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Tropico 6 delayed to January 2019 – and console dictators have an even longer wait

Kalypso Media has announced that Tropico 6 for PC has been delayed until January 2019, with the dictator sim releasing for consoles in summer 2019. According to a statement from the publisher, Tropico was delayed from a 2018 release date to give the development team at Limbic Studios more time to polish the title. Tropico is a city building/dictator sim which sees you playing as the leader of the island state of Tropico (AKA El Presidente). Tropico 6 is the latest addition to the Tropico series

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Insta360 Pro 2 fuses 360 8K video with 3D

Insta360 has launched its latest 360-degree camera, the Insta360 Pro 2. The new camera replaces last year's Insta360 Pro, and its specifications read like a wish-list for VR photographers. In 3D mode the Insta360 Pro 2 can capture video at 30fps (or 120fps at 4K). The other issue with 360 footage is keeping the director out of the frame. You can check out some sample 3D footage below:The Pro 2 weighs 1.55kg including antenna and is designed for both monopod/tripod and drone use.

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Life is Strange 2 trailer tells the tale of two brothers road-tripping to Mexico

We finally know what to expect from Dontnod’s long-awaited Life is Strange sequel, thanks to two brand new trailers and official reveal event at Gamescom. Life is Strange 2 is a five-part episodic adventure which focuses on two new protagonists - brothers Sean (16) and Daniel (9) Diaz. The pair live a fairly normal life in Seattle, Washington until a tragic accident forces them to run away from home. Terrified of being caught by the police - and ultimately separated - the brothers set off on a r

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HTC Vive’s new adapter cuts the cables on VR

The HTC Vive VR headset will be going wireless from September 24, with HTC officially announcing a wireless adapter which offers users the ability to play VR titles without being tethered to a PC. Take a look for yourself:Image 1 of 2 Wireless Adapter for Vive Pro Image 2 of 2 Wireless Adapter for ViveHow much is it? The Vive Wireless Adapter retails at $299 / £299 / AU$459 and includes a wireless adapter, link box, one HTC QC 3.0 battery pack (which can also be used with HTC smartphones), acces

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Twitch Prime won’t support ad-free viewing for much longer

The live-streaming platform Twitch is rolling back its ad-free streaming options, following a blog post detailing upcoming changes to Twitch Prime accounts. As of September 14, Twitch Prime users will start seeing pre-roll, mid-roll, and display ads while watching broadcasts across the streaming site, which was bought by Amazon in 2014 and now attracts over 15 million daily users - largely for live-streams of video-game playthroughs and esports events. Those with Amazon Prime accounts automatica

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Asus GeForce RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti graphics cards are available for pre-order

Following Nvidia’s big event, Asus has revealed a cluster of new GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080 graphics cards, some of which are available to pre-order now, ahead of an on-sale date of mid-September. The graphics card manufacturer has three separate lines of products for the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080: the Asus Turbo, Asus Dual and Asus ROG Strix. Asus will sell both standard and OC (overclocked) models of the Asus ROG Strix and Asus Dual, but just the former for the Asus Turbo. Four ca

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Google Pixel 3 XL seemingly photographed yet again

Using an unannounced phone on public transport is a sure-fire way to get it leaked, as evidenced here, because having already been photographed on a Toronto streetcar, a phone which appears to be the Pixel 3 XL has now been snapped on the Toronto subway. On a more positive note though this looks to really be an edge-to-edge screen at the sides, with basically no bezel at all on the left or right edge. We can also see the back of the phone, complete with a two-tone design like the Pixel 2 range a

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Google and IMAX halt work on cinema VR camera

However, those hoping for immersive VR cinematic experiences have today been dealt a blow. Variety is reporting that the high-end VR camera that was in development between Google and giant-screen cinema company IMAX has ceased. AR vs VRThe reasoning seems simple – like a growing portion of the tech industry, Google reportedly sees more value in investing in augmented reality systems. Google still has an interest in 3D filming, having brought in staff from Lytro before it too fell away. However,

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2018 iPhones may come with faster wireless charging

Last year's iPhone range - the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X - all sported wireless charging for the first time in the company's phone-making history. That said, the speeds offered aren't as fast as wireless charging on other top-end phones, but that may change for the upcoming iPhones. Apple's latest devices launched ready to support 5W chargers and a software update made the phones able to support 7.5W options. But Samsung's wireless charging compatible devices support 15W, which means

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Venezeula ties its economy to petro cryptocurrency

Venezeula has announced it will be pegging its economy to a national cryptocurrency as it looks to save itself from economic ruin. The crisis-hit South American country, which recently saw its hyper-inflation grow to more than 1,000,000 per cent, has announced it will be tying the bolivar to the government's own petro cryptocurrency. As part of the move, the bolivar will be devalued 96 per cent, from 285,000 to the dollar to six million. I am petrolising salaries and petrolising prices. At the l

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