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Facebook will move the data of 1.5 billion users to avoid EU’s new privacy law

This shift in responsibility comes despite Facebook’s promise to protect user data in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal . The move will be completed before the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law goes into effect on May 25, and will affect users from Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America. That’s about 70% of all Facebook users. Escape routeUnder the EU’s new law, Facebook, or any company, becomes liable to fines of up to 4% of their global turnover in case of a data

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Netherlands Gaming Authority cracks down on loot boxes in some games

Interestingly, the Gaming Authority report also appears to highlight the inadequacies of existing law in dealing with issues like loot boxes. As a licence cannot be issued for this offering under the applicable legislation, these loot boxes are prohibited in the Netherlands," it states. Loot boxes on the lower end of the addiction risk potential scale, on the other hand, are more akin to "small-scale bingo." The report succinctly sums up the legality of loot boxes in its final section, stating,

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Battlefield 1’s Rupture map is now free for everyone, Shock Operations coming in June

Electronic Arts is making maps from Battlefield 1 expansions available to all players, beginning today with Rupture, a map set during the Second Battle of Marne. Originally released as part of the first expansion, They Shall Not Pass, Rupture features poppy-covered fields bisected by a river, crossed by a medium-sized bridge that overlooks the middle of the map. It will be playable on the Giant's Shadow, Prise de Tahure, Lupkow Pass, Zeebrugge, and River Somme maps, all of which will be availabl

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8 tips for how to beat all the God of War Valkyries

How to find all eight Valkyries in God of WarThere are four Valkyries in Midgard: one in Wildwoods near your home; one in the River Pass; another in the Foothills; and the last in the Mountain. Tips for how to beat the God of War ValkyriesBut more importantly, you’re going to want to know how to beat the little buggers, because they’re not easy. It isn’t impossible though, and thankfully all eight of the Valkyries share attack styles and movements, just with varying elemental types, so you can l

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How to find the God of War Niflheim Mist armor, which heals you as you fight

Out of all the armour in God of War the Mist armour you get in Niflheim is one of the most useful, with some strong stat boosts and a healing effect over time. Where to find the Niflheim Mist armor in God of WarSo how do you get it? Well first you all need 4 pieces of the Niflheim Cipher, which unlocks the ability to travel to Niflheim in the Realm Travel Room. Speak to him and he’ll tell you all about Ivalidi’s Workshop where the Mist armour lives and offer to make you a key to the workshop for

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