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PUBG has been dealing with an increase in DDoS attacks and performance issues

PUBG Corp has addressed these issues in an update detailing reasons for the issues and plans for fixes. Performance issues have been increasing since January and are ongoing, and apparently they've been hard to identify. "To improve performance issues, which have to track down the specific cause, which often means needing to reproduce the specific steps leading to the issue." In attempting to resolve the problem, PUBG Corp had to run some tests that resulted in even more performance issues. As f

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Intel’s getting serious about fixing security bugs – but is that enough?

Recently, a series of high-profile security flaws were found in Intel's processors, dating back years, which seriously impacted the chip-maker's reputation, and in a new security report the company claims it has doubled down on fixing those issues and ensuring that nothing like that happens again. The report also claims that 91% of the bugs were found thanks to Intel's investment in product assurance (both internally and through the Bug Bounty program), which seems to suggest that the company ha

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You may soon be able to recover an iPhone without your computer

Apple appears to be testing the ability to restore your iPhone or iPad to its box-fresh state with a feature that will be available over the air. Inside that beta are mentions of a feature called 'OS Recovery' and it looks to be a way to restore iOS and Apple devices over the air. It may also make it possible by plugging the buggy device into another iPhone or iPad to get it to play nice again too. To restore and reinstall operating systems on Apple devices currently, you need to plug them into

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New Avengers: Endgame concept art shows off surprise death for one Marvel character

Marvel Phase 4 may be just around the corner, but some hidden secrets are re-surfacing from last year's big MCU send-off. Previously-unseen Avengers: Endgame concept art has shown a different demise for a Marvel hero – in particularly brutal fashion. Stephen Schirle, who worked at Marvel Studios as a concept artist from 2016-2018 according to his LinkedIn profile, shared some Endgame artwork on his Instagram profile (H/T ComicBook.com). There's a small chance the fight with Glaive was also the p

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Lara Croft joins Rayman, The Rock, and John Cena as the next crossover addition to Brawlhalla

The Tomb Raider Epic Crossover event has landed in Brawlhalla, bringing Lara Croft as a new playable Legend to Ubisoft's hugely popular 2D fighter, amongst much more outlined in the latest set of developer patch notes. The update, free to all players, introduces Croft as another addition to Brawlhalla's already sizeable roster of fighters, featuring her own Signature effects, skins, animations, and moves. Check her out in action via the trailer below:Read more (Image credit: Bungie) The 25 best

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