HTC could be getting out of the VR business

HTC, makers of the Vive VR headset, might be getting out of the VR business according to a report from Bloomberg. According to a Bloomberg source, the company has been in talks with Google, as well. The company has been struggling over the last few years, with its smartphone market share dropping down to 2%. HTC’s share price has been dropping since 2011, but managed a 4.7% jump on Friday ahead of the Vive’s significant price cut. Despite the drop, however, the Vive is still more expensive than

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The 10 colleges that produce the most billionaires

We've all heard about college dropouts who became billionaires. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell all left college without a diploma only to succeed wildly. According to research firm Wealth-X, 70 percent of billionaires have a bachelor's degree. Wealth-X also provided CNBC with the top "billionaire universities" in the world, along with the number of current billionaires who received degrees (bachelor's, master's, MBA, JD, MD or PhD) from each. Read on to see which institutions yield

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OPEC’s big meeting and new clues to Fed policy are next up for markets

The Fed will be a top priority on Wall Street in the week ahead, as markets also watch for any new fallout from the Trump campaign investigation. There are a handful of Fed speakers, and their words will be more important after St. Louis Fed President James Bullard Friday said the Fed's interest rate hiking plans may be too aggressive. The minutes from the Fed's May 3 meeting will be released Wednesday, but market developments, some softer data, and new uncertainty around the investigation into

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Trump reportedly wants to kill critical Obamacare subsidies

Their filings said Trump is using decisions that could affect health insurance for millions of people "as little more than political bargaining chips," according to their court filing. On Monday, the Trump administration is scheduled to tell the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia how, or if, it will resolve the House's lawsuit. A staunch critic of Obamacare, Trump could order an end to the payments even as that appeal, now being handled by his administration, remains pending. Sil

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It’s all about the upsell: UBS explains how Tesla can make money on the Model 3

Tesla can break even, or perhaps turn a profit, on its Model 3 sedan, if enough of its customers spend a few extra thousand dollars on options, according to a new report from UBS. Analysts from UBS's Global Automobiles practice estimate that Tesla will incur an EBIT (earnings before interest and taxation) loss of $2,800 per Model 3 sold at its base price of $35,000 but the company will break even if it can achieve an average sale price of $41,000 — a level UBS thinks will most likely be exceeded

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How Pinterest will escape the advertising traps that snared other social media platforms

"I think that's what appeals to young people. Young women to middle-aged women are the primary users. But the mobile app has unlocked potential." "They didn't fit the profile of the stereotypical social media app user," Kay said. "The Pinterest user is comfortable spending money in mobile, which is probably the single most important think you should take away from this."

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Foursquare CEO says ‘there’s no limit’ to the industries that mobile data will disrupt

The refurbished platform allows Foursquare, No. There's different WiFis that are available on the tenth floor than the third floor, GPS signals, Bluetooth beacons. "But in the process of checking in at 100 million places, they've mapped the world for us. "It allows us to make technology that lets you tag a tweet on Twitter from where you're standing. Uber drivers, if you use that app, they're using our database of the world's places kept fresh by people checking in and a million different people

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Cramer Remix: What the success of these fast food stocks isn’t showing

Cramer expects it to be cautious, but noted that the more hawkish Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker will also speak and is likely to express a more positive outlook. Lowe's and Tiffany & Co. will report earnings before Wednesday's bell, and PVH will report after the close. In the game of "is retail strong or weak," Cramer expects all three to be strong. While the market may be bearish on its stock, Cramer likes Costco's story, and is looking forward to its Thursday earnings report. Final

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A domino effect from the bond market could lead to a correction in stocks, JPMorgan says

U.S. Treasury yields are hovering near one-month lows and a significant move lower may trigger a correction in equities, analysts at JPMorgan said. The reflation trade centers around stocks that benefit from higher inflation and yields, including financials. The Financials Select Sector SPDR Fund ETF (XLF), which tracks the S&P financials sector, has been a stalwart since Trump's victory, rising more than 17 percent since Nov. 8. XLF since US electionSource: FactSetBut the reflation trade has be

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Tesla could be worth ‘multiples’ of current $50 billion market cap by 2020, fund manager says

Investors who think Tesla shares are overvalued are discounting the fact that the company will be a major player in the autonomous taxi market, a $2 trillion opportunity, one fund manager told CNBC, adding that the stock could be worth "multiples" more than its current $51 billion valuation. Last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced his intention to begin a Tesla ride-sharing platform when regulators approve fully self-driverless cars. "When true self-driving is approved by regulators, it will me

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