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    Rhythm Doctor is a game I’ve been eagerly anticipating since I first played its earliest Flash demo back in 2014. It’s a one button rhythm game that you play simply by hitting the space bar on the seventh beat of every bar. Elsewhere in the demo, there’s a full musical number about overworked doctors (and the politicians trying to turn the public against them). Another features one of the most inventive tricks I’ve ever seen in a rhythm game. As for Rhythm Doctor, while there’s no firm release d
    Rhythm Doctor has the best distraction mechanics I've seen in any rhythm game

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    Not by petitioning a complete rewrite of the season, I’ll leave that to Game of Thrones fans, but by making a new one by myself in The Sims 2. As I found out, I wasn’t the only one who handled my love for a certain media turning sour by turning to The Sims, specifically The Sims 2. (Image credit: EA)One example she gave me was when the show The 100 killed off one of its major LGBTQ+ characters, Lexa, back in 2016. “When [Lexa] died I just knew I had to go back onto The Sims 2 and make some chang
    Making your favourites kiss in The Sims

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    Being a merchant and having your own shop used to be a common feature in MMOs. Thankfully, there’s the IAmAMerchant addon for World of Warcraft Classic, which let’s me live out my entrepreneurial fantasy with anyone else who is also using the same addon. Other players who have that addon will then see a special icon above your nameplate indicating that you got goods to sell. I did a quick run through Stormwind, though, and didn’t see anyone offering items for sale. “I actually like the auction h
    This cool WoW Classic addon lets you open your own shop

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  • Gaétan HuserInformaticien de Gestion · Région ValaisD’abord développeur web full stack, j’ai également de l’expérience dans la conception de sites internet, du design à la mise en production. J’ai également acquis, au cours de ma formation universitaire, une base en gestion de projets selon les méthodologies Agiles et plus précisément Scrum. Toujours à la recherche de projets web (sites, applications, etc. ), j’utilise différents outils tels que WordPress, OmegaCMS (un CMS fait maison), ou trava

  • Significant PvE buffs have been made to many weapon archetypes, and numerous exotics are also getting cranked up a bit. “This activity will continue to feature a weekly singe, with a daily rotation of Brawler, Grenadier, and Heavyweight,” Bungie wrote. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light go live on October 1. New Shadowkeep weapons and armor were recently spotted at PAX West. Update: As noted by Bungie community manager dmg04 on Reddit, Bungie has updated the post with some non-buff tweaks: Mino
    Destiny 2: Shadowkeep gets updated content roadmap and weapon buff breakdown

  • (Image credit: EA, BioWare)Anthem has just joined Electronic Arts’ Origin Access subscription service, meaning you can now play BioWare’s space opera loot shooter for as little as $5 a month with the Basic tier ($7 in Australia, £4 in the UK). It arrives half-a-year after its retail launch, which wasn’t met with great enthusiasm, to put it mildly. The service offers a large selection of games, with the most notable recent additions including Battlefield V, FIFA 19 and The Sims 4, among many othe
    Anthem is now on Origin Access

  • The Game Awards are kind of like the Super Bowl, in that we are nominally there to watch the event but the advertisements are what we’re really paying attention to. More than ten new games were unveiled during the 2018 Game Awards show, and founder and host Geoff Keighley said today that more reveals will take place at this year’s event, which will happen on December 12. “I’m honored to be given this platform to celebrate our shared passion on a global scale. You’ll hear much more in the coming
    The Game Awards is coming back in December

  • Indie studio Die Gute Fabrik are the developers of Sportsfriends, but their next game is something a little bit different. Mutazione is apparently a “mutant soap opera” where you play a 15-year-old girl named Kai who travels to an isolated community called Mutazione that is full of unusual characters—a cat-lady who plays guitar, an angry bug, a mischievous bean thing, some kind of radish person, and plenty more I can barely describe. We’ll also get to “Make new friends, discover scenic hangouts,
    Mutazione is a 'mutant soap opera' due out next week

  • As well as the Lacuna Coil and Ministry songs blasting out of clubs (and The Deb of Night’s radio show), Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines had a memorable original score composed by Rik Schaffer, combining old world spookiness with Mission Impossible beats to hack to. And while you could always grab those mp3s from your Vampire/sound/music directory, now Schaffer’s score is getting a proper release on vinyl, CD, and digital. Schaffer has remastered all of the tracks for this edition, which Mila
    Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines score gets a remastered release

  • Sea of Thieves now has pets, and it turns out that they’re picky eaters. We probably shouldn’t be allowed pets at PC Gamer, given that Chris put his pet in a cannon. Sea of Thieves’ pets are tougher than their pirate pals, it turns out. Sea of Thieves’ pets are a pampered bunch, so you have to cook the grubs first, apparently. After purchasing or finding the coins, you can spend them on pets and a couple of bundles that also contain some fancy costumes.
    You can make your Sea of Thieves pets throw up

