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    If you are a drop of fresh blood in the MMO world, you will find it is not as easy as a single player RPG. Due to the complex interactions with the UI, hostile or friendly players and the general lack of a proper tutorial, many gamers find themselves at a loss upon entering a new online world. At this point, even Never Winter Nights series can be easier to get started. Above all, if you’ve played one MMO before, anyone expecting something they’re used to can be completely different when it comes to a new game. Your experience may be completely different. That’s why the developers adopt some methods to attract new gamers. Without which, sometimes it is impossible for you to survive, let along to become a well-known hero.

    I’ll show you the eye candies available in some MMOs below, hopefully that can be a good guide for choosing which fantasy world to find a new future; even if you are a master of that game, I don’t think it will do you any harm to look backwards and reread your story, the good old days are always sweet.


    Aion is an MMO in which you can play as two races. You can customize your character a lot by making them ultra big or quite small or everything in between. Starting off the game, you are engaged with amazing scenes and beautiful character designs. Aion is the god that created the game and everything in it. The game is definitely one of the most beautiful games I have ever played.

    The fabulous visual effects impress both technically and artistically. That should be the voice of notice all gamers, don’t miss me!

    World of Warcraft

    As the most well-known game producer in the world, the brand Blizzard says it all. Honestly speaking, the second World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of Lich King doesn’t do anything for new players. But can it be a problem big enough to stop new gamers from stepping into this big world?

    When it comes to Blizzard, nothing is impossible. The pact is sealed, do you stand ready?

    Eudemons Online

    Concerning to this free to play MMO, what can we expect from Eudemons Online?

    1. There are several ways (which can be a small but interesting mission or task) for you to get Double Exp Time. Ask other players to enlighten you also sounds like a good idea. And the teachers will also benefit from their good deeds. So maintaining a good relationship with other players is the first lesson you ought to learn.

    2. Several packs with lots of gifts are awaiting your arrival. After you have reached level 50, you will receive a Morning Star Pack, Glade Pack, Stimulus Pack, and a Holy Light Pack (VIP only) according to your level, which contains good gear, beautiful dresses, excellent Mounts, and special Big Sales items. This is also a good strategy to summon old players to join its new expansion Demon Rising. The biggest problem of free to play MMOs is that you need to pay lots of cash for your upgrades. Now, Eudemons Online says no to that practice. Encouraging? Take a shot!

    Fallen Earth

    Lots of people play video games because they are not like real life. People have enough real life to deal with on their own that they want to escape into a game where they can cast spells, take 800 hits and not wind up dead, or any of the impossible things games lets us achieve. In the real word, someone could be frightened by a dog, but in a game, he or she will face down a dragon 10 times bigger without even breaking a sweat.

    But there are still some who prefer a dash of reality in their fantasy life. That’s why Fallen Earth was born.

    This game introduces reality to a virtual world. Getting hurt by a sword once is pretty much crippling if not outright fatal. Fall too far and you don’t suffer some uniform amount of damage across your whole body — you frequently wind up breaking your legs or your spine, and it can be a slow and painful recovery process, if you ever recover.

    Fallen Earth has been redesigning its beginner zones to make for a more compelling new player experience. Would you like to act a real person in this new virtual world?


    Like Conquer Online and several free to play MMOs, Darkfall has recently offered new player protection. At this point, newbies will not have to worry about being one-shotted from well-armed hostiles. Though only a few hours, this optional choice can help you avoid the game opening gank that just may put you off this FFA PK title.

    Considering new gamers have no skills and no real weapons, this strategy will prevent them from feeling frustration and tedium from getting killed in the starting areas when they are only level 1.


    Game developers are willing to try anything as long as it gets new people to play their game. It is not a bad thing; at least we can read the news and choose the game we think will be most enjoyable. This article is the sequel to my 8 Long-lasting MMORPGs piece. Thanks for reading.

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    let me just get back on your question .. my answer is totally just boredam ^_^

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    Exploration and adventuring.

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    the games like wonder king online and luminary online always bring me back in gaming

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    lots of new stuffs to learn..and to enjoy most of my time..

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