Xbox Game Studios Game Ori and the Blind Forest Switch Release Date Announced

Single player Metroidvania game Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the highest-rated games of the entire generation, and has stood as one of the Xbox One's most highly-regarded console exclusives. The Ori and the Blind Forest Switch release date is September 27, 2019. The Definitive Edition of Ori and the Blind Forest is certainly the best way to experience the game, so it's nice that version is the one coming to the Switch. advertisingIn the meantime, it will be interesting to see what other Mi

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Looks like Superhot is coming to Switch

It appears as though Superhot is getting a stealth launch on Nintendo Switch, perhaps in two days. A dataminer noticed an update for the game — it hasn’t been announced yet — was uploaded on Friday, and an industry analyst hinted that it will be announced during Monday morning’s Nintendo Direct. SUPERHOT for Switch just got an update... but they haven't even announced its release yet — SimonTime (@itssimontime) August 16, 2019That was followed by this from analyst Dani

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Remake of FPS XIII has been delayed into 2020

If you had asked me on April 17 to name one oddball FPS from the early aughts that stood no chance of ever being remade, I may very well have answered XIII. But then on April 18, PlayMagic and Microids announced that they're remaking XIII, so that would've been egg on my face, eh? It was scheduled for release on November 13 at the time, but Microids announced today that it's been pushed into next year. (If you're going to match a guy up with Adam West, you better make sure he can bring the banan

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Pokemon GO September Community Day Announced

166 Shares Share Tweet Email Copy Link CopiedNiantic is ready to announce its plans for Pokemon GO's September Community Day. Pokemon GO trainers can mark down September 15 as the next Community Day, a shift back to mid-month after an early August Community Day and a late July Community Day. Most importantly, August's Community Day Pokemon will be Turtwig. It will be the first starter Pokemon from the fourth Pokemon generation to be featured in a Community Day. Turtwig will be Pokemon GO's showc

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Disney will bundle Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+ together for the same price as Netflix

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced a new bundle offer that will include the company’s three main streaming services - ESPN+, Hulu and the upcoming Disney+ - all for the same price as a standard Netflix subscription ($12.99 per month in the US). Of course if you don’t want all three services, Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ will still all be available separately for $6.99, $5.99 and $4.99 per month respectively. Disney bundle vs Apple TV+The other competitor for Disney is Apple's upcoming Apple TV Plus servic

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New Under Night: In-Birth Fighting Game Announced At EVO

Share Tweet Email Copy Link CopiedWhile EVO is primarily an esports event for popular fighting games, developers typically use the occasion to reveal new games and DLC as well. Arc System Works, for example, has been mighty busy announcing new titles and new DLC characters coming to Dragonball FighterZ. And with eyes on Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] for the grand finals at EVO 2019, publishers Arc System Works was at it again (alongside co-publisher Aksys Games) to announce a new entry in th

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Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches announced with speakers and better iPhone support

Today is a big day for smartwatches, as not only has the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 been announced, but so has the Fossil Gen 5 range of smartwatches, which includes The Carlyle HR and Julianna HR. Some watches from other brands already offer this, but where the Fossil Gen 5 range really jumps ahead is in its ability for iPhone users to also take tethered calls from their watch. Notably however there’s no ECG (electrocardiogram), which uses hardware rather than just software to detect heart i

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Romance of The Three Kingdoms 14 announced, due early 2020

Developer Koei has announced the 14th installment in its Romance of the Three Kingdoms grand strategy RPGs, and it will come to Steam early next year. Koei said Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 will help return "classic gameplay" to the series by using the ruler-based systems from the 9th and 11th entries, which means all actions take place on a single, hex-based map. The aim is to gather and manage land during the fall of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, using diplomacy or force as needed. "Wi

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Showtime’s Halo TV series casts six characters, including Cortana

Showtime’s Halo TV series has officially rounded out its main cast. Emmy nominated Bokeem Woodbine (Fargo) will play Soren-066, a character who first appeared in a Halo short story called Pariah. Dr. Catherine Halsey is a brilliant but extreme scientist who created the SPARTAN-II super soldier program that created Master Chief. Before that, Halsey cloned her brain to create the AI known as Cortana, who plays a central (and beloved) role in the Halo series. In Halo lore, Woodbine’s Soren-066 went

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Pokemon GO Shiny Bonsly and Gifting Event Announced

Pokemon GO players will soon have the chance to hatch themselves their very own shiny Bonsly, which can be evolved into a shiny Sudowoodo, a first for both Rock-type Pokemon in the mobile game. That's just the start of the new Special Gift Event 2019, however, which lives up to its name and improves gift-giving in Pokemon Go, too. The summer gift event begins August 5 and will last through August 19.advertisingBeyond Shiny Sudowoodo and Bonsly becoming available for the event, two other changes

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