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Tunisia vs England live stream: how to watch today’s World Cup match online

Live stream Tunisia vs England - when and where The 45,000 capacity Volgograd Arena plays host to Tunisia and England. How to stream England vs Tunisia live in the UKOld aunty Beeb has the rights to England's first match of the World Cup 2018 campaign. How to watch England vs Tunisia: US live streamFox Sport is the official US broadcaster for World Cup soccer in the US and it's 2pm ET / 11am PT kick-off for Tunisia vs England at. How to watch Tunisia vs England: Canada live streamIn Canada, CTV

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Gaming disorder is now classified as a mental health condition

Video game addiction will soon become a diagnosable metal health condition, at least in the eyes of leading international health officials. The World Health Organization now considers Gaming Disorder a unique mental health condition in the latest revision to its disease classification manual. According to the document, the UN health agency classifies Gaming Disorder with these following symptoms:Impaired control over gaming (e.g., onset, frequency, intensity, duration, termination, context) Incr

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Your car is going to start working like a phone sooner than you think

So if you do use the drive-thru, during check-out the car will transmit the transaction securely, no wallet needed. In fact, in the near future, having your car work more like a phone makes perfect sense. Touchscreen displays already show you what’s on your phone, using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The touchscreen in a car would let you pay for the drive-through order, parking spots, plane tickets, and everything in between. Once we start using a car like a phone, we won’t need the phone – at

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Why YouTube Music hasn’t replaced Google Play Music… yet

Since the launch in the US of YouTube Music, the question most people have been asking is: why isn't this a direct replacement to Google Play Music? But YouTube Music has the added bonus of being able to tap into the vast archive of YouTube for its music, as well as the videos that go alongside this. Bringing YouTube Music and Google Play Music together"We are working very hard to bring the two experiences together," said Fowler to TechRadar. This is the section of Google Play Music where users

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This iOS 12 feature could help save your life without threatening your privacy

The iOS 12 change list now includes a potentially life-saving upgrade in the US, one that will allow first responders to pinpoint your whereabouts in an emergency. Apple's software update will automatically and securely share their location data with 911 dispatchers in an effort to improve accuracy and reduce response times. No need to install an app after upgrading to iOS 12. It's another iOS 12 feature that the company is touting with ample privacy measures attached to it. iOS 12 will also hel

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Pokemon Go will soon get trading and friends lists

Announced by Niantic, new trading and friends list features will be coming to the game over the next few weeks. The first of the two features to roll out will be the friends list, which is expected to be available within a matter of days. When trading is launched at some point in the next few weeks, you’ll have to be friends with another trainer to trade Pokemon with them. Higher levels of friendship will also be required to trade shiny or legendary Pokemon, as well as if you’re trading a Pokemo

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Faster Xbox One Game Pass downloads are here (in beta)

Microsoft promised them at E3 2018, and Microsoft has delivered: faster Xbox One game downloads through Game Pass are here. Microsoft has upgraded its game download service with the new Fast Start feature, powered by its machine learning (ML) server technology. Of course, this feature is only available at the time of writing within the Xbox One Preview Beta, with some members in the lower-tier Delta ring (where changes come more slowly but are more stable) having access. The Xbox One Preview wor

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Garmin Fenix 5 Plus range offers new music, payment and fitness features

Garmin has just announced upgrades to its Fenix 5 range, with a trio of new watches dubbed the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, Garmin Fenix 5X Plus and Garmin Fenix 5S Plus. That feature is just for the 5X Plus, but the whole 5 Plus range will benefit from built-in maps which have apparently been optimized for at-a-glance navigation. And Garmin’s Trendline feature will allow users to find and follow the trails that have been rated the best by other Garmin users. Image 1 of 3 The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Image 2

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What is Hdac? The World Cup blockchain advert, decoded

If you’ve been watching ITV’s World Cup 2018 coverage in recent days, you may have spotted a technology-focused advert lurking in between the plugs for cheap pizza and beer. The advert from South Korean company Hdac shows off the potential capabilities of blockchain technology, the hot topic dominating news headlines for the past few months. A child chooses her next outfit in a virtual wardrobe, a house is secured when its occupants leave, and a family carries out a video call with their relativ

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Startup is planning to ‘catapult’ payloads into space

Silicon Valley startup SpinLaunch raised over $40 million in seed funding last week to continue developing a unique method for launching satellites into space: by electric catapult. SpinLaunch, however, is betting on the viability of its own launchpad technology, which would instead use sustainably-sourced electricity to propel small-to-medium payloads into space, in what its founder Jonathan Yaney describes as “a non-rocket launch”. SpinLaunch hasn’t released much information publicly since its

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