Bethesda banning Fallout 76 players for ‘abusing’ duping exploits and ‘dev room’ incursions

Bethesda has been busy patching loopholes in Fallout 76 that allow item duping, but a new blog post suggests it's going further and actually banning players who use these exploits. "We want you to know that we take these exploits and those abusing them VERY seriously," the post states. The post also refers to players who found a way into Fallout 76's secret 'dev room', which contains every item in the game, including unreleased items. It urges players to report those they suspect of using exploi

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The Westworld mobile game Bethesda sued for ripping off Fallout Shelter has been pulled from stores

Behaviour Interactive's Westworld mobile game, which Bethesda called a "blatant rip-off" of Fallout Shelter in a lawsuit filed last June, has been removed from stores. As Behaviour Interactive said in a statement on Twitter , the game is no longer available for download and will officially close on April 16. "We are sorry to see the Westworld mobile game go, and had an incredible time creating new content and events for players to enjoy," Behaviour Interactive said. Not only that, Bethesda said

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Skyrim Together multiplayer mod nears full release at last

Skyrim Together, a mod supporting eight-player cooperative multiplayer in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, will go into a closed beta “soon” with the intent of releasing it to everyone very soon thereafter, the creators said earlier this week. Commonly disparaged as a game that should have been a Fallout 4 mod, Bethesda Softworks’ beleaguered semi-MMO (a sem-MO?) The beta will shore up the stability of the mod, but the mod team is already rather confident that it’s in good working order. The mod inc

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Dragons heading to Elder Scrolls Online in new updates

Bethesda Softworks today unveiled its 2019 plans for The Elder Scrolls Online, including a new story chapter called Elsweyr, part of a four-part story arc that will include dragons, a first for the fantasy online multiplayer game. Many of the update’s details were already known, due to a leak earlier this month. The new zone is described as “similar in size and scope to last year’s Summerset zone.” Around 30 hours of adventuring are promised. The update will include a new class, the Necromancer,

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Fallout 76 cheats have stolen unreleased items from secret ‘developer room’

Fallout 76 has a hidden ‘developer room’, which as the name suggests is for the devs to test things – such as upcoming items for the game – and PC players have discovered and broken into this area. The room contains a ton of items – apparently every single item in the game including the most powerful stuff – along with some goodies which haven’t even arrived in Fallout 76 yet. Room for improvementThe developer room is not a new concept, and has previously been a feature of Bethesda’s past games,

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Fallout 76 players break into developer room, discover Wooby

Turns out there is a human NPC in Fallout 76. The fact Fallout 76 has a secret room stocked with high level items isn’t much of a surprise. The online multiplayer nature of Fallout 76, however, makes it remarkable that players could break into this room, apparently without using console commands. “Wooby” isn’t someone with any dialogue or missions to give — he’s more likely a practice dummy for certain weapons. Wooby, his test status obvious, doesn’t necessarily portend human NPCs for Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 patch arrives on PC to fix performance and stability issues

Bringing the PC version number up to, the new patch implements a number of in-game performance boosting measures, as mentioned, including better frame rates when in an area which has a lot of scorched statues. A gremlin which would cause the background to freeze up when you’re reading a note has also been squashed. There are over 150 bug fixes in total, and the PC patch weighs in at 500MB, which is considerably tighter than the console updates which are expected to be around 4GB when th

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The old Fallout games are now free for Fallout 76 players

Bethesda is preparing two new patches for Fallout 76 this month, with the first due to arrive on January 14. Although details are a bit sparse on what these patches will contain (mostly bug fixes and squashed exploits, according to this week's Inside The Vault post), there is some Fallout goodness you can access right now. If you played Fallout 76 in 2018 (the full release, that is, not just the beta), you can fire up the Bethesda launcher today and get Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: B

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Bethesda settles lawsuit alleging that Westworld ripped off Fallout Shelter

In June 2018, Bethesda Softworks sued Warner Bros. Interactive and Behaviour Interactive over a mobile game based on HBO's Westworld series. Bethesda claimed the game is "a blatant rip-off of Fallout Shelter ," the Fallout-based management game that debuted in 2015 on mobile devices and came to PCs a year later. The appearance of at least one bug in the Westworld demo that was identical to a bug in the initial release of Fallout Shelter seemed to bolster that claim even further. The case has now

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Elder Scrolls 6 will not release in 2019 – here are the many, many reasons why

Bethesda could use some goodwill after the numerous struggles of Fallout 76, there's no doubt about that - but the next Elder Scrolls in 2019? It's worth noting that Firor cited the gaps between Bethesda releases, not Elder Scrolls releases. Following that equation alone, Pachter should've been right about The Elder Scrolls 6 two years ago. Given the timeline, the same can safely be assumed of the next Elder Scrolls. These two are only being published by Bethesda, but both of them will definitel

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