Movie-inspired retro FPS Maximum Action gets help from the developers of Dusk

The retro-shooter Maximum Action looked potentially promising but thin when it went live on Early Access in September 2018. And if the explosive blood and gore is a concern, Maximum Action also now offers a new Family Friendly Mode, which actually looks really fun. Samuel said last year that Maximum Action reminded him of Max Payne, FEAR, Superhot and the Action Half Life mod, and that's a pretty solid foundation to build on. Personally, I see a lot of the Action Quake 2 mod in the new trailer,

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Star Wars 1313 animation reel shows a droid partner and more Uncharted-style action

Star Wars 1313 , we hardly knew you. Seriously, EA and LucasArts' ill-fated Star Wars game was rumored, announced, and cancelled in what felt like no time at all, though the inner workings of its death were no-doubt messy and complicated. Luckily - and bittersweetly - we now know the game a bit better thanks to a newly released animation preview showing the cancelled game's third-person combat in action. It may be a demo made with animation skeletons and barebones models, but the movement itself

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Watch Dogs Legion gameplay video shows all 3 character classes in action

Ubisoft art director Josh Cook and lead game designer Mathieu Berube played through about 30 minutes of Watch Dogs Legion at E3, as you can see in the video embedded above, posted by UbiCentral. The footage shows the devs playing through and narrating several different missions and using Watch Dogs Legion's three different character classes: the Hacker, the Infiltrator, and the Enforcer, giving us a better understanding of their abilities. There's no main protagonist in Watch Dogs Legion. You be

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Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2019 Demo Trades Big Action for Deep RPG Systems

Last year, developer CD Projekt Red gave E3 2019 attendees a behind closed doors look at Cyberpunk 2077 that was the talk of the show. Now, at the Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2019 demo, CD Projekt Red has shifted the focus from the core gunplay to the RPG. Cyberpunk 2077 players can also customize their clothing and mods (called daemons), which have stat bonuses and help support different play styles. CD Projekt was very quick to say that there are no classes in Cyberpunk 2077; everything is fluid. And ye

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The Marvel’s Avengers E3 gameplay demo didn’t exactly look superheroic

This hands-off demo takes place during A-Day in San Francisco, a celebration of all things Avengers. Even though all the Avengers' moves look fantastic, fighting these forgettable enemies didn't look so exciting that it stopped me from zoning out during Captain America's duels aboard a doomed helicarrier. These moments make the game look more outdated than it probably is. As Crystal Dynamics' head of studio Scot Amos points out when I ask why they added QTEs to the game, Avengers is meant to be

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake gets a ‘First Class’ collector’s edition

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is getting a special collector’s edition, called the “First Class Edition,” which that includes the deluxe edition of the game, a Steelbook case, mini-soundtrack CD, hardcover artbook, extra downloadable content, and an action figure set featuring FF7 protagonist Cloud Strife and his Hardy Daytona motorcycle. And the Cloud action figure is, of course, dreamy. The figures are exclusive to the First Class Edition; Square Enix says it’s the only way to get both Cloud and the

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Astral Chain is Platinum Games’ next stunning action game and it’s coming this August

Platinum Games has more than Bayonetta 3 in the works. During today's Nintendo E3 2019 Direct, the studio released a new trailer for its upcoming action game Astral Chain. Right, now here's a quick primer straight from Nintendo:"In this new synergetic action game from Platinum Games, humanity’s last chance against an interdimensional invasion is a sentient weapon called the Legion. Astral Chain is a third-person beat-'em-up with a bit of a single player co-op vibe to it. Nier: Automata game desi

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Ubisoft might be announcing a new action adventure game similar to Breath of the Wild at E3 2019

Those E3 2019 leaks are coming hard and fast. The latest one is that apparently Ubisoft is announcing an RPG similar to Breath of the Wild, but not in the way you think. Although the game is action-adventure it isn't open world like Nintendo's game, instead only having similarities to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild due to its art style. The Breath of the Wild comparison is art style, not gameplay!June 6, 2019So if you're expecting Breath-of-the-Wild-style gameplay like destructible weap

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My Friend Pedro, the game about a banana who wants you to kill, comes out on June 20

My Friend Pedro is a 2D sidescrolling action game about a guy in a gimp mask who commits mass murder because a banana tells him to. What I can say, as of today, is that My Friend Pedro will be out on June 20, and that there is a new trailer marking its forthcoming release with yet more two-dimensional ultra-violence, banging music, and a banana who loves you. The Steam listing speaks eloquently about what you'll be doing in the game, but offers very little on why. "My Friend Pedro is a violent b

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New Darksiders is a Diablo-style action game with a new horseman

The Darksiders series is getting a new spin-off entry called Darksiders Genesis, a Diablo-style action role-playing game, from developer Airship Syndicate, the studio behind Battle Chasers: Nightwar. Darksiders Genesis will star a brand-new horseman, named Strife, and feature fast-paced dungeon-crawling action. According to a story from IGN, the story of Darksiders Genesis sees Strife “called upon to save humankind from certain destruction at the hands of Lucifer.”The reveal trailer for Darkside

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