Apex Legends devs defend battle pass after accusations of ‘weak’ content

Respawn has responded to criticisms levelled by some players concerning the freshly unleashed Wild Frontier Battle Pass for Apex Legends, with these folks distinctly unhappy with what’s on offer in terms of the content you can unlock (and more besides). Complaints include the fact that there are a lot of pretty trivial additional bits of content when levelling up the battle pass, such as basic stat trackers, and that even the new skins aren’t all that interesting – with others frustrated that th

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The Division 2: Where to Find All Hyena Keys Locations

As players begin to explore The Division 2‘s take on a plague-ravaged Washington D.C., they are likely to encounter locked faction caches that require special keys to open. For example, Hyena caches require Hyena keys. Specifically, the easiest way to obtain Hyena keys is by focusing one’s efforts on the game’s underground tunnels, which are accessed through things like open manholes. These tunnels are scattered throughout The Division 2‘s map, and they are designated by a yellow icon with an ar

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Veteran Halo players are planning to use their old Xbox Live gamertags to reunite with friends on PC and I’m gonna cry now

One of the greatest tragedies of modern friendships is that with so many of them formed online, there’s the risk that you could lose your buddies without ever knowing why. ‘Last seen online two years ago’ beside a former chum’s named on Steam, Xbox, or PS4 might be a familiar feeling for a lot of you reading this, but veteran Halo players are doing their damndest to get back in touch with comrades of old by using their old Xbox Live gamertags when Halo comes to Steam. The Reddit post making the

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Well-known battlegrounds: the rise of battle royale games

Historically, mind you, the term battle royale or ‘battle royal’ referred to a big rollicking scrap on such a grand scale it was fit for a king (or queen) to watch. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is another giant of the genre (Image Credit: PUBG Corporation)A brief history of battle royale gamesWay before the big-name games of today arrived, the initial battle royale scene sprang up with mods for popular games. But the first true battle royale outing we’d recognize in terms of the contemporary ge

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Destiny 2 Enhancement Core Cost for Infusion Changing

While most players would agree that the Forsaken expansion really managed to fix many of the core issues of Destiny 2, it didn’t solve everything. While the name of these items was later changed to Enhancement Cores, their function and scarcity remained much to the chagrin of the community. The news comes directly from Destiny 2 community manager dmg04, who delivered the news via his Twitter account. After holding a meeting with the team to discuss feedback surrounding Enhancement Cores, the stu

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Pokemon GO Equinox Event Research Tasks and Rewards

Although the Battle Showdown 2019 event ended not too long ago, Pokemon GO players are already being given yet another event. This Pokemon GO Equinox event, which is now underway and will run through March 26, places emphasis on Grass-type Pokemon, introduces a shiny Oddish into the mobile game, and also adds a new set of Field Research tasks and rewards. Per usual with these temporary types of Pokemon GO Field Research tasks, they are also focused on Pokemon featured in the event. However, once

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HP’s new mixed reality headset has almost twice the resolution as a Vive Pro

It's HP dropping the gauntlet on the mixed reality scene with its new Reverb headset, which delivers an impressive 2160x2120 resolution per eyeball. That is a big leap over the 1440x1440 resolution of HP's first-generation mixed reality headset, with the Reverb offering more than twice as many pixels overall. In addition to the headset itself, the Pro Edition comes with a 3.5mm headset cable. The design is similar to the Rift and less like the crop of mixed reality headsets on the market. On pap

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Apex Legends’ first battle pass shows how badly it needs better cosmetics

The first Apex Legends battle pass went live today, kicking off the battle royale game’s first season—Wild Frontier. “Homie what @PlayApex.”Players on Reddit have likened the feature to the “battle pass equivalent of the Mozambique”—a reference to memes about Apex Legends’ worst gun. Whereas Fortnite offers legendary, over-the-top skins that tie into the game’s lore, most of the Apex Legends’ season one loot looks like recolorings. The problem with Apex Legends' battle pass isn’t that it’s not l

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What Google’s Stadia could mean for PC gaming

Below, you'll find our reactions to the Stadia announcement, as we discuss what it could mean for PC gaming as a whole. If it doesn't work perfectly for everyone, I don't think it could be called a success. Fraser: "For everyone" sounds nice, except I don't think Stadia really will be for everyone. But if you buy a game on Stadia, I assume you can't also play that game on your actual gaming PC when you get home. The games Google discussed on-stageSamuel: I thought this presentation walked a weir

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343 Industries is ‘hesitant’ to commit to a Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC launch date

343 Industries community director Brian "ske7ch" Jarrard held court in a Reddit AMA today to answer questions about Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which is expected to debut on PC later this year. "Right now the priority is getting Halo: Reach ready for public flighting and work is underway almost in parallel for Halo: CE, which will be the second game," Jarrard wrote. We're hesitant to commit to a firm time frame because the truth is they're ready when they're ready. The Master Chief Collec

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