Over 8,000 Elite Dangerous pilots are embarking on an incredible 18-week journey

Thousands of Elite Dangerous players—over 8,000, according to the sign-up sheet—are preparing to embark on another incredible voyage across the Milky Way. The destination is Beagle Point, some 65,279 light years from Earth, past the galactic core, at the very edge of the galaxy. The first Distant Worlds expedition also targeted Beagle Point, retreading the journey taken by Commander Erimus and the DSS Beagle—hence the name of the destination. Though the target remains Beagle, the hope is that Di

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Elite’s Distant Worlds 2 expedition: How do you keep 8,000 players safe in a PvP MMO?

Distant Worlds 2 will be the game’s single largest fan-made event, but the risk for an individual player is high. So how to you keep thousands of unarmed players safe in a game that allows, even encourages, other players to blow them out of the sky? Polygon sat down with Distant Worlds 2 organizers Commanders Erimus Kamzel and Dr. Kaii to find out their plans for keeping the largest spacefleet in MMO history safe. So, Distant Worlds 2 will be taking place in a private group called FleetCom. Ther

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$8,000 Devil May Cry 5 special edition comes with Dante’s red leather coat

Devil May Cry 5 is getting some lavish special editions - at least in Japan. Per Capcom's Japanese site for the upcoming hack-and-slasher, the most expensive edition - priced at an eye-watering ¥900,000 (about $8,000 before tax) - comes with a wearable and irresponsibly detailed replica of Dante's iconic red leather coat (pictured above). There's also a ¥750,000 ($6,600) edition for Nero, one of Devil May Cry 5's other playable characters, which comes with his blue jacket. Finally, there's a ¥60

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Turbulent Bitcoin tumbled to below $8,000 today

At its low today, Bitcoin was trading for $7,695.10. Prior to today, the last time Bitcoin went for less than $8,000 was on November 24. The result is that Bitcoin can be trading at more than $19,000 one day and less than $8,000 several weeks later. The indirect relevance to gamers is what effect this has on the GPU market. It's not uncommon for a miner to trade one of those currencies for Bitcoin, so the value of Bitcoin still influences the GPU market.

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Grab a Corsair Katar gaming mouse with 8,000 dpi sensor for half price at $20

Corsair proves otherwise with its Katar, an optical gaming mouse with an 8,000 dpi sensor. This is not a feature-rich mouse by any means, though it does cover the basics, including four programmable buttons and on-the-fly dpi switching. It also comes with a "pro player mode" with pre-configured settings that are supposedly customized by the "world's top players." You can find the Katar on sale at Amazon and Newegg. Also be sure to check our picks for the best wired and wireless mice.

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This $8,000 contraption turns planking into a VR game

But what if it was made into a VR game? That is sort of the idea behind Icaros, a pricey piece of exercise equipment that has you toning your body while playing games in VR. At present, there are Icaros apps for Samsung's Gear VR, though support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift will be added sometime this summer. According to Icaros, you can burn 30 percent more calories on its machine versus traditional planking. It will be even more so once support for the Vive and Rift are added.

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