Best Resident Evil 2 Remake mods: Terrifying Tofu, camera angles, beach ready Mr. X and more

While Capcom has expressed interest in remastering other Resident Evil titles, it will likely be awhile before we get our hands on anything tangible since Resident Evil 2 Remake only just arrived. However, the wait needn’t be dull as there are tons of Resident Evil 2 mods that aim to shake up and change our experience. This mod transforms Resident Evil 2’s shambling corpses into nutritious hordes of delicious tofu. Beach ready Mr. XDownload the mod from Nexus ModsNo respectable Resident Evil 2 m

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They’re making a Die Hard board game

The classic action film Die Hard is being turned into a board game. Titled Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game, publishers at OP Games (aka USAopoly) tell Polygon that it will be a one-versus-many asymmetric experience. Its catalogue includes Telestrations, the 2009 party game that combines the folk game of telephone with Pictionary, and licensed versions of Codenames, the hit card-based deduction game by Vlaada Chvátil. OP also recently picked up rights to create games based on the classic

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How is classic MMO EverQuest still alive after two decades?

"When I play something like Destiny, I don't really care about the people I've been thrown into a game with," she says. In 2015, Daybreak launched its popular progression servers, which let you play EverQuest as it used to be—similar to Blizzard's own World of Warcraft Classic. "We get fan letters from people who say they used to watch their parents play EverQuest, and now they do. But for future games, we definitely want to bring in a whole new audience. Speaking to developers at Daybreak, it's

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Diablo has been released on GOG, with other Blizzard classics to follow

GOG is introducing a new batch of old games to its massive roster, unexpectedly joining forces with Blizzard to re-release classic games from the studio's library. To start things off, Diablo is now available for the first time ever on GOG. The first is nearly identical to the 1996 version, complete with matchmaking provided by a classic version of More Blizzard games are coming, too. Expect to see both Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft 2 on GOG, with more details coming soon.

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Original Diablo, Warcraft, and Warcraft 2 Re-Released by Blizzard

An ancient evil awakens once more, as Blizzard has now officially launched the original Diablo for re-release via the GOG storefront. Otherwise unavailable for purchase, Diablo, Warcraft, and Warcraft 2‘s release will introduce a new generation of Blizzard fans to these iconic franchises’ origins. Technically, the new Diablo release is broken into two different versions. For those who want to play Diablo online via, a classic version of the Diablo client is available. Today’s launch o

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Nintendo eShop update includes a Kirby classic for 3DS, one of the year’s best indies for Switch

It’s the end of winter here in the United States, but Nintendo has arrived with a bumper crop of new games. Today’s Nintendo eShop update includes includes a heaping helping of titles for the Switch, as well as one big-name game for fans of their handheld system. The biggest addition by far is Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, available on Nintendo 3DS. It’s the latest version of the game originally released on Nintendo Wii in 2010, and later on Wii U in 2016. Also on the menu is the critically acclaimed

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Original Diablo now sold online, with more Blizzard classics to come to

The very first Diablo game is now for sale on — the first time that Blizzard Entertainment’s RPG classic has been available to buy digitally. The Windows PC version of Diablo is $9.99 and being sold exclusively through While Blizzard and have introduced Windows 10 compatibility and numerous bug fixes to the 1996 action RPG, there’s also the option to play Diablo as it was originally released — 20 fps graphics, old-school matchmaking and all. Blizzard called th

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BritBox: the one-stop streaming service for classic British TV

These days, TV streaming services are ten-a-penny. Enter BritBox: an online portal for British TV boxsets and original programming, bringing all sorts of modern and legacy TV content from the UK’s biggest broadcasters. BritBox aside, what is the best TV streaming service out there? The brainchild of two British broadcasters, ITV and the BBC, BritBox is an online, ad-free, subscription-based streaming service designed to export British programming beyond the UK’s shores – and soon in its UK homel

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Red Dead Online update adds a classic Red Dead Redemption weapon, more free stuff

Rockstar Games is rolling out more updates to Red Dead Online, the multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption 2, including a throwback to the original game: John Marston’s Evans Repeater rifle. That new weapon, carried over from the original Red Dead Redemption, can be purchased from the in-game catalog or at a gunsmith. Rockstar announced Fool’s Gold in the lead-up to Red Dead Online’s Feb. 26 update, promising a new competitive mode in which players fight to wear a golden suit of armor and t

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Game Boy Advance: why it’s the best way to play classic Nintendo titles

The Game Boy Advance was the pinnacle of Nintendo’s handheld offerings, supporting 32-bit graphics and an extensive library that caters to almost every genre. Not to mention that the Game Boy Advance was backwards compatible with the legendary library of titles that belonged to its predecessors. Luckily, the mighty Game Boy Advance was actually the home to countless classics that appeared on a multitude of systems, with the added bonus of being drastically cheaper. There’s no disputing the sheer

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