Fewer people out of work, and other news affecting your money in the week ahead

Generally speaking, recent economic reports have been better than expected, which has also helped to boost sentiment on Wall Street. In the week ahead, more than 40 companies are scheduled to report results, including Netflix, United Airlines, Intel, and American Express. Here's what to watch in the stock market during the week ahead — and how the news could affect your bottom line. What it means for you: Slower economic growth was the primary reason that the Federal Reserve cut interest rates t

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4 affordable therapy options that can help you invest in yourself

Lisa Marie Bobby psychologistLow-cost therapy optionsIf you have insurance, check your benefits and see what kind of mental health services you're eligible for. If you don't have insurance, or if mental health services are limited or unaffordable on your current plan, you may want to weigh these low-cost alternatives. Look for COAMFTE and CACREP-accredited programs, or doctoral-level counseling programs that are accredited by the American Psychological Association. If you qualify for Medicaid, y

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Throw out less milk with 4 expert tips

In 2018 Americans purchased 1,924,800,000 billion gallons of whole milk, according to the USDA. If you're constantly throwing away unfinished, expired jugs of milk, consider these four expert-approved tips that can save you money and milk. The reason organic milk lasts longer isn't simply because it is organic, according to Scientific American. It is because organic milk producers use a different process, called ultra-high temperature (UHT) processing. Producers use this process because organic

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How much $500 invested in tech stocks 5 years ago would be worth today

And tech stocks led the bull market's charge in the 2010s, thanks largely to growth stocks like the so-called FAANG group, which stands for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google parent Alphabet. The last half of the decade saw some of the biggest gains for tech stocks, as the Nasdaq Composite index finally surpassed its 2000 record high in mid-2015. That's why the Nasdaq Composite is often cited as a proxy for tech stocks. Video by Jason ArmestoUnderstanding why tech stocks have surgedTec

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Trump administration eases firearm export rules

The Trump administration announced Friday that it will pass oversight of some commercial firearm exports from the State Department to the Commerce Department, a move aimed at boosting the sale of U.S. firearms and ammunition abroad. The Commerce Department has no such requirement. What's more, the State Department required an annual fee from industry whereas Commerce does not require such a fee. "Regardless of which department controls the export, all firearms will remain subject to U.S. governm

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How an extra $25 per month can help you pay off debt and meet your 2020 money goals

Shelling out even a few extra bucks each month can reduce your repayment timeline and save you hundreds of dollars in interest. Here's a look at how putting an extra $25 each month toward your debt can help you become debt-free faster, and save in interest over the life of the loan. But tacking on that extra $25 per month, increasing your monthly payment to $696, would save you $6,636 in interest over the life of the loan. "There are great student loan payment calculators. Read more: How Quickly

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4 smart money moves to make when buying a fixer-upper

But while buying a fixer-upper can seem like an attractive option for those eager to achieve the dream of homeownership, it's not always a good investment. "With a fixer-upper, you absolutely have to factor in the significant costs of renovations that are going to be coming down the pike," says Dan DiClerico, a smart home expert from Angie's List. Here are four moves to make if you're considering buying a home that needs a major overhaul. Get a certified home inspectionScheduling a home inspecti

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I produced a documentary about the FIRE movement – here’s what I learned

The "FIRE" movement (short for "financial independence, retire early") has been gaining in popularity as more people, particularly millennials, have taken an interest in securing their financial futures and exerting control over their careers. After producing a Grow documentary about FIRE, I was left wondering if the movement was right for me. In truth, "FIRE" should be "FICC" for "financial independence change careers." In truth, 'FIRE' should be 'FICC' for 'financial independence change career

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One mental trick that can motivate you to save more money for retirement

Even though it isn't difficult to set up an IRA or 401(k), committing to regular contributions can feel hard. About half (52%) of Americans say they are behind where they should be when it comes to retirement savings, according to a 2019 Bankrate survey. Our inability or unwillingness to picture our own retirement can make it even trickier to save. Both groups were then asked how much money they would save for retirement. As the 2011 study put it, if you don't feel connected to your future self,

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