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G.Skill is launching ‘extreme low latency’ 32GB DDR4-4000 memory kits

That's not so with G.Skill's new "extreme low latency" 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4-4000 memory kits. "Previously, the best CAS latency that memory kits at the DDR4-4000 level could achieve was at CL17. This is surpassed by the new DDR4-4000 CL15-16-16-36 32GB memory kits running under 1.5V," G.Skill says. With the new ultra-efficient DDR4-4000 CL15 memory kit, the memory read bandwidth breaks 61GB/s in AIDA64 with a few additional tweaks, along with over 58GB/s in memory write and 65GB/s in memory copy ba

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Razer says its Viper Ultimate mouse is 25% faster than other wireless mice

The Viper Ultimate uses Razer's new "HyperSpeed" 2.4GHz wireless technology. "As tested and confirmed by TUV SUD PSB, a globally recognized certification institute, Razer HyperSpeed is 25 percent faster than leading wireless gaming mice. With the lowest click latency, it has the fastest transmission speed in any wireless mouse, registering swipes and clicks instantaneously," Razer says. We'll reserve judgement until we've hand an opportunity to test the Viper Ultimate. The Viper Ultimate is avai

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FIFA 20 joins Premier League’s ‘No Room for Racism’ awareness campaign

Electronic Arts has unveiled new jerseys coming to FIFA 20 in conjunction with the Premier League's No Room for Racism campaign, an effort to bring awareness of, and help eliminate, racist abuse and other forms of discrimination in football—or, as we refer to it on our side of the water, soccer. Along with the jerseys, EA will also add "special FUT Kits, stadium dressing, and LED boards all carrying the No Room for Racism" message. A launch date hasn't been announced, but the real-world No Room

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Watch Modern Warfare running at ultrawide 4K in a new PC features trailer

A new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare trailer showcases some of the game's PC-exclusive features, including support for 4K resolutions, uncapped framerates, ultrawide monitors, and multi-monitor setups. (The trailer was actually uploaded at 21:9 resolution, which is why—unless you have an ultrawide monitor—you're seeing those funky black bars across the top and bottom.) "Developer Beenox has been working closely in conjunction with Infinity Ward to ensure the PC version of Modern Warfare sets a new

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The best weapons and rolls in Destiny 2

What are the best weapons in Destiny 2? I've rounded up the 25 best Destiny 2 weapons that can be obtained through direct, actionable activities, such as exotic quests and weapon bounties. It can also roll with Multikill Clip, the best damage-boosting weapon perk in the game, and Demolitionist, which is fantastic for grenade builds. You'll receive at least four Vex items every run, including two or more weapons, so it's not hard to get good rolls. It's the strongest primary weapon in Destiny his

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Capcom plans to revive ‘dormant IPs’ after massive success with Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter

Capcom has been having a pretty good run lately, what with the success of Monster Hunter: World, the remade Resident Evil 2, and Devil May Cry 5. In its latest financial report, Capcom hints that this string of successes is fuelling a push to revive dormant—but still valuable—Capcom properties. But Capcom is clearly looking to an international audience now more than ever. Monster Hunter—a series which formerly had about 25 percent of its player base hailing from outside Japan—is now enjoyed by a

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Take a peek at Final Fantasy XIV’s new Neir-inspired raid dungeon in this new trailer

The first major update to Final Fantasy XIV since the launch of the Shadowbringers expansion will arrive October 29, and it's bringing a ton of new content to the ever-changing MMO. A new trailer provides a whirlwind tour of Patch 5.1, which includes the long-awaited YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse alliance raid, which is inspired by the world and characters of Nier: Automata and designed by Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito. In that new 24-player raid, players will explore a dungeon called The Copied Factory,

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The Outer Worlds’ launch trailer asks if you want to be the hero or the villain

"Some people want you to be a savior, a shining beacon of hope," a woman's voice intones as the new launch trailer for The Outer Worlds begins. The trailer cuts between shots of colorful alien landscapes and stunning skies, switching up for the occasional critical strike or weapon closeup. The main idea is that you can build your character in The Outer Worlds however you want: Be a paragon of virtue or a complete bastard, be a brawler, sniper, or stealthy assassin. The Outer Worlds launches on P

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Finally, a Metal Gear for nudists: free action game Sabotage

(Image credit: deepnight)Top-down action game Sabotage is a bit like Metal Gear, except the 'badass' colonel you're playing as feels more comfortable infiltrating an enemy stronghold in his birthday suit. Taking the Ludum Dare jam theme 'start with nothing' to perhaps its logical extreme, you start Sabotage with, well, with absolutely nothing. There's a bit of sneaking, and a lot of fighting to this little jam game, but with its satisfying throwing mechanic, Sabotage reminds me of Dark Messiah o

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Destiny 2’s new armor system is getting a few important tweaks

Bungie's weekly blog post series—This Week at Bungie—is often dense with information, and this week's This Week is definitely one of those times. One of the nicest incoming additions is a tab in Collections for armor mods. You'll also be able to see which ones you have left to find and what you'll need to do to acquire them. Bungie says it's also working on broad-category mods for ammo capacity, but those still need a bit more time in the oven. Also beginning next season, Bungie will be easing t

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