Save $600 on this RTX 2080-powered gaming desktop at Best Buy

Gaming desktops don't always have to cost an arm and a leg, right now you can grab the HP Omen Obelisk for $1,399 ($600 off). The Obelisk comes equipped with an Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU, 16GB of HyperX DDR4-2666 RAM and a 256GB SSD. However, you always have the option to upgrade to the best CPU for gaming down the line, and the Obelisk's motherboard can currently support anything up to a 9900K. This desktop has excellent potential and delivers the ability for awesome gaming right out of the box. Whil

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Need a cheap laptop? Best Buy has you covered with this Lenovo AMD notebook

And, usually, the Lenovo IdeaPad L340 is a pretty value-oriented laptop, especially if you need to get some work done. This early Best Buy Black Friday deal, however, sees this buttoned-up laptop drop to just $319, much lower than the $476 that the laptop is being sold for on Lenovo's own website. Lenovo IdeaPad L340 | $379 $319 at Best BuyThis Lenovo Laptop almost looks like something out of the 2000s with its wide selection of ports, even including a disc drive. View DealThe Lenovo IdeaPad L34

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Best Buy knocks $400 of this 65-inch Sony 4K TV ahead of Black Friday

Best Buy isn't hanging around for Black Friday 2019 or Cyber Monday 2019 to start offering some brilliant prices, as this deal on the brilliant Sony XBR65X950G 65-inch 4K TV shows, with $400 knocked off. Sony makes some of the best 4K TVs in the business, so whenever one of its sets gets a big discount, we get excited. The Sony XBR65X950G is definitely worth getting excited about, with a gorgeous 65-inch 4K screen with full-array local dimming for incredible image quality. Make sure you check ou

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Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless headphones are 50% off at Best Buy – but be quick

Best Buy currently has one of the best headphone deals we've seen, slashing the price of the Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless headphones by 50%. Check out the deal below:Today's best wireless headphone dealSennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless $399.98 $199.98 at Best BuyThese noise-canceling headphones may have been usurped by the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless (2019), but they're still a brilliant pair of cans, with great audio fidelity – 50% off is an absolute steal, too.View DealWant to see more? Here a

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Should you buy a pre-built PC or build your own gaming rig over Black Friday?

If you’re in the market for a new gaming PC, the math on that age-old question of "buy or build," changes up in November because… well, the prices all shift during the Black Friday sales. Let’s break down some realities of PC purchasing so you can figure out whether you want to buy one of the best gaming PCs , or build your own. Pre-built PCs often have better dealsMore deals (Image credit: Future) Our complete guide to all the best Black Friday deals on gaming PCs and parts. A good gaming PC, a

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You won’t have to buy any of Modern Warfare’s weapons or attachments

With its upcoming game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, developer Infinity War is attempting to make the most accessible and player-friendly Call of Duty game ever. According to Infinity Ward’s announcement, Modern Warfare will have a battle pass system, similar to those included in many free-to-play games, and won’t feature loot boxes. The battle pass itself will be visible to players before they purchase it, allowing them to see exactly what items they’re paying for. The battle pass will also let

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Save $200 on this cheap RTX 2080 deal from Best Buy

We all love a good GPU deal here at PC Gamer, and right now you can snag this EVGA RTX 2080 for $649.99 ($200 off) at Best Buy. Nvidia's "super" cards still enjoy a small leg up in performance, but the vanilla versions of their RTX cards are still remarkably powerful GPUs, and among the best graphics cards you can buy. When matched up against its "super" sibling, the RTX 2080 is definitely less powerful, but not by much. EVGA's take on the RTX 2080 is an RGB-less twin fan design that is suitable

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Should you buy a new graphics card during the Black Friday sales?

Unlike with most electronics, it can be difficult to figure whether or not to buy new PC parts on Black Friday, especially if you’re looking for a new graphics card. Thankfully, though, we're expecting some decent Black Friday graphics card deals in 2019 because this truly has been a good year for GPUs. Things are certainly looking up for those looking at a new card, so yes, it should be a good a year to get a graphics card on Black Friday… depending on what you’re looking for. Though Nvidia has

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Should you buy a laptop or PC for gaming during this Black Friday?

For anyone who’s ever been tempted to dip a toe into the waters of PC gaming, Black Friday represents an incredible opportunity. But should you buy a laptop or a desktop PC on Black Friday? Grabbing one of the best gaming PC desktops is the easiest way to get the most powerful components at the lowest price, and you should expect loads of Black Friday gaming PC deals in November. (Image credit: Dell)This last point is perhaps the greatest benefit of a tower PC over a laptop - they can be upgrade

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Best Buy Offers Great Deals on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch Games

Best Buy is currently offering good deals on select games for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Best Buy is offering the game for both the PS4 and Xbox One for $44.99, which is $15 off its original list price. However, for those who missed out on the free trial, Best Buy is now offering the game for $39.99. Both games are currently priced at $44.99 on Best Buy. MORE: The Best PS4 Console Deals Right NowBorderlands 3 Nerfing One of the Best Legendary Weapons in the GameShare Tweet

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