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Should I buy a G-Sync or FreeSync gaming monitor?

As we approach the Black Friday season, when tons of gaming monitors will be available at a discount, one of the biggest questions you'll have to address is: "Should I buy a G-Sync or FreeSync display?" Differences between G-Sync and FreeSyncBoth G-Sync and FreeSync effectively do the same key thing: remove stutters and screen tearing in games. In addition to being cheaper than G-Sync equivalents, FreeSync displays also offer more connectivity options including older inputs like DVI and VGA. You

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Far Cry 2’s daring open world design is still paying off 10 years later

Far Cry 2's central genius is that it’s an open world that doesn’t exist to glorify you, the player. There are no good guys in Far Cry 2, and no glorious crusade to save the war-torn country from some handy moustache-twirling dictator. Another legacy of Far Cry 2: one of the all-time great game trailers, thanks to perfect pairing with Massive Attack's Angel. Far Cry 2 inspired an industry to widen its perspective and explore the power that open worlds truly offered. It may have spawned several o

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Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite adopts the best parts of the Kindle Oasis

Amazon just announced a brand new addition to its Kindle Paperwhite line that brings in some of the best technology we saw on the Kindle Oasis (2017) and puts it into a more affordable package. The new Kindle Paperwhite has a waterproof design that can survive being submerged up to two meters for 60 minutes at a time. There's a 6-inch screen with 300 pixels per inch, plus the bezels of the ereader sit flush with the display. Today's best Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018) deals ? You'll be able to

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Alexa’s new Whisper Mode is rolling out to some Amazon Echos

TechCrunch reports that the feature, announced last month, is now making its way to Amazon Echo devices in the US, though it isn't enabled by default. You need to go into the Settings part of the Alexa app on your phone and then choose Alexa Account, Alexa Voice Responses, and Whispered Responses to turn it on. The feature can also be activated using your voice: just say "Alexa, turn on whisper mode" and future responses from your smart speaker will be read out in hushed tones until you turn Whi

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Battletech’s first expansion due November 27, two more on horizon

Mech strategy game Battletech's first expansion, Flashpoints, will be out on November 27, and it'll be followed by another expansion next summer and a third that does not yet have a release window, publisher Paradox has announced. The expansion adds a new mission type, Target Acquisition, where you race to control three territories across the map, as well as three new mechs and a tropical biome. The next expansion, called Urban Warfare, is due in the summer of next year, and you'll "fight throug

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