The best translation software of 2017

Technology has taken some major strides to break down language barriers in recent times, with translation software from giants such as Google and Microsoft employing some clever tricks. This had led to features like a camera mode – that’s where you simply point your phone camera at a sign to see an instant translation of the words on-screen. Featuring high quality speech recognition and translation routines, this is a powerful, neat, free piece of software that you shouldn’t be without when it c

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Best gear for back to school 2017

"Back to school" might sound like a daunting prospect, but one bonus is that you get to take advantage of Back to School sales. Webcam: Logitech C920The Logitech C920 webcam has been the best in its class for a long time now. For the price, it’s the best quality you can get, and it has a nice flexible camera head too. Keyboard: Das Keyboard 4 ProfessionalBack to school probably means back to typing for a lot of people, and a good keyboard will make all the difference if you’re going to be writin

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The best free office software 2017

Everyone needs reliable office software, and some of the very best suites are completely free – whatever operating system you use. We’ll look at the very best free office software suites – both desktop software and browser-based applications – so you can pick the one that's best for you. The last three are tools you won't find in many other free office suites, and are designed for vector diagrams, mathematical functions and databases, respectively. Try it here: Microsoft Office OnlineEach applic

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This Walking Dead S7E1 deleted scene gives you more of the happy ending your heart needs

For a brief moment in The Walking Dead season 7's grisly premiere, we got to indulge with Rick in a flight of fancy; another world where his band of survivors never met the end of Negan's bat. The family dinner scene was short but effective in showing Rick's battered (sorry) mental state, a merciful yet painfully short break from reality. Now a deleted scene from the season 7 Blu-ray reveals it could have been much longer. For more on the actual show on AMC, read our The Walking Dead season 8 in

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The best free software for small businesses

Setting up a small business is hard enough without the extortionate costs associated with modern software licenses. Set up a number of seats with full-price software and you could be looking at monthly bills nearing the salary of an employee. But there are some business functions that you can reasonably hand off to free software without too much difference, and there are certain pieces of free software that can make your business more efficient. We've compiled this slideshow based on ten key bus

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The best free Mac video editor 2017

Today’s Macs are much more powerful than their ancestors, and that means even free apps are capable of doing some amazing things with video. There’s one video editor we’re disappointed not to include: VideoLAN Movie Creator (VLMC). Lightworks puts professional video editing tools within the reach of all Mac owners, regardless of budgetLightworks might look a bit frightening if you’re not used to high-end editors. And that’s about the only negative thing we can say about it, because Lightworks is

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The 10 best Sony E-mount lenses

However, a limiting factor of any star-quality system camera is the depth and breadth of lenses and accessories to back it up. Keep in mind that these full-frame E-mount lenses can also be used on Sony's APS-C mirrorless models – we've put the effective focal lengths in brackets. By contrast, standard primes for Sony’s full-frame E-mount system look very pricey, but the FE 50mm f/1.8 fills an obvious hole in the market. The combination of a 90mm focal length and fairly fast f/2.8 aperture make t

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The best Best Buy Cyber Monday deals 2017

Best Buy Cyber Monday deals for 2017 will offer some of the best prices on electronics and home appliances. Since Best Buy Cyber Monday deals are sure to include a lot of TVs, computers, and smartphones, being able to compare product specifications and features across multiple devices at once will help you find the best product at the best price. Best Buy ads to leak ahead of timeAds for Best Buys greatest Cyber Monday deals will likely start showing up over the weekend after Thanksgiving. Expec

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The best Best Buy Black Friday deals 2017

And when Black Friday 2017 comes around, Best Buy is sure to have loads of deals on these big ticket items. Expected Best Buy dealsSince Best Buy is a major electronics and appliances store, expect some serious deals in these categories. So for Best Buy Black Friday deals in 2017, expect even 4K TVs with HDR. Best Buy Black Friday adviceA lot of people shop Black Friday, so there will be heavy competition for all of the best deals. If you find a Best Buy Black Friday deal you want, try to determ

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The best XCOM 2 propaganda so far

In one of the few, delightful acts of game marketing in some time, you can now make propaganda for your XCOM 2: War of the Chosen campaign using Propaganda Center, a free program on Steam. In the day that this tool has been available, XCOM players, including ourselves, have created some variously effective, funny, and inspiring indoctrination material. Here's the best stuff we've found on /r/XCOM, Twitter, and elsewhere:A bunch of Starship Troopers posters have popped up, but I love the perspect

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