Pokemon GO: Shiny Meltan Coming to Mystery Box for Limited Time

For those unaware, Pokemon GO players are able to obtain a Mystery Box whenever they transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon GO to the Nintendo Switch titles Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! After opening a Mystery Box, Meltan should begin appearing around players for a duration of 30 minutes. Should players encounter and catch the Shiny version of the Steel-type Mythical creature, then they will be privy to the chance to evolve Shiny Meltan into Shiny Melmetal. Starting April 24 at 1:00 p.m. PDT, you’ll hav

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Pokémon Go is bringing back Shiny Meltan

Pokémon Go players will have another chance to get their hands on a Shiny Meltan — and evolve the new Mythical Pokémon into a Shiny Melmetal — starting on April 24. If you’ve already completed the Let’s Go, Meltan quest and are looking for more of those precious Meltan candies, Niantic and The Pokémon Company will shorten the waiting period to open a Mystery Box to just three days. You can get Mystery Boxes by connecting Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let’s Go on Nintendo Switch. Starting Wednesday, Apri

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Razer upgraded its external GPU box with a bigger PSU and RGB lighting, costs $399

The result is an eGPU enclosure that costs $100 more than its predecessor, the non-Chroma Core X. It also supports macOS systems running High Sierra 10.13.4 or later, though only with a small selection of AMD graphics cards (Radeon RX 470 to a Radeon RX Vega 64). Some performance gets lost to overhead, compared to plugging a graphics card directly into a PC's PCI Express port. The Core X Chroma is available now for $399.99 (€429.99). You'll still need to bring your own graphics card.

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Hellboy’s opening weekend isn’t worth a damn

It’s not looking good for the Hellboy reboot. Lionsgate had modest box office expectations for the superhero flick starring David Harbour (Stranger Things) and it couldn’t even meet them, reports Box Office Mojo. The adaptation of Mike Mignola’s 25-year-old comics franchise scraped together $12 million in its opening weekend, short of the $17 to $20 million that Lionsgate had hoped for. So far, the top grossing movie of 2019 is Captain Marvel, which launched March 8 and has done $386 million dom

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Sigil, John Romero’s spiritual successor to Ultimate Doom, is delayed again

Sigil, the John Romero-authored "unofficial spiritual successor" to Ultimate Doom that was announced late last year, has been pushed back yet again. It was originally supposed to be out in February 2019, but was delayed into April because of problems with the planned physical release. The good news for fans is that the Sigil megawad is finished, and will still be free for everyone once it's out. I can’t release the free version until the Beast Box ships. For any practical purposes, it doesn't ma

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Borderlands 3 Box Art Hints at Returning Boss

Without a doubt, there are still plenty of details left to unveil when it comes to Borderlands 3, especially since the forthcoming first-person shooter’s box art was only just recently revealed several days ago. Whenever the new Borderlands channel isn’t streaming gameplay and playthroughs from the older games in the franchise, the main image that gets displayed is Borderlands 3‘s cover art, and Morse code messages can be seen vertically running along the sides of this picture. However, it’s pos

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The Sega Genesis Mini gets a release date and a price

UPDATE: We now have official pricing for the Mega Drive Mini in the UK, Europe and Australia – details below. We've known for some time now that Sega was planning on releasing a Genesis Mini retro console, but up until now details have been thin on the ground. We do now finally have a release date for the box: September 19. The Sega Genesis Mini will hit stores for $79.99 (£69.99/€79.99/AU$139.95). Finally, Sega did say that the M2 studio behind some of its retro game reboots would be taking car

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Borderlands: Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party Card Game Revealed

Introducing Borderlands: Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party, what appears to be the first Gearbox Borderlands announcement planned for PAX East. For those not necessarily excited about tabletop games, there’s more to Borderlands: Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party than first implied. Relatively little is known about Borderlands: Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party itself. Borderlands: Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party is likely the first of at least four major Gearbox announcements planned to be made during PAX East. Borde

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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition name, release date, and bundled-in games leaked

The disc-less Xbox One rumors got their biggest boost yet with a new report from Windows Central that details a name, hardware, release date, and bundled-in games. The outlet says the console will be sold as Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, and that it has even seen the console's box art. You also shouldn't expect a significant performance boost; this is another Xbox One, not the dawn of Xbox Project Scarlett . It sounds like it won’t come with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass . Xbox game streami

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Xbox One S All-Digital Bundled Games Leaked

Microsoft appears positioned to launch its first disc-less console in the near future, and it’s reported to be named the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. A newly reported leak of Xbox One S All-Digital Edition promotional images and documents claim that the console will launch as soon as May 7. According to the leaks, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition looks nearly identical to the existing Xbox One S. The white, box-shaped console will be half-glossy and half-pin spotted and will sit on a black

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