in testing for a while now, and its launch marks an important move for Spotify. Spotify Lite still works like the regular app, and allows both free and premium users to search for and stream music, but with a few features that are essential to the L

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Over 1,300 Android apps scrape personal data regardless of permissions

A new study revealed that over 1,300 Android apps can scrape certain personal data anyway, even if a user explicitly denied access to it. They peeked at what data the apps were sending back, compared it to what users were permitting and - surprise - 1,325 apps were forking over specific user data they shouldn’t have. If a user allowed a single app using either of those libraries access to the IMEI, it was automatically shared with other apps. Of course, the report’s scope only includes 88,000 ap

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How emergency services and disaster recovery will benefit from 5G

Currently, that’s more or less the constraint under which the emergency services operate. Image credit: Pexels (Image credit: Pexels)Connected ambulances“The current communications for the emergency services do work well,” says Sophie Weston, Programme Manager and Lead on 5G for the Communications Infrastructure at TechUK . “But really, the emergency services should always be looking to harness the benefits of technological developments. It also means that – while the promise of 5G-enabled, real

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How 5G is set to revolutionize healthcare

Earlier this year, NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens launched the NHS Long Term Plan, outlining how the service will cope with increasing demand over the next ten years. By helping to catch problems early, 5G could revolutionize healthcare for everyone in the UK, young or old, with at least one large-scale trial already underway in Liverpool . “The data production costs of 5G are significantly lower, so you can transport data backwards and forwards [more easily],” says Long. Specialized

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Apex Legends PC patch adds data centre and client improvements

Apex Legends has received a client patch on PC, focused on data centre improvements like making it clearer what server you've selected. Clients will also now increase the rate they send user inputs to the server. The selected data center will be highlighted in orange. Clients will now send user input to the server at a higher rate. In this patch we’re adding more telemetry to help us identify specifically how this error is being caused.

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Smart lights of the future are coming to help boost your Wi-Fi

Signify (the maker of the Philips Hue smart lights) has announced Trulifi, a new high-speed version of its LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology that transmits data over light. We've previously seem these systems tested, but now it's becoming a reality. Those lights then beam out data signals to laptops that have a recognized USB access key installed, verifying the connection. Lights can pass off connections to each other as you move around the room, making it ideal for open plan offices. Signify is

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New law enforcement hacking tool can unlock most iPhone, Android handsets

The three-way struggle between criminal hackers, law enforcement and privacy-centric tech companies is constantly evolving. The device will be available to law enforcement agencies “on-premise”, meaning they will be able to operate the machine themselves and get the results independently of Cellebrite. The tool promises “access to 3rd party app data, chat conversations, downloaded emails and email attachments, deleted content and more”. While it’s unclear which global law departments will make u

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