  • You may remember Kickstarter success Pine from a couple of years ago—it’s the sandbox game by indie studio Twirlbound where animals have “lives, goals and quests of their own”. As of today it’s available in a limited beta via Kartridge, which is webgame portal/moblie publisher Kongregate’s storefront. Kartridge is a digital storefront that Kongregate launched in late 2018, focused on indie games and with a suite of features like chat, achievements, and user levels. It does without manual approva
    Open-world adventure Pine goes into beta on the Kartridge storefront

  • Bossa Studios and A Brave Plan have shown off a bit more of their museum mystery, The Bradwell Conspiracy. It’s almost as enigmatic as last year’s teaser, which was an in-universe advert for the titular Bradwell Electronics, but this one also gives us a very quick tour of the museum and the secret complex beneath it. Set inside the Bradwell Stonehenge Museum in 2026, it’s a first-person narrative romp where you need to find a way to escape the aforementioned secret complex, which you’ve somehow
    The Bradwell Conspiracy teases a mystery under Stonehenge in a new trailer

  • Truck Driver’s latest trailer has the air of a corny sitcom, which is only reinforced by the sim’s setup. You’ve inherited a truck from your father, moved to a new town and now you’ve got to use your trucking skills to earn respect from a colourful cast of characters. Characters, like Sven, the sexy lumberjack, will offer better jobs as your relationship improves, and helping out the locals also expands the town. While it’s a bit more story-driven, it’s still an open world sandbox where you can
    Drive big rigs to 'honour your father' in Truck Driver

  • CD Projekt has released a new “behind the scenes” trailer showcasing some of the work that went into making the big Keanu Reeves-revealing Cyberpunk 2077 cinematic that debuted at E3. It’s not a detailed look into the creative process: The video is really just a fast cut of the cinematic set to cyber-music, with assets in various states of completion that illustrate things like textures being layered onto objects. And maybe it’s best not to go too deep on it just yet—don’t want to spoil the magi
    Cyberpunk 2077 video goes 'behind the scenes' of the E3 cinematic trailer

  • (Image credit: Seeed Studio)Is your Raspberry Pi 4 running a little hotter than you’d like? Seeed Studio is accepting preorders for what’s essentially the RGB version of its previous ICE Tower cooler. It runs $19.90 and, according to Seeed Studio, can reduce the temperature of a Raspberry Pi from 80C all the way down to 40C. I did some digging and found a review of the non-RGB version when used with a Raspberry Pi 4. Of course, not every project requires or would benefit from using a cooler, and
    This adorable cooler for the Raspberry Pi supposedly drops temps by up to 40C

  • A nine-month parliamentary inquiry by the UK’s Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport resulted in an 84-page report based on evidence taken from game developers, trade bodies, and academics, though it claimed there was a “lack of honesty and transparency” among game company representatives. The committee chair, MP Damian Collins, took issue with the position of the UK Gambling Commission—which has repeatedly stated that loot boxes aren’t gambling—saying that gaming companies need to be
    UK parliamentary inquiry recommends regulating loot boxes

  • Back in June Square Enix teased us with the news that Romancing SaGa 3 (as Wes put it, a JRPG-ass JRPG) was going to get a remastered release in the west. Now there’s a full trailer for it and a release date: November 11, 2019. Romancing SaGa 3 was originally released in 1995 on the Super Nintendo. It let you choose a lead from its cast of eight central characters, then recruit more from a pool of over 20 NPCs in the world. Romancing SaGa 3 will be available on Steam, and the PS Vita spin-off Sa
    Romancing SaGa 3 remaster has a release date

  • I dismount when I spot a black cat on the path ahead, sprinting over to get a look at his eyes. So I’m back on the hunt, picking up and inspecting every black cat I spot like a cute old grandma squeezing peaches at the grocery store. Before long I pick up a black cat and turn the camera to look at it in the face. Calico’s star-shaped island will be divided into five areas: the mountains, a city (inspired by Seattle), flower field, deep forest, and magical forest. (Image credit: CatBean Games)Bac
    Calico is a cuddly little cafe sim all about collecting furry friends and baking cakes

  • This intricate What Remains of Edith Finch build from YouTuber JessHarts is no exception. Image 1 of 4 (Image credit: Jess Harts) Image 2 of 4 (Image credit: Jess Harts) Image 3 of 4 (Image credit: Jess Harts) Image 4 of 4 (Image credit: Jess Harts)The layoutKnowing your way around all the build tools and cheats definitely helps any build, but it’s only the beginning of the process. (Image credit: Jess Harts)(Image credit: Giant Sparrow)And there is a ton of detail in the Edith Finch house. Imag
    Here's how one YouTuber recreated the What Remains of Edith Finch house in The Sims 4

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