MoviePass data breach leaves credit card numbers open

The exposed database was discovered by SpiderSilk security researcher Mossab Hussein who found it on one of the company's many subdomains. MoviePass issues cards to its customers that are similar to normal debit cards and are issued by MasterCard. When reviewing the records stored in the exposed database, TechCrunch also found information regarding MoviePass customers' personal credit card numbers including their expiry date as well as billing information such as names and postal addresses. Expo

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Gfinity Esports Australia is shutting down

(Image credit: Future)In a shock announcement, Gfinity Esports Australia has confirmed it will cease its operations in the country by the end of November. Best known for its Gfinity Elite Series – which hit Australia across two events in 2018 and 2019 – Gfinity also collaborated with the Hoyts Cinemas chain on the launch of a dedicated esports arena in Sydney. "This is a very difficult announcement for all our staff," Gfinity Esports Australia CEO Dominic Remond said in a statement. "We will con

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Loot Crate Files for Bankruptcy, Lays off Workers

Sadly, the once dominant monthly subscription box is filing for bankruptcy, and recently laid off dozens of warehouse workers. Loot Crate is still planning to ship all remaining boxes to paying customers, though that even seems like a stretch as in some cases, customers haven't received their merchandise in nearly three months. advertisingRELATED: US Delays China Tariffs That Would Raise Console PricesAs stated in a press release distributed overnight, Loot Crate is in the process of filing for

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The real-world business of Succession’s season 2 premiere

The Yahoo parallelBased on the facts we know so far about Succession’s Waystar Royco bear hug, there’s plenty we can learn about the show from the recent real-world history of Yahoo. In February 2008, Microsoft went public with a bear hug offering to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion. The comparison isn’t exact (is there a Succession universe equivalent of Tumblr that Waystar Royco can buy? Though it may seem hard to believe now, Netflix swallowed its own poison pill back in 2012. Now it’s worth close

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Here’s why you shouldn’t check your work email on holiday

Anxious employees have been warned that checking their work email on holiday may be putting corporate security at risk. A report from Palo Alto Networks has urged anyone taking company smartphones and tablets abroad to beware unsecured Wi-Fi networks that could be used to hijack unprotected devices. CautiousPalo Alto's research found that over a third (34 percent) of UK workers would be likely to use their work device on an open Wi-Fi network when they go on holiday. Younger workers were more li

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The Succession season 2 premiere majorly shifts the show’s power dynamics

Every week, two members of the Polygon staff will sit down to discuss and recap the latest episode of HBO’s Succession. The season 2 premiere of Succession barely leaves us any breathing room from the season 1 finale — not just in terms of how much time has passed, but in how quickly the action revs back up. note: Spoilers for Succession season 2, episode 1, “The Summer Palace,” follow.] Kendall is out, and Shiv is inKaren Han, entertainment reporter: Obviously the big moment in the season premi

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Outer Wilds publisher says ‘we’re not going anywhere’ following bankruptcy speculation

Annapurna Interactive has published some great games over the past few years, including What Remains of Edith Finch, Gorogoa, Donut County, and the widely acclaimed Outer Wilds. But its parent, the film company Annapurna Pictures, isn't faring quite as well. According to Hollywood Reporter, the company is exploring bankruptcy options following the poor box office performance of films including The Sisters Brothers (which I thought looked fun) and Destroyer. Following the publication of the Holly

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You can buy a mouse with a real spider inside just keep it far, far away from me

(Image credit: Realbug)I don't know how exactly I stumbled onto this, but there is a company that sells a mouse with an actual spider inside. It's clearly visible through the transparent chassis, and no, I'm not adding this one to my wish list. I get it, though—some people find this sort of thing cool, I'm just not one of them. In case you are wondering, Realbug makes other mice with various creatures inside, including scorpions, centipedes, beetles, and butterflies. At least they're cheap (the

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Everything you need to know about Succession before season 2 starts

Succession, which is about to retake the mantle of the best show currently on television, tells the story of the Roy family and its titanic media empire. The show’s first season followed the family’s patriarch, Logan Roy, as he struggled, King Lear-style, to divide his empire among his children and hand over control. Choosing an heirSuccession’s first season starts out with Logan Roy, one of the most powerful and influential people in the world, preparing to retire and hand off the Waystar Royco

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A year after sexism report rocked Riot Games, studio says it’s made ‘significant strides’

After a detailed Kotaku report last year highlighted serious issues of sexism and harassment at League of Legends developer Riot Games, the studio hired a chief diversity officer, Angela Roseboro, to help it improve its workplace culture. "So far I haven’t seen a single outcome of our diversity and inclusion efforts at Riot. I haven’t seen a single metric or number to indicate things have improved and I haven’t seen a single project get finished," the employee told Kotaku. The post does not incl

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