Eve Online is changing how chat works, and that changes the game

The way chat works in Eve Online changes today, throwing a wrench into an entire strategic layer of the game. While highsec and nullsec are referred to as Known Space, Wormhole Space is also commonly called Unknown Space. Related One player spent 10 years exploring every corner of Eve OnlineUp until today, communications worked differently in Known Space and Unknown Space. Trouble was, and still is, that once they enter Unknown Space it’s sort of hard to get back out again with any certainty. It

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Bans coming for Rainbow Six Siege chat cheaters

If you cheated in Rainbow Six Siege by spamming the shooter’s chat window with garbage, you’re in deep crap. Bans are coming for that today. The recently discovered exploit could either crash the game or make opposing players’ games severely lag, to the point they’d be forced to quit matches. It became a serious enough problem to warrant a patch (deployed on Tuesday) and now the wave of bans as Ubisoft Montreal sorts out who used it and how severely they should be punished. The bans “will have v

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PS4 Increasing Party Chat Player Limit in Preview Program

Since the release of the PlayStation 4 in 2013, PS4 party chat has supported a maximum of eight players at once. While this has likely been sufficient for many players, there are certainly others that would love to see this maximum PS4 party chat limit raised. Fortunately for these Sony fans, a new PS4 party feature, which will be available first through a preview program, looks to do just that. Additionally, the update to PS4 parties is said to improve “audio quality for voice chat” and “networ

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Playing Mordhau as a sneaky, stabby troll is the best

Yet, I can’t seem to pull myself away from Mordhau, a multiplayer combat game on the PC. I’m having a blast with this game, not because I’ve mastered what it takes to be the best, but because I’m playing it the best way I know how: like a sneaky jerk. Mordhau is a medieval-themed brawler, so all the fighting happens up close and personal with swords, maces, and spears. Battlefield BozoI spend the most of my time playing Mordhau’s Frontline mode, a 64-player battle between two teams. I may not be

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Multiplayer deception game Project Winter leaves Early Access, adds new maps and weapons

For six of the eight players in a Project Winter team, the goal is surviving a chilly wilderness long enough to escape. It's a fascinating concept, and this week it finished its three-month Early Access stint with a 1.0 update that added new weapons and maps. The new weapons are the crossbow and the tranquilizer gun, both of which are near-silent ranged weapons. One place to find these new weapons will be the armory, a new building that only spawns once per map, and has a high chance of containi

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The new Xbox Game Bar adds a fresh layer to gaming on Windows 10

The Xbox features in Windows 10 have been fairly simple, with quick tools for capturing game footage and sharing it. Now, the Xbox Game Bar includes extra overlay options for social features, audio, Spotify and more. While those tools are still present in the new Xbox Game Bar, you'll now be able to pull up other players' streams while you game. The Xbox Social and Xbox Chat tools will let you easily connect with and chat with your Xbox friends. Any computer running Windows 10 will have the Xbox

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Project Winter, a survival game all about lies and betrayal, leaves Early Access soon

At a glance, Project Winter is reminiscent of The Long Dark, but surviving its low-poly snow fields is only half the battle. In that respect, Project Winter provides multiple communication avenues: "proximity-based voice chat, private voice chat radio channels, text chat, and emotes." A lot of Project Winter's success will hinge on the effectiveness of those tools and the quality of the playerbase. When Project Winter releases in 1.0 form on May 23, maybe it'll get a little boost in player count

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How Blizzard is using machine learning to combat abusive chat

Here are a few problems with abusive chat that Blizzard is solving with its AI system. There's also the issue of players abusing the report system—that is, reporting other players for abusive chat that never took place. Blizzard notifies and explains to the community whenever there is a change to its reporting system. For Overwatch, Blizzard made changes to the categories under the player reporting system that feeds into its 'machine learning' system. Ultimately, the player reporting feature is

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New Nintendo Switch controller lets you ditch mobile apps for Fortnite chat (update)

PDP calls it “the best Nintendo Switch controller for serious gamers,” and they have a point. Switch owners have to go through a mobile app, which itself packs in all kinds of conditions. PDP partnered with Vivox, which developed the in-game chat for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, to develop the integrated chat controller. Update: An earlier version of this post missed the condition that the controller’s chat support was limited to Vivox-supported games. Update, April 6: We reached out to a PDP re

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New officially licensed Switch controller will make talking in-game way easier

Good news, folks - we’re finally getting in-game voice chat for the Nintendo Switch courtesy of a new, officially licensed controller. Dubbed the Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio, this wired handset from PDP features “integrated in-game chat, premium game audio through a 3.5mm audio jack, [and] patented on-board audio controls that let you adjust the audio on the fly”. The Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio should solve that problem, especially because those behind it - prolific accessory developer PDP - worked with th

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