• The opening cinematic for Baldur’s Gate 3 was revealed on Thursday, and it’s nothing short of exhilarating. Whether or not you played the original Baldur’s Gate games, the new trailer is an absolute spectacle. Chaos abounds, the opening cinematic starts off quietly unnerving and then explodes with spectacular dragons, tentacled mindflayers, and widespread destruction. The substantial opening cinematic doesn’t show any gameplay sequences, but fear not; the trailer was released just as a rather le
    The Baldur's Gate 3 opening cinematic is here and it's absolutely wild

  • Hideo Kojima is set to receive the BAFTA Fellowship Award in April, with the lofty award putting him in the same ranks of games industry leaders such as Shigeru Miyamoto and Gabe Newell. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts announced today its plans to give Kojima its highest individual recognition at the BAFTA Game Awards on April 2. Kojima, who has been making games for more than three decades, is best known for directing the Metal Gear franchise with Konami then setting out to lead
    Hideo Kojima will get BAFTA's highest honor at its game awards ceremony in April

  • The timeline-spanning historical fiction of Assassin’s Creed has been told in games, books, and movies, and now it’s taking a leap of faith into audio dramas. Assassin’s Creed: Gold is a new Audible original that just went live today. Since this is an Assassin’s Creed product, Khaled keeps company with notable personages such as Isaac Newton. Equal parts adrenaline-fueled and thought-provoking, Assassin’s Creed: Gold draws a compelling parallel with the financial chaos of Isaac Newton’s 17th-cen
    Assassin's Creed: Gold takes the historical fiction to a new setting: audio drama

  • The recent Final Fantasy 7 Remake delay won’t affect the next parts of the game, according to Square Enix. Square Enix has confirmed that the first part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which is arriving in April, covers and expands upon the portion of the original game that takes place within the techno-dystopian city of Midgar. We know that more games will follow to continue the story, though Square Enix has not said how many of them there will be or when they’ll be released. The Final Fantasy 7
    Final Fantasy 7 Remake delay won't cause issues for the next chapter, Square Enix says

  • It’s time to run the rule over everything that’s new on Netflix in March. Dozens upon dozens of shows, movies, and documentaries are just a quick scroll away and, this month, that even includes some of Netflix’s best original series. Castlevania season 3 and Ozark season 3 are coming to Netflix shortly. Also new on Netflix are classics such as GoodFellas and The Shawshank Redemption, plus Space Jam. As an added bonus, we’ll even let you know what’s leaving Netflix this month so you can watch the
    New on Netflix (March 2020): All the movies and shows arriving this month

  • Steven Spielberg looks set to hand over the reins to his beloved Indiana Jones franchise to another director. Variety reports that the Oscar-nominated James Mangold – best known for Logan and Ford v Ferrari – has entered negotiations to helm the upcoming Indiana Jones 5. There’s still no confirmation as to whether Indiana Jones 5 will be the rugged archaeologist’s last big screen adventure. He’s equally shown to be a deft hand at handling stunning action sequences, with Ford v Ferrari (Le Mans ‘
    Indiana Jones 5: James Mangold reportedly set to replace Steven Spielberg as director

  • It’s not quite the J.J. Cut, but a Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker extended version will be coming later this year – as part of a comic adaptation that will flesh out more of Episode 9 as well as re-surfacing deleted scenes. Jody Houser, who also wrote the Star Wars: Rogue One comics, told that the Rise of Skywalker comic book will “build out elements of the story there may not have been time or a place for on the screen.” That also includes any deleted scenes that were left on the
    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker comic adaptation is probably the closest we'll get to a J.J. Cut

  • The latest set of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch notes may have snuck in the Warzone release date for Infinity Ward’s upcoming battle royale mode, suggesting the heavily rumoured addition will be landing within the space of a few days’ time. Yesterday’s update brought a new map, Bazaar, to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and players have already discovered an interesting Easter egg within its borders; a blank map with the date “03/03” (March 3) underneath. 🧐Could this be a hint at the Call of
    Modern Warfare Warzone battle royale release date potentially revealed in-game

  • Warframe’s Lotus is the next Spirit coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the brawler’s next Spirit Board event, Nintendo has revealed. Ultimate’s next Spirit Board event seems to be themed around dark-colored Spirits, as the Mario series’ Bullet Bill, the Pokemon Zekrom, and the Sonic character Infinite are also featured. The Lotus Spirit is a Neutral Primary, two-star Advanced rank with three open slots. Still, Lotus wasn’t the very first character I expected to see cross into the Sm
    Smash Bros. Ultimate's next Spirit Board event crosses over with Warframe

  • Doom Eternal is almost here, and now’s as good a time as ever to catch up on its forebearers. Just like Doom 1 and Doom 2 , Doom 3 is on sale through the Nintendo eShop for about 70% off its normal price (Thanks Nintendo Life ). Indeed, we have more than historical precedent to be excited for the next entry in the fabled Doom series. In our own Rachel Weber’s gleeful hands-on Doom Eternal preview , she talks about how the new entry moves the franchise forward. This new world is just another part
    The original Doom games are less than $3 each ahead of Doom Eternal launch

