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Funny MMA Cartoons LOL!

Rampage Jackson VS Chuck liddellKimbo Slice VS Mark HuntBrock Lesnar VS Frank MirAnderson ''Spider'' SilvaGabriel Gonzaga VS Tim SylviaFedor Emelianenko VS Gabriel GonzagaGeorges St Pierre VS Matt Hughes 3Arlovski VS KongoLiddell VS JacksonGriffin VS Shogun 2

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Celebrities are UGLY!

I swear celebrities are very ugly without makeup! Now I don't feel too bad haha!Maria Shriver Jennifer Hudson Alicia Silverstone America Farrera Anna Kournikova Avril Lavigne Barbara Streisand Brooke Hogan Brooke Shields Calista Flockhart Charlize Theron Cher Christina Applegate Christina Ricci Courtney Cox Courtney Love Drew Barrymore Eve Gisele Bundchen Halle Berry Heidi Klum Helen [...]

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Funny Science Fair Experiments!

These kids have funny science experiment ideas lol!Eww!Animal Magnet?Cleaning agentsCollapsing bridgesHmmmm?Crystal methThe dragon!Drop it like its hot!DTSElectro wormsExercising effects?Extreme woodFat man to marsFishy smell?Foot fetishGlobal warming!Seat belts!Basket hornetsHotdog effectsPancreasBigger is better?Juicy beansLaser warsThat will leave a stainMake a dotcomMoon babiesMosquitoes beware!Music and sex!Nail that woodPlants and poopPower from the throne!Litmus testGarlic is the silent killerThe [...]

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Actors That Could Be Video Gaming Characters

Have you ever watched a film and said "Damn this actor could be a character in X video game." Well, I decided to compile a list of famous actors that I believe could be video gaming characters. My criterias were based on appearance, personality and the films that these actors have engaged in. Enjoy this [...]

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Top 5 Video Game Wallpapers

Hey fellow gamers! Below are my top five picks of the best video gaming wallpapers. I figured it was about time for me to change my wallpaper and also help you guys out there to do the same for yourselves. So get ready to clear up your current boring wallpaper with these delightful images from [...]

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The Hardest Bosses of All Time! Part I

Everyone's been there. It's 2 o'clock in the morning, you need to get up at 7 for school, you have a four page persuasive essay due the next day that you haven't started yet, and you're still not in bed. Why? Because some infuriating boss battle is keeping you up all night! Since the early [...]

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The Top 7… Lamest ninja

The Top 7... Lamest ninja!Words: Tyler Nagata, GamesRadar US Before the US Navy Seals, before the British SAS, there were ninja. The super sneaky tactics of these masters of espionage and stealth flew in the face of feudal Japan's philosophy on honorable warfare, leading to their conspicuous absence from much of the country's official historical [...]

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