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Gaming disorder is now classified as a mental health condition

Video game addiction will soon become a diagnosable metal health condition, at least in the eyes of leading international health officials. The World Health Organization now considers Gaming Disorder a unique mental health condition in the latest revision to its disease classification manual. According to the document, the UN health agency classifies Gaming Disorder with these following symptoms:Impaired control over gaming (e.g., onset, frequency, intensity, duration, termination, context) Incr

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I tried all 100 recipes in the World of Warcraft cookbook and it made me love the game again

In desperation I cracked open one of my Christmas Eve gifts, World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook, and flipped to the recipe displayed on the cover: Slow-Roasted Turkey. By taking on the entire book, I got a double dose of food world tours encompassing the real world and Azeroth. My friends and family enjoyed the benefits of the project, and some learned about World of Warcraft for the first time. I resubbed to World of Warcraft ahead of the Battle for Azeroth expansion, and unsurprisingly,

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Beyond Good and Evil 2’s demo feels so early it’s hard to get excited about

The demo begins in a forgotten temple in Ganesha, a city in the New Indian continent of the moon Soma. In Beyond Good and Evil 2's world, the people are infertile, and can only populate the world by cloning the DNA of the first settlers. With the scientists thoroughly defeated, the devs head out of the temple and into the city of Ganesha proper. But I see little of what that grand scale means, and what detail I am shown still feels like it needs lots of time. And that's all fine—Beyond Good and

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Westworld season 2, episode 9 review: “Has some seat-gripping moments”

After last week’s highly acclaimed and utterly remarkable episode, Westworld season 2 has its work cut out for it with this penultimate hour. That said, with only one episode to go, the Westworld finale is going to have to pull off something pretty incredible to save this season from mediocrity. Note: From here on out there are spoilers for Westworld season 2, episode 9 - Vanishing Point. You’ll find it hard to believe that this is the same man who raped Dolores in the opening episode of Westwor

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WWE 2K19 announced for October 9, includes challenge to win one million dollars

2K Games has announced WWE 2K19 for a release date of October 9 – and the Californian publisher’s big hook for this year’s series entry is something it’s calling the Million Dollar Challenge. “If someone wants to win a million dollars I’m going to put them to the test. I’m going to have to get my tail in the lab [and practise]. GR will have plenty more on WWE 2K19, and the exact meaning of ‘never say never’, between now and release. WWE 2K19 is out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 9.

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