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              Upon searching some details about the old karos I’ve found out that the difference between Rosh and  Karos. I want some opinions of other players about the upgraded version of Karos Online now renamed as Rosh Online: The Return of Karos. i got the email today from ignited games about the releasing date for CBT of Rosh Online: The Return of Karos. (CBT on Nov. 28 2011 5:00pm PST)


    Difference of Rosh Online: The Return of Karos to Karos Online 


    *An ultra-fast Level Up System!

                                    You can enjoy seeing your character grow in a system of ultra-fast level ups and quick job changes. An ode to heroes in a vast world!


            All MMORPG dungeon systems are covered! Along with the standard dungeon system and now a new type of excitement with EID (Extreme Instance Dungeon), where you can hunt for a monsters and can battle among the other users in your level group.

     *Gears, Gears and More Powerful Gears!

                     You can obtain powerful and unique gears that can be combining with items to make you stronger. Obtain gears from the activities such as hunting, mining and fishing.

    *Less Work, More Rewards!

                    – Players can grow faster through quests.

                    -There are both standard and special quests that  you can constantly benefit from.

                    -A navigator will guide you to your destination.

    *Fun and Exciting

                  – Show how strong your guild is in the guild wars

                   -The heroes will complete against one another in the Arena system and siege warfare.

    *This is what heroes are made from!

                     -Grow your pet however you want.

                     -Your pet will help you recover HP and loot items.

                     -There are many vehicles available to make your characters move faster and stronger.

     Anyone has been experienced to play the upgraded version like this?? How it works?


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