  • Tom Nook is introducing a new series of instructionals to guide you through signing up for Animal Crossing: New Horizons ‘ Deserted Island Getaway Package. You’ll find the first in what will presumably be a series of clips from Animal Crossing: New Horizons over at Tom Nook’s official Twitter account, although this first snippet of footage isn’t new. Check-in Procedures ①This is the check-in counter for the deserted island getaway package. 25, 2020I’ve never kn
    This clip from Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the first in a new week-long series

  • Jurassic World 3 has a title, by way of director Colin Trevorrow’s Twitter. Jurassic World: Dominion is the third movie in the series, and according to the slate posted on Twitter, filming has begun. In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the dinosaurs escape captivity and spread out across the world, so it looks like they’ve got dominion now. However, thematically Dominion seems closest to The Lost World: Jurassic Park, where a rogue Tyrannosaurus Rex goes on a rampage through San Diego. Jurassic W
    Jurassic World 3 title revealed by director

  • The Elder Scrolls Online has officially begun its year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim event with the launch of the Harrowstorm DLC today. Harrowstorm is now available on PC and Mac, and will come to PS4 and Xbox One on Tuesday, March 10. Harrowstorm is essentially a bite-sized precursor to Greymoor , a larger expansion coming this summer which takes players to Western Skyrim. It sets up the events of Greymoor and introduces two new dungeons: the Unhallowed Grave and Icereach. The Unhallowed Grave is
    The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off its year-long Skyrim event with Harrowstorm today

  • Overwatch is celebrating Mardi Gras in style, with a limited-time event centered around everyone’s favorite sharpshooter, Ashe. The skin has big Mardi Gras energy, with Ashe donning a masquerade mask and Bob wearing a full set of beads (how did he get them, I’m just curious). You can earn even more rewards by watching Twitch streamers during or after matches: five Ashe’s Mardi Gras Challenge sprays, to be exact. But Ashe’s Mardi Gras Challenge isn’t the only thing to celebrate this week – Experi
    Overwatch celebrates Mardi Gras with a limited-time event

  • Six and a half years into its lifespan, Xbox One is finally getting the ability to eject discs from your controller. Members of the Xbox Insider Program noticed the new feature and shared their joy on Reddit . Though it hasn’t rolled out to all Xbox One owners via a general update yet, anyone is free to join the Insider Program just by downloading the hub on the Xbox Store. Joking aside, ejecting with the controller is a fan-requested feature that’s genuinely useful in all kinds of scenarios. I
    Xbox One is finally adding the ability to eject discs with your controller

  • Check out all the Disney Plus sign-up offers currently availableThe Clone Wars season 7, episode 2 release date is set for Friday, February 28 on Disney Plus. The Clone Wars season 7 release scheduleThere are 12 episodes of The Clone Wars season 7, with one having already aired at the time of writing. Here’s the release schedule for the remaining 11 though, as we saw with The Mandalorian release schedule, that is subject to change. The Clone Wars season 7, episode 1 (“The Bad Batch”): Friday, Fe
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 release schedule: what time will episode 2 air on Disney Plus?

  • Halo Infinite is the latest game to join Microsoft’s Smart Delivery program. The cross-gen shooter will be free on Xbox Series X if you buy it on Xbox One, as marketing lead Samuel Bateman confirmed on Twitter following a blog post from Xbox boss Phil Spencer detailing Smart Delivery. Smart Delivery is yet another way that Microsoft is planning to connect the console family it’s building. All first-party Xbox Game Studios titles will come with Smart Delivery support, so if you don’t upgrade to a
    Halo Infinite will be free on Xbox Series X if you buy it on Xbox One

  • I’m not sure I like the Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 Remake . At one point I got stuck in an upstairs safe room, with a narrow stairway past Nemesis the only way out. Street lifeEverything else plays exactly as you’d hope, lifting Resident Evil 2’s excellent horror gunplay and placing it on the streets of Raccoon City. (Image credit: Capcom)On the whole, at least, the urban action of Resident Evil 3 feels good, with a grander, more immediate scale to complement Resi 2’s slow burn. Multiplayer flay
    Resident Evil 3 feels just as good as Resi 2, except when the Nemesis shows up

  • A delightfully adorable fan-made generator lets you create your very own passport and boarding pass for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Tom Nook’s rather exciting getaway package will whisk you away to a deserted island on March 20, 2020, and this generator lets you create a cute little passport. You can even choose from a selection of stamps with Animal Crossing designs to make yourself appear like a true globetrotter. Honestly, this is such a great little generator for fans like me who can’t wa
    Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan-made passport generator will get you ready for your island getaway

  • The wait for PS5 just got easier, as PlayStation has created its own official TikTok account, beating both Nintendo and Xbox in its debut to the social media platform. So far, PlayStation’s TikTok has two videos, the first of which was posted last December and jokingly made light of the creative process that went into opening the account in the first place. The debut video had 2.5 million views, and yet, did you know PlayStation was on TikTok? Galaxy brain thinking time: What if this is Sony’s w
    PlayStation has a TikTok account now, to remind you that you're getting old

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