Every Devil May Cry Game, Ranked According To Metacritic

Despite being the second game in the series, chronologically it takes place before the events of Devil May Cry 4. 5 Devil May Cry 4 – Metacritic Score 84Devil May Cry 4 was released in 2008 on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 4 DmC: Devil May Cry - Metacritic Score 85Released on the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 in 2013 DmC: Devil May Cry was developed by Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice developers Ninja Theory. advertising2 Devil May Cry 5 – Metacritic Score 88After the disappointing sales of t

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Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Guy Killed in Funniest Way Possible

Share Tweet Email Copy Link CopiedFans of the Resident Evil franchise know how easily they can run out of bullets if they use them carelessly, rendering their weapons useless. But for one crafty Resident Evil 4 player, when one door of opportunity closes, another one opens. The Chainsaw Man, one of the creepiest monsters in the Resident Evil franchise, does not go down easily. Now, a YouTuber has found a new, albeit inefficient, way to defeat the Chainsaw Man. Resident Evil 4 is available now fo

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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Vergil In Devil May Cry

Interestingly, while Vergil’s son is correctly identified as Nero, Devil May Cry 5 does not fix the Nelo Angelo mistakes. 9 Vergil Never Makes It Past Childhood In The Original CanonHideki Kamiya’s original vision for Vergil was quite different to what fans ultimately got with Devil May Cry 3. advertising7 Vergil Uses Dante’s Character Model In The First GameWhile it was Devil May Cry 3 that solidified Vergil as the quintessential rival character, he’s had this role locked down since the origina

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Devil May Cry 5’s coming in spring 2019 and it stars Nero, Dante, and a wise-talking mechanic

Devil May Cry 5 is real, it stars Nero, and it's coming in spring 2019. Don't worry, the teaser ended with a quick appearance from original Devil May Cry protagonist Dante as well. But still, nice of Microsoft to give Nero and friends a great big stage to do their debut on, right? Oh, and one last thing: despite the fact that Microsoft now owns Ninja Theory, which developed DmC: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 5 is being built internally at Capcom. We'll just have to wait and see what Ninja Theory

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The original Devil May Cry is coming to Switch

Capcom is bringing the original Devil May Cry to Nintendo Switch this summer, according to a tweet from the official Devil May Cry account. Unlike the Devil May Cry HD Collection released on console and PC last year, this appears to be a stand-alone title. The company has already released Switch versions of Onimusha: Warlords, Okami, and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, with ports of Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4 due later this month. There’s additional speculation that the Dev

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Devil May Cry 5: everything you need to know

Enter Devil May Cry 5 – what’s being considered to be the first true sequel in the hack-and-slash series for over a decade, if you skip counting the DmC: Devil May Cry reboot of 2013. The next entry into the Devil May Cry series, a hack-and-slash monster-slaying adventureThe next entry into the Devil May Cry series, a hack-and-slash monster-slaying adventure When can I play it? The last Devil May Cry game, DmC: Devil May Cry, was released back in 2013, but being a reboot isn’t wholly considered

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: What It Would Take to Get Dante

The appearance of third-party characters in Super Smash Bros. In a recent interview with VG 24/7, Devil May Cry 5 game director Hideaki Itsuno suggested that before Dante could feasibly appear in Super Smash Bros. Even if that does happen, though, it seems likely that Nintendo has already locked in all of the DLC fighters it has planned for Super Smash Bros. But maybe there will be room for Dante in the next Super Smash Bros. game. Super Smash Bros.

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Devil May Cry 5 release date, demo, trailers, and everything else we know

Devil May Cry 5 collector's editionsThere’s a couple Devil May Cry 5 collector’s editions available. https://t.co/GSwbOtOnJH pic.twitter.com/OMrXrmMHpwDecember 27, 2018The $149.99 Devil May Cry 5 Collector’s Edition comes with everything in the Deluxe Edition, as well as an 8-inch Devil May Cry motor home replica. Devil May Cry 5 trailersIt’s been about seven months since Devil May Cry 5 was announced at E3 2018, and there have been plenty of trailers in the meantime. Devil May Cry 5 gameplay an

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2009 vs 2019: Spyro, Dante, and more show us what a video game ‘glow up’ looks like via their very own 10 Year Challenge

Mario - New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2007)/Super Mario Odyssey (2017)Aside from apparently developing nipples in the ten years between Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo’s platforming plumber was rendered with even more detail in 2017 thanks to the computing power of the Switch. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Underworld (2008)/Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2019)No character has changed since their debut quite as much as Lara Croft, who began life as an abnormally proportioned prop for lee

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Devil May Cry 5 footage shows Dante using his hat as a weapon

This Devil May Cry 5 gameplay shows Dante hitting demons with his motorbike. The following DMC 5 gameplay footage shows the silver haired slayer beating baddies with his hat. Recorded at the weekend's New York Comic-Con (via Eurogamer), Dante is seen wearing the Faust Hat, which gives the star man a host of superhuman powers. The hat itself looks like a nod to Devil May Cry 4's hat-donning Faust—a lower-level demon who was considered a relative of the Mephisto. In practice, the Faust Hat is powe

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