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What are you playing this weekend?

The weekend is here, and in part we can thank Ian McKellen's great-great-grandfather for that. Even after they've been released, work continues: just take No Man's Sky, which I'm going to be playing more of this weekend. So what are you all playing this weekend? Anything you didn't like and hope a patch has made better or liked a lot and hope a patch didn't make worse? And don't forget thank Gandalf/Magneto's dad's dad's dad's dad for making sure you have a little extra time to play—assuming you

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Here’s what you should be watching, playing and listening to this weekend

That means plenty of Madden in preparation for the launch of Madden 18, Last Chance U and the appropriate mix of jock jams to get in the right headspace. Madden 17 is available for PS4 and Xbox One, while Madden 18 is available to pre-order now on Amazon. Listen: Jock Jams playlist on SpotifyLet me hear you say WHOOP THERE IT IS. Thankfully, I know the perfect one: If you lived the ’90s, Jock Jams was the go-to pump up mix and could be played anytime, anywhere to get you ready to play. The Jock

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The ‘Souls-like’ label needs to die

If I had to make a direct comparison, it would be to The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, Ska’s previous 2D action RPG. Dark Souls is a poor and arbitrary acid test, and the Souls-like label creates unrealistic standards that threaten to bury great games. But as Souls games, they’re pretty terrible, probably because they're not Souls games. Even if you are intimately familiar with Dark Souls, Souls-like still doesn’t tell you anything because it lacks a universal definition. But then, even if you are

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The Note 8 makes a brief appearance on Samsung’s website

It would seem that Samsung's grown tired of everyone else leaking information about its upcoming Galaxy Note 8 super-phablet and decided to take matters into its own hands, briefly listing the device on its own website before pulling the page again. Interestingly, the phone that appeared on Samsung's site was the US unlocked version with the model number UZKAXAA, matching the model numbers used for the unlocked Galaxy S8 phones in the US. That suggests the unlocked version might go on sale at th

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer Teases Kanto, Alolan Outfit

An all new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon trailer has been shared by the Pokemon Company, teasing new story details and revealing an all new look for the Alolan protagonist. The major reveal of the trailer is the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon protagonist’s new look. It doesn’t look like Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be shaking things up in terms of new character customization options, though. A return to Kanto might be in store for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Pokemon Ultra Sun and P

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