The Elite Dangerous pilot stranded since last year has finally been rescued

Image via Commander DeluvianCommander Deluvian, the Elite Dangerous pilot who has spent the last three months stranded in space, has finally been rescued. The heroic Fuel Rats reached him on the weekend, completing a journey that started last month, at least for them. A heck of a lot of preparation went into saving the daredevil pilot, with multiple Fuel Rats getting involved and helping at different stages. With fuel in his tank once more, Deluvian was able to jump back home, followed by the Fu

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An Elite Dangerous pilot has been stuck in space for three months

An Elite Dangerous pilot, Commander Deluvian Reyes Cruz, has been stranded in space for three months. It's being mounted by the Fuel Rats, which isn't too surprising. The Fuel Rats must be a bit sick of daredevil explorers. And when players miscalculate their fuel consumption, it's the Fuel Rats that have to make journeys that take hundreds of hours—600 in this case—to save them. The Fuel Rats rescue has been long and probably incredibly dull.

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Dangerous Driving, a spiritual successor to Burnout, is coming to the Epic Store

Dangerous Golf was not good. Dangerous Driving will have 30 courses set across seven unique locations, a variety of game modes with names like Takedown, Eliminator, and Road Rage, and support for solo racing against "remorseless AI" and online action for up to eight players. IT promises "unparalleled physics and mass destruction," although perhaps not unparalleled realism, and of course there will be plenty of new cars and abilities to unlock. As a full-on arcade racer, Dangerous Driving will ho

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Burnout Creators Reveal New Driving Game

report this adRacing game franchise Burnout is one of the most beloved driving series around and fans have been eager to play more of it in recent years. A fully-fledged Burnout game may not be in the cards, but indie studio Three Fields Entertainment may have the solution. Just like Burnout, Dangerous Driving is all about racing and destruction. When last asked about it two years ago, EA said that a new Burnout game isn’t in development. Dangerous Driving is set to launch on April 9, 2019 on PC

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Watch Days Gone’s new tourist-friendly trailer and enjoy 7 dangerous sights

The latest Days Gone trailer is half tourism advertisement for a semi-fictional location and half grim reminder that most things in the game want to kill you. Except for the deer, they're ok. You can watch the full trailer for yourself above and scroll on for some highlights that show off Days Gone's dangerous (but purdy) world. Low-lying mist is a common sight out on the roads, trails, and valleys where you'll spend much of your time in Days Gone. Freakers converge at the riverFreakers are a pa

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YouTube bans ‘harmful or dangerous’ prank videos

YouTube has updated its guidelines to ban any dangerous prank or 'challenge' videos, which either cause children "severe emotional distress" or makes the target of a prank think they're in "serious physical danger." Any videos that are found to contain that kind of content will be removed, with channel owners possibly facing a 'strike' , with three strikes resulting in "account termination". Inspired by Netflix's Original science-fiction film starring Sandra Bullock, the Bird Box Challenge repor

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Over 10K Elite Dangerous pilots embarked on Distant Worlds 2, though a few faceplanted into a 3.3G planet

Distant Worlds 2 is Elite: Dangerous' second organized journey across the Milky Way to the remote Beagle Point, and it's the space sim's largest group expedition yet. Last weekend, over 10,000 players launched from Pallaeni as the expedition kicked off, a number confirmed by Frontier CEO David Braben. One consequence of gathering so many players in each instance was an invasion of NPC ships. In memory of The View's multiple casualties, Commander Flimsie offered a poem on Reddit:There once was a

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Over 8,000 Elite Dangerous pilots are embarking on an incredible 18-week journey

Thousands of Elite Dangerous players—over 8,000, according to the sign-up sheet—are preparing to embark on another incredible voyage across the Milky Way. The destination is Beagle Point, some 65,279 light years from Earth, past the galactic core, at the very edge of the galaxy. The first Distant Worlds expedition also targeted Beagle Point, retreading the journey taken by Commander Erimus and the DSS Beagle—hence the name of the destination. Though the target remains Beagle, the hope is that Di

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Bury Me, My Love is the stirring story of a refugee’s dangerous journey

Bury Me, My Love, a powerful interactive tale of one woman’s migration from Syria to France, came out on mobile devices in late 2017. Nour’s journey takes her through many countries, across stiffly guarded borders as well as perilous mountains and seas. If you want to see the very best of the best for your platform(s) of choice, check out Polygon Essentials . Majd is jealous of the men Nour meets on her journey, and finds it difficult to process his own mistrust. Bury Me, My Love manages to show

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More than 4,600 Elite: Dangerous players will embark on an epic, eight-month journey

Early next year, they’ll embark on one of the largest and most dangerous journeys ever undertaken in the game. I decided to upgrade my frame shift drive, which will allow me to navigate some of the most challenging sections of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. For Distant Worlds 2, the fleet will be even larger, second only to the 3,000 player space battle that I documented in 2017. The amount of planning that’s gone into Distant Worlds 2 is extraordinary. To add color to the experience, the team

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