Microsoft wants you to open Windows apps with your mind

Microsoft has applied to patent a mind-controlled interface, so you may soon be able to open and control an app just by thinking about it. The data collected would then be used to launch and control an application. It noted the tech could be used in 3D modelling software, word processors, video games, virtual reality and augmented reality simulators and much more. The same team also recently filed a related patent for a motion controller powered by the brain, too. Microsoft and Facebook aren’t t

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iPhone X vs Red Scarlet-X: smartphone vs cinema camera

The video above includes the results of our iPhone X vs Red Scarlet-X test, so before watching it read on to learn more about our two contenders, and how we conducted the test. The iPhone X is one of the best when it comes to smartphone video capture, but just how far has recording on our handsets come? Hardware: phone vs cinema camThe iPhone X is capable of recording 4K video at up to 60fps, technology that was once only available in professional-level cameras. The Red Scarlet-X is a profession

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Michael deals with the aftermath of *that* shock twist in the Star Trek Discovery episode 12 teaser

Forget Snoke, Star Trek Discovery blasts Star Wars: The Last Jedi into oblivion when it comes to shadowy reveals about nefarious leaders. Michael, on the other hand, is still struggling to deal with that reveal and Lorca, well, he’s just being Lorca. Back on the USS Discovery, betrayer-in-chief/secret Klingon Ash Tyler is being put through the wringer. If the game’s up for Michael and Lorca then they’ve got a helluva mission ahead of them to get off of that flagship. If you want to bathe in the

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Hear me out but… Titanic is secretly a Terminator movie

Titanic, on the surface of it, looked like a heck of a departure for director James Cameron when it was released in 1997. But now I put this to you: Titanic is as logically James Cameron as a James Cameron film can be. Because Titanic is a Terminator film. A history of the future The 30 best Terminator momentsJack himself seems as confused as the movie is. So that’s Jack, recounting some wholesome, fish-killing winter fun that happened five years after he actually died.

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Windows on Snapdragon desktop apps won’t be as power-hungry as first thought

However, Qualcomm has now revealed that running standard Windows 10 desktop programs shouldn’t affect that impressive battery life too much. We were previously led to believe that to benefit from the 20 or more hours' battery life, owners of Windows 10 on Snapdragon (also known as Windows on ARM) devices would need to stick to UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps. These are apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store, and Windows 10 S, which Windows on Snapdragon devices run by default, is a locke

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Meltdown and Spectre fake patch warning: be careful what you download

As International Business Times spotted, security firm Malwarebytes recently discovered a fake Meltdown and Spectre patch which actually deposits ‘smoke loader’ malware on the victim’s machine. Also note that the real German cybersecurity authorities have been warning about phishing emails which are using Spectre and Meltdown ‘fixes’ as bait. Further gremlins are being encountered like Intel’s meltdown patch causing instability with older processors, or Microsoft’s Windows patch provoking boot f

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Monster Hunter: World showcases toxic Rotten Vale swampland

Yesterday, we reported on Monster Hunter: World's gorgeous Coral Highlands—an arena bursting with colour and stalked by the cutesy Paolumu. Today, we visit the Rotten Vale swampland that's far less pretty and filled with Radobaan. In the following short, the narrator describes the latter as "the skeletal scoundrel who coats his tar-like body with the bones of fallen monsters". Look, see:As you'll see there, the narrator describes the Rotten Vale itself as having "become a breeding ground for put

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Barcelona abandons Windows and Office, goes with Linux instead

In another entire-city-abandons-Microsoft affair, Barcelona has announced that it’s dumping Windows and Office in order to migrate to Linux and other open source solutions. The idea is, obviously enough, to save money by not paying subscription fees to Microsoft, because the beauty of open source software is that it’s free. Munich did so, initially instigating plans way back in 2003, and fully completing the move to open source by 2013. However, the city announced it was switching back to Micros

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Sony UBP-X1000ES Ultra HD Blu-ray player review

But sans Dolby Vision, it seems feature-lite at this end of the UHD player market... The UBP-X1000ES incorporates a high-end 192kHz/ 32bit DAC and offers a gold-plated phono analogue audio output on the rear. Set-up and featuresIn addition to the widely space phono audio output, there are two HDMIs, one offering full AV, the second audio only. The idea here is to provide a pure audio HDMI feed for those that need it. If you use a lesser 10.2 Gbps HDMI cable, the player could output 4K at SDR, an

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An ex-plumber’s guide to bathroom murder

This is an ex-plumber's guide to bathroom murder. In doing so, my absolute favourite hiding haunt is when holed up in an abandoned bathroom. This is the essence of bathroom murder in that I wait for someone to enter my bathroom and murder them. Fallout 3's rim radiationThis act of toilet murder is self-inflicted. Less toilet murder, more a sobering reflection of humankind's feeble mortality.

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