Alien: Isolation ‘digital series’ coming based on the game’s cutscenes

20th Century Fox is turning Alien: Isolation, Sega and Creative Assembly’s 2014 horror game, into a “digital series” that reimagines Amanda Ripley’s story. That seven-part series will utilize the game’s existing cutscenes and “new story beats,” to tell the story of Alien: Isolation in a non-interactive way. IGN will play host to the new Alien: Isolation series, all seven episodes of which will be available on YouTube on Feb. 28. For those who haven’t played Alien: Isolation, the game is set betw

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An Alien: Isolation animated series is reportedly in the works

Alien: Isolation was just the beginning for Amanda Ripley. Following the surprise announcement of the Alien: Blackout mobile game in January, it looks like Amanda's continuing story will also be told via another medium: an animated series. According to an Observer report, a seven-episode show is currently in development by Axis Animation , the studio that created all the CG cutscenes for Alien: Isolation. Her story deserves to be told... #Whois #AmandaRipley #ReadPlayWatch #Daughter #Rebel #Hero

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Alien: Blackout is unrelated to Isolation, Fox says more is coming ‘very soon’

The imminent return of Amanda Ripley to the world of Alien videogames gave us quite a ride, from excited speculation to "Oh, it's a mobile game" when Alien: Blackout was announced. "[Alien: Blackout] is a standalone game that shares Amanda Ripley as a main character but is not related to or a sequel of Isolation," it said. That doesn't exactly commit to a proper Isolation sequel but the implication is certainly there, and Blackout definitively is not it. Dear Alien fans, there is still more to c

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Alien: Blackout isn’t the sequel Isolation fans were hoping for, but it’s still one to watch

Alien: Blackout has been officially revealed after months of title leaks and speculation, and it's far from the online shooter we've been expecting . Alien: Blackout is coming to iOS and Android on January 24, and it won't be free-to-play. If you remember the control panel bits of Alien: Isolation, which let you divert power between nodes to create distractions, some of the game interface will look familiar. No spoilers, but Alien: Isolation ended on a sudden cliffhanger, so hopefully we get som

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New Alien game looks like Alien: Isolation for phones

A new Alien game is coming to mobile. Survival horror game Alien: Blackout will star Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley and the protagonist of 2014’s Alien: Isolation, when it comes to Android and iOS devices on Jan. 24. In other words, the mobile game looks like Alien: Isolation meets Five Nights at Freddy’s. Alien: Blackout takes place between the events of the films Alien and Aliens. 20th Century Fox trademarked the title Alien: Blackout in November, fueling speculation that the project

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Alien teaser hints at another Amanda Ripley game

20th Century Fox's latest Alien teaser suggests fans of the franchise will soon find out more about Alien: Isolation protagonist Amanda Ripley, and the teaser's "Read. Play" strapline suggests that could involve a new game. The teaser, below, says that Ripley's story "deserves to be told", and that whatever it's hinting at is "coming soon". That seems reasonable, although the "Play" bit could well be pointing to an ARG rather a fully-fledged Alien: Isolation sequel. Her story deserves to be told

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You showed us your dream daddies, and we’re eternally grateful

Last week we asked you to show us your dream daddies. And by dad dating, we mean dads dating other dads, exclusively. It's the premise of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, which starts of with a great character customizer, proven by some of the fantastic fathers you sent our way. Dad: Adam WildeDesigner: Mathilde Semin"Adam Wilde, the Hipster Dad. A good dad.

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