Conqueror’s Blade’s ‘Seize The Crown’ update changes everything

And right now, you have the chance to Seize The Crown. There’s an absolutely vast scope to Conqueror’s Blade which isn’t analogous to any single other medieval tactical title. Outside the epic battles are further strategic wrinkles to involve yourself in such as property ownership, trading, technology trees, building, and upgrading kingdoms. It’s the kind of game to get lost in, and the latest seasonal event update knows it - the more you play here, the more you’re rewarded with trinkets fit for

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Bungie previews upcoming Destiny 2 nerfs to Striker and Dawnblade Supers

In the Bungie weekly blog post from Oct. 17, Bungie previewed some upcoming changes to Destiny 2. The two main problem points the studio aims to address are Supers that refund their own energy, and some Armor 2.0 rigidness. Both Titan’s Code of the Juggernaut Striker class and Warlock’s Attunement of Flame Dawnblade class currently refund Super energy after a kill. Bungie is reducing the rate of refund on these Supers. Finally, coming in the patch later this month, Bungie is adding Armor 2.0 mod

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Borderlands 3: Here Are the Most Requested Changes by Fans

One month and one week in, Borderlands 3 is in an interesting place. Overall, people like Borderlands 3, but it’s clear the game launched in less-than-optimal fashion. There’s a lot fans have been clamoring for Gearbox Software to add to or change about the game, and Gearbox seems to understand that and is trying to improve it. advertisingRELATED: Borderlands 3: The 10 Biggest Fixes The Game NeedsOutside of gameplay changes, fans are also asking Gearbox to fix various bugs causing incorrect info

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First Destiny 2: Shadowkeep balance changes include Super nerfs and Armor 2.0 improvements

An updating coming on Tuesday, October 29 will address some overpowered Supers and annoying bugs, and Bungie says a future update will refine the new Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 system. (Image credit: Bungie)Looking further ahead, Bungie says it wants to improve Armor 2.0 by making the availability and advantages of specific mods clearer. "So, you’ll be able to run two Hand Cannon Loader mods, or two Shotgun Ammo Finder mods, and so forth. The only exceptions to this stacking come from mods that provide

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Destiny 2 Will Nerf its Most OP Exotic Soon

Bungie attempted to level the playing field with the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, which provided a ton of changes to the gameplay sandbox. advertisingIn its latest blog post, Bungie spent a lot of time discussing upcoming balance changes for Destiny 2. advertisingIn the meantime, Bungie is finally making moves against Striker Titans and Dawnblade Warlocks with the upcoming update. Essentially, the nerf reduces their super energy regeneration and provides diminishing returns on the more kill

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The Division 2 is free to play through this Sunday to celebrate the big Episode 2 update

The Division 2: Episode 2 and Title Update 6 arrived earlier this week , and to celebrate the big release, the full game will be free to all players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC now through Sunday, October 20. You'll need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription if you want to play on Xbox One, but you can play on PS4 without a PlayStation Plus subscription, though some features will be limited. This sale price will be available through Monday, October 28 on PS4 on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Stor

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10 changes in Fortnite Chapter 2 you might have missed

Fortnite Chapter 2 is a refinement of everything Epic learned in its first 10 seasons, a refinement that has resulted in nearly every non-essential item and weapon getting sent back to the vault. I've been consistently surprised at how much complexity is baked into the new map landmarks and weapons in subtle ways. Here's a few choice cuts of the quiet changes you might've missed. You can upgrade weapons for materials at workbenchesWe're still trying to find them all, but a good portion of POIs a

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Reduces the Grind, Adds Tons of New Features

Epic Games shocked the gaming community by bringing the massively popular Fortnite Battle Royale to an end. Earlier today, Epic's master plan finally came to fruition as Chapter 2 officially launched and made sweeping changes across the board. advertisingRELATED: Rumor: Fortnite Chapter 2 Map Leaks, Includes Some Familiar LocationsWhile the third person shooting remains intact, Fortnite Chapter 2 adds in new ways to play including being able to use boats, carry fallen allies, cause structural da

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Fortnite Chapter 2: Here are the biggest changes

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1 is here and and to help keep things exciting, it seems that Epic has decided to release the patch with no patch notes. The biggest and most obvious change in Chapter 2 is the game’s new map. Fortnite’s weapons also got a slight revamp as part of the Chapter 2 changes. This takes the game back to basics and makes it feel more like the early seasons of Chapter 1. To keep track of all the changes in Chapter 2 season 1 we’ve put together a list of all the changes we’ve be

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New PlayStation VR 2 Patent Hints at Major Changes

The details come from a patent for Sony's next-gen console outlining the specs gamers may see. The potential of a wireless headset is quite possibly the best possibility in this patent. With the PlayStation 5 rumored to look more like the 90s style, Sony may be up to date with the latest in VR tech. The possibility of a wireless headset would be a first for Sony and a huge step forward in a console VR system. Mark Cerny, recently spoke with Wired and confirmed that the PlayStation 5 would be rel

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