To build wealth, ‘change your thinking,’ says a behavioral economist

"You're not going to change your behavior until you change your thinking," Newcomb says. "The biggest financial mistakes aren't fixed with nudges, they require a change of personality." While it may come naturally for some people to envision, and build wealth for, their life 30 years down the road, other people can only think three months ahead. However, the more that you can adopt a long-term mindset, the better prepared you'll be for the future, Newcomb says. Creating a budget to track your mo

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4 ways to avoid racking up debt this holiday season

Get smart about your spendingWhen you're budgeting for the holiday season, make sure you're factoring in how much you plan to spend. "Say you want to spend $600 [on holiday expenses], but you only have $400 available to you. You can also cash in any unused credit card rewards, since many people have points and miles sitting around that they've forgotten about. Read more: 4 simple ways to keep your holiday spending in checkTake advantage of store card benefitsIf you plan to do most of your holida

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Tata Steel plans to cut around 3,000 European jobs, source tells Reuters

A general view of Tata Steel steelworks on March 27, 2018 in Port Talbot, United Kingdom. Tata Steel plans to cut around 3,000 jobs across its European operations as it wrestles with excess supply, a source close to the discussions told Reuters on Monday. Indian-owned Tata Steel, which launched a transformation programme in June to strengthen its European business, has operations including steelmaking in the Netherlands and Wales and downstream operations across Europe. The company's European tr

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Instagram grooms you to spend money — here’s how you can use it to help you save instead

And 49% say they have been influenced by social media to spend money on experiences, according to a 2019 Schwab survey. But used wisely, it can actually help you: She has found that certain accounts on the platform encouraged her to save money and pay off her debt. Here are three ways Instagram can help you save money. I've phased out any social media that encouraged me to spend or made me feel bad about my current state of mind. Plenty of users have accounts to help them document their debt-fre

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Owning a roller derby team hasn’t made me money, but it taught me what I need to know about business

I'm a journalist-turned-copywriter at an advertising agency, and in my spare time I own a roller derby team. I started playing roller derby with the Cincinnati Rollergirls in 2006. Most roller derby teams are made up entirely of volunteers who have day jobs, families, and various other demands on their time. Lauren Bishop playing roller derby. For many years, most of the major responsibility fell to the people on our leadership team, which included me.

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‘Cheese boards bring people together’ — how to create a great one for less than $3 a serving

She's expanded her craft into That Cheese Class, which teaches a cheese plate design method she's coined Cheese By Numbers. As an added bonus, she says, "cheese boards bring people together ... and the best part about cheese plates is that you do not need to be a chef to make one." And, as a bonus, here are two great recipes: one for a great cheese plate that costs less than $3 per person and takes less than 30 minutes to put together, and another for an on-the-go cheese plate to make your hecti

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Save hundreds of dollars a month by learning 3 easy skills

You can save hundreds of dollars per month by learning to do a few easy recurring tasks on your own. Here are three simple skills the pros suggest you can learn, and use to save money, based on their own experience. "One of the biggest DIY projects I took on to save money was learning how to wax myself," says Shannon McLay, founder of New York's Financial Gym. Meal prepWhy it's important: You'll save money, plus waiting time, while also having more control over what you eat and creating meals yo

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War crimes court approves investigation into deportation of Myanmar’s Rohingya

A Rohingya family stands by their makeshift tent at a new IDP camp in Tankhali, Bangladesh. The International Criminal Court said on Thursday it had approved a prosecution request to investigate crimes against humanity against Myanmar's Rohingya minority who were systematically driven across the border to Bangladesh. Judges at the ICC, the world's only permanent war crimes court, said that although Myanmar is not a member of the court, it has jurisdiction to examine alleged crimes that partially

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