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Twitch Streamer Tyler1 Sets New Record With League of Legends Return

League of Legends‘ Twitch presence hasn’t been waning by any stretch, but there has been a large void in the streaming community of Riot’s stalwart MOBA title ever since the banning of Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp from the game. Calls to “free Tyler1” have been present in every high-profile League of Legends event’s Twitch chat ever since, and Riot finally caved, allowing Tyler1 to return to the game and to the Twitch streaming platform as a result on January 8, 2018. What followed was the complete

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Nintendo Switch Surpasses 10 Million Units Sold in Under a Year

Rumors of Nintendo’s demise proved to be greatly exaggerated earlier this year, once the dust had settled on a tumultuous launch period for the Switch console. According to Nintendo of America’s Twitter, sales of the Nintendo Switch have now surpassed 10 million units sold. That figure comes directly from Nintendo and, impressively, three whole months before the Switch even celebrates its first birthday. With support like that, it’s not surprising to find the Nintendo Switch enjoying an impressi

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Adds Xenosaga Character to the Game

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is full to the brim with references to past Xenoblade and Xenosaga titles, whether it be off-hand comments from a NPC about a legendary hero or the appearance of an old foe in an unexpected location. Monolith Soft isn’t done with the trip down memory lane just yet, however, as the developer announced earlier today that a legendary figure in Xenosaga history would be returning in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. According to the official Japanese Twitter account for Xenoblade Chroni

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How Assassin’s Creed Connects to Watch Dogs

While Assassin’s Creed Origins might focus primarily on main character Bayek’s journey through ancient Egypt, the game has also managed to sneak in some more of the modern day gameplay that the series has become famous for. In previous Assassin’s Creed titles, modern day elements gave Ubisoft the flexibility to include a number of easter eggs they might otherwise have been unable to add, and Assassin’s Creed Origins is no different—except this time, one of those easter eggs might have finally pr

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Nintendo Switch Sales Will Surpass Wii U by Next Year

The Nintendo Switch has already proven that it will be the console that catalyzes a Nintendo resurgence in the video game industry—now, analysts and competitors are waiting to see just what that means for the Japanese gaming giant. According to a financial report released by Nintendo Japan earlier this week, the Switch is now set to surpass the Wii U in total sales by 2018. According to Nintendo, the Switch has sold just over 7.5 million units thus far in its life cycle, while the Wii U sold jus

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New The Last of Us 2 Trailer is Gory and Brutal

The Last of Us 2 became an immediate must-follow during its development the second it was revealed during PlayStation Experience 2016. Naughty Dog made up for that break in a big way today, however, unveiling a brand new trailer for The Last of Us 2 that is sure to get the entire gaming world buzzing. The trailer features what could be an older, more gritty Ellie being dragged to an unknown campsite by vicious enemies. Luckily, before the worst can happen, the woman is saved by two people who do

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5 Reasons Team Rocket’s Return to Pokemon is a Big Deal

Final Fantasy 7‘s Cloud has Sephiroth, Mario has Bowser, and in the case of Ash Ketchum, famed Pokemon trainer, there is Team Rocket. It has been a long time since fans have seen them in a new, mainline Pokemon title, however, and Team Rocket’s return in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is a big deal. The implications of Team Rocket showing up in Alola—and possibly beyond Alola as well—are many, but here are some of the most exciting ones. It’s Been Over 15 Years Since Team Rocket Last Showed Up

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Final Fantasy 15: Monster of the Deep is the VR Camping Trip We Didn’t Know We Wanted

Final Fantasy 15: Monster of the Deep is a bizarre extension of the constantly expanding Final Fantasy 15 universe that sees players take on the world of fishing, the favorite hobby of Noctis, the prince of Lucis and protagonist of Final Fantasy 15. If the premise sounds strange, that’s because it is—Final Fantasy 15: Monster of the Deep is new territory for Square. The game is positively gorgeous, a faithful recreation of the world of Eos that was so captivating in Final Fantasy 15. Final Fanta

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Bring Back Team Rocket

Now, there’s confirmation that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are bringing back one of the most beloved organizations the Pokemon series has ever seen in the legendary Team Rocket. The news was confirmed early this morning when new Japanese download cards for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were released. The cards show members of Team Rocket quite prominently, identified by their black newsboy caps that make up part of the villainous group’s uniform. Serebii Update: Download Cards for Ultra

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Lost Sphear is a Beautiful, Tactical JRPG Fever Dream

Lost Sphear, then, seems poised to answer the what-ifs that were left behind in the wake of I Am Setsuna‘s JRPG brilliance. Lost Sphear is Tokyo RPG Factory’s fever dream, the result of a studio with more confidence beginning to try something new under the guise of something old. Lost Sphear is more like a buffet-style indulgence of some of the most popular tropes in the genre. Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory have a hit on their hands—now we just have to see where it lands. Lost Sphear release

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