• Lost Toy Artifact 1:The second Lost Toy Artifact can be found right after following Atreus through the gate when they leave their home during the quest. Lost Toy Artifact 2:A third Lost Toy Artifact can be found in a side area after reaching an open temple foyer area. Lost Toy Artifact 3:Finally, the last Lost Toy Artifact can be found after entering the temple and going down some stairs. Faces of Magic Artifact 2:The third Faces of Magic Artifact can be found after speaking with Brok for the fi
    God of War: Where to Find the Lost Toy and Faces of Magic Artifacts

  • With the recent inclusion of Bardock and Broly in Dragon Ball FighterZ, many fans may be looking forward to the next DLC character. Early leaks from this magazine anticipate the release of Merged Zamasu as the next Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character, and the rumors have gained traction on both Japanese and English social media. It is also worth noting that, with Zamasu as the next DLC character, a recent datamine will have accurately predicted the first three DLC characters. If the trend continu
    Dragon Ball FighterZ: Next DLC Fighter Leaks?

  • Ubisoft confirmed two years ago that a movie based on the events in The Division was in the works, and now it has an action-oriented director attached to it: David Leitch. Leitch is a recognizable name in the film industry, most recently because he directed Deadpool 2 after having taking the directing role for Atomic Blonde a year prior. A film based on The Division will undoubtedly be chock full of stunts and action scenes, making Leitch a good fit for the directing role. This would mean The Di
    The Division Movie Lands Deadpool 2 Director

  • The latest items added to the increasingly popular battle royale game comes in the form of new cosmetics, specifically an outfit called the Tricera Ops, and a dinosaur-themed pickaxe called the Bitemark. Fortnite players who want to add the Tricera Ops skin and Bitemark pickaxe to their collection of cosmetics can do so buy purchasing them through the in-game shop. For anyone wondering how much the Tricera Ops outfit costs, interested buyers can expect to be set back by about 2,000 V-bucks. Take
    Fortnite Adds Tricera Ops Skin and Dinosaur Themed Pickaxe

  • PlayStation 4 fans can finally get their hands on Sony’s next big exclusive, God of War. The God of War director posted a new video to his personal YouTube channel, intending to give fans his reaction to reading all of the game reviews for the first time. Thankfully, all of the worry and nerves that Barlog initially felt turned out to be all for naught as reviews for God of War have been overwhelmingly positive. God of War has clearly been a passion project for Barlog, as he’s been a person that
    God of War Director Shares Emotional Reaction Video

  • Fortnite fans are sure to be happy this weekend, as Epic Games announced that players will receive double experience from Thursday, April 19 until Sunday, April 22. The double XP is for any player who plays Battle Royale this weekend. Fortnite Save the World players will receive an Into the Storm Llama each day when they log in. Battle Royale players will receive 20 Battle Pass Stars, while Save the World players will receive 1,600 Seasonal Gold. From the Double XP weekend to the pandemonium tha
    Fortnite Kicks Off Double XP Weekend

  • A lot of information has been coming out regarding the Xbox recently, with a job posting suggesting Microsoft is working on an Xbox One successor. It now seems Xbox One owners will have even more to get excited about, as some details have emerged about Microsoft’s plans for E3 2018. Most notably was what would be revealed during the Xbox Briefing, which will take place Sunday June 10 at 1 pm PDT. Details about a few other Xbox related events were also revealed, including the new show, Inside Xbo
    E3 2018: Xbox One Has Unannounced Games Coming This Year

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has had a number of unconfirmed leaks surface in the past weeks; just recently, it was revealed that the game would not have a single-player campaign mode. We have yet to know if any of the leaks are true, and will be learning more at the official Black Ops 4 community reveal event on May 17. However, today a Twitter user revealed that the multiplayer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be similar to Blizzard’s Overwatch, which is an online-only FPS and strategy game tha
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Similar to Overwatch?

  • Once prepared, speak with the girl at the quest counter and choose the Kulve Taroth Siege. Track Kulve Taroth and keep knocking off as much of its gold armor as possible, collecting whatever falls to the ground. Kulve Taroth likes to throw its body weight around and will lunge frequently, then roll on the ground. There are boulders here too, so use them to knock Kulve Taroth over, and then strike hard and fast on the belly or head. Kulve Taroth will occasionally blast the ceiling, causing lava t
    Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Kulve Taroth

  • By now, many hardcore Pokemon GO players may have completed the Special Research quest to catch Mew. In order for players to avoid getting stuck in future Special Research quests, we’ve selected three Pokemon whose candy players may want to hoard. Since the Special Research quest objectives seemed to revolve around Pokemon with unique abilities or evolution rules, it’s a safe bet that future quests will be similar. Even though Celebi is the second mythical Pokemon added to the franchise, that do
    Pokemon GO: Hoard This Candy for Future Special Research Quests

  • Yet another game seemingly inspired by the likes of PT and other first-person horror titles is on the way in the form of the Kickstarter-funded Civil War/Cold War horror game The Beast Inside. Set in two different eras and starring two different protagonists, The Beast Inside looks absolutely nerve-wracking. Since The Beast Inside managed to raise $83,713 total on Kickstarter, it has passed three of its stretch goals. Even without these additional bells and whistles, hopefully The Beast Inside i
    Civil War Horror Game The Beast Inside Looks Terrifying

  • Croatian developer Croteam has today announced that it will be releasing the latest title in the Serious Sam series, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass. As of yet, there are no further details regarding platform releases, although it is fair to expect that it will release for all of them. Serious Sam 3 came with a staggered set of releases – the PlayStation 3 version of the game came out two years after the Xbox 360 title, and there is no word on whether or not any exclusivity deals will be signed. Th
    Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass Announced with Trailer

  • In the latest edition of “This Week At Bungie”, Bungie’s weekly Destiny 2 blog, Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski discussed some more exotic weapons receiving buffs in the May update, namely the scout rifle Skyburner’s Oath and the sidearm Rat King. This brings us to the second exotic getting a buff in season 3, Rat King. The defining trait of Rat King is a buff to several stats (reload speed, fire rate, damage, etc.) In Season 3, fireteam members will only need to have the weapon equipped for Rat
    Destiny 2: Bungie Shows Off Exotic Buffs for Skyburner’s Oath, Rat King

  • Sony’s new God of War seems to be a stark contrast to the older games’ hack-and-slash style of gameplay, instead opting to focus on strategy when battling enemies thanks to the introduction of Kratos’ son, Atreus. Now, it’s revealed the God of War will be relying heavily on Atreus when battling a new enemy, The Revenant. Players will need to rely on Atreus’ bow and arrows to hit her and leave her open to Kratos’ attacks. Concept art for the Revenant enemy was revealed long ago, but with the game
    God of War’s New Enemy Type Requires Teamwork to Defeat

  • The power grind in Destiny 2 has been a major point of contention in the community, as many players feel that getting to max level is too easy. The soft level cap for loot in Warmind will be 340, with the hard cap (minus +5 mods) increasing to 380. They will provide an average of 15 power if you have not hit that activity’s level cap. These changes go a long way to lengthen the climb to max power level, which will in turn add to the difficulty of Destiny 2 as a whole. Hopefully, the Warmind DLC
    Destiny 2 is Making the Power Level Grind Slower in Warmind DLC

  • When Nintendo released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on mobile devices in November 2017, the game allowed players to purchase microtransactions. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp now has loot boxes in the form of Fortune Cookies which are available in premium and standard versions. While the addition of randomized item crates may already raise concerns among Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp fans, many are also unhappy because of how complex the system is. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp had already upset fan
    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Adds Loot Boxes, Backlash Ensues

  • Pokemon GO players who have been collecting Field Research stamps every day since the feature went live should be reaching their next breakthrough tomorrow, April 19. However, thanks to some players exploiting a time zone trick with their phones, we already know what the April 19 Field Research rewards have in store. Unfortunately for anyone hoping that the rewards would be something different this week, it looks like the Field Research rewards for the third week are the same as weeks 1 and 2. A
    Pokemon GO: April 19 Field Research Breakthrough Rewards Revealed

  • It’s been three weeks since the launch of Sea of Thieves, and the developers want the community to know they’re listening. A recent post from developer Rare on the game’s website outlines the features of the newest patch, including legendary ship customizations, fixed issues, and performance improvements. The first content update for Sea of Thieves, The Hungering Deep, will release in May and bring with it a new AI threat to the world. In a Content Plan Article, Rare explained its thought proces
    Sea of Thieves Patch Adds Pirate Legend Ship Customizations

  • New screenshots from the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man were shared today, two of which feature longtime villains from the comics, Shocker and Norman Osborn. For those who don’t know, Norman Osborn is actually one of Spider-Man’s most notorious villains, Green Goblin. In other wall-crawler news, it was recently revealed that, in true Spider-Man fashion, the game will feature a plethora of one-liners – around 1,000, according to one writer. Spider-Man won’t just be bringing his sharp
    New Spider-Man Screenshots Highlight Two New Villains

  • With Update 3.0, Monster Hunter World players can head off to a new location called The Caverns of El Dorado. Featuring a high level of geothermal activity, this region also houses a brand new monster located in the deepest region of the caverns. For many, however, the biggest news with update 3.0 is the inclusion of the newest monster, Kulve Taroth. The following changes have been made to their monster field guide entries. A bug was fixed where the Gajau was classified as a Piscine Wyvern in th
    Monster Hunter World Update 3.0 Details and Patch Notes